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Episode 13,747
1470 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Jack rejoices that Jen came out of her coma! He lets his love know she slept for year and she weeps. He emotionally shows her John and Marlena’s magical hourglass he turned for many days … He remembers talking to his comatose sweetheart and turning over the hourglass at her side. He held her hand like Prince Charming, refused to accept she would not return and spent every waking second with her. Many days went by and at times he wept … Now he marvels she returned to him and poignantly promises to never let her go. He gives her a sweet kiss while clutching the magical hourglass. Kayla comes in and marvels at the miracle. It was a long year of waiting. Jack goes to call the kids so Kayla gets to examine the Salem patient … Joyful Jack’s first call is to drug addicted JJ who looks disheveled at the park. He slurs the good news sounds incredible, pops pills and is on his way … Sarah bounces her beautiful baby girl as they cuddle on the couch at the Kiriakis mansion. She admires her smile and remembers when she almost left Salem. Eric had been amazed to hear she was pregnant a year ago and assumed the baby was his … Sarah gets back to her baby. Eric comes in with a smile …

Glamazon in blue Nicole is giving Basic Black orders over the phone. Suited Xander appears at her office door looking respectable with his spectacles. She hisses what the hell does he want … Ben remembers finding the cold woman’s hand and falling apart. Then he wakes up in his slammer bed with a start. Orange is the new Ben …. Jack has flowers for Jen. JJ races in and hugs his emotional mother … Eric bids the little baby a good morning and happily sits on the sofa. Sarah boasts she sat up and they admire the 6 month old. Eric calls her beautiful like her mother and Sarah smiles … Xander teases wheeler dealer Nicole, how far she has come from her days taking calls for Eric. She coldly counters she will not converse about Eric with him! He leaves the stylish businesswoman some things to sign by tomorrow. She will do so when she is ready. He boasts at least he has a life and heads home …Ben apologizes to his cellmate for waking up screaming from the nightmare again. Alas it was real and never leaves him. He had come across Jordan strangled with her own scarf. The he heard Ciara softly call his name. He sobbed with the scarf in hand … Sarah walks with the now crying baby and informs Eric she wants her daddy, who just came home. She hands the baby to Xander and a frown creases Eric’s brow … JJ admits to Jen he made some deals with God. She is much moved. He sighs it has been hard. Jack brings in Abigail. Mother and daughter hug and cry tears of joy. Jen is surprised she has been in Salem for the past few months. She asks about Charlotte and Thomas. Abigail gushes they grew. Jen cannot wait to see them again … Eric goes on his woeful way. Sarah admits to Xander she feels badly about not letting Eric know the baby is his. Xander boasts he did that …

They remember a year ago when Xander lied to Eric that the baby was his. Back to the now. Xander could see on Sarah’s face that she needed his help. Back to the past. Xander boasted they had slept together. Eric had doubted his story and turned to Sarah for the truth. She had backed up his story that he - Xander – was the daddy. Eric had wondered how she could be sure … Ben babbles how hard it was for Ciara to see him with the scarf and his sister strangled on the floor. He remembers how he explained what had happened. He cried he had first assumed it was her. Ciara assured him she was alright but … He hoped she did not suspect he did it and wept she was his sister. Ciara had hugged him, crying she believed him. She wanted his phone so they could call the cops. He had been worried they would not believe him … Meanwhile Eric had wondered why Xander would let Sarah leave town if she was having his child. He replied he could not control her. Then Eric had demanded a paternity test. He went home with Nicole, who claimed she just found out and assumed he was the father but was wrong …

Eric now comes to see Nicole at work and kisses her … At the hospital Abigail gushes to unshaven JJ that everything will be good now. She suggests he come see the kids. He will later. Abigail agrees but she looks concerned … Jack cannot wait to have his life back with Jen. She remembers they were so happy that night they wed and wanted to celebrate with Justin and Adrienne. For the moment, however, she seems to have no memory of what went down at the Bistro. She gasps and starts to remember being on the balcony looking at the beautiful scene below. Then she saw the laptop for the music … Jack informs her she fell. She gasps she is starting to get it all back. She did not fall. Someone purposely pushed her … Ben complains to his cellmate on the top bunk that as he knows the cops have their own ideas. Naturally he was going to be suspect number one. He had panicked. Ciara cried Rafe could help. She swore it would be alright and he would not have to go back to Bayview. He had handed her his cell phone and how tightly she had hugged him …

Sarah reminds Xander he was the one who let Nicole learn she was pregnant in the first place. He reminds her it all ended well and flirts to forget about his foolish move. She grins he did get Rolf to produce fake paternity test results at the Titan lab. He grins back, adding he got her to stay in Salem. She teases he hounded her but made her feel safe. Xander still worries Nicole could have a crise de conscience … Nicole admits to Eric she got rattled when she saw Xander earlier. He understands having also seen him at the mansion. He went there for Maggie and saw Sarah with baby. Nicole senses something. He admits it is hard to believe that beautiful baby is Xander’s. Nicole flashes back to Xander bringing over his fake paternity test and telling her to keep her pretty mouth shut if she wanted her happily ever after. Now she blurts out to Eric she feels so guilty. He does not understand. The stylish schemer sadly states she cannot give him a child. He stops her and assures her being with her – the love of his life – and Holly makes him feel complete. He could not ask for anything more … Sarah sweetly suggests Xander burp the baby. He cuddles his girl. Sarah praises him for being by her side through the pregnancy and birth. It happened on a horrible night. Xander likes feeling like a father. Sarah kisses his cheek and goes to change her diaper. He feels like the luckiest man in the world. Almost … Kayla updates “honey” on the phone that tis true, Jen really woke up. They will celebrate at home and she tells him she loves him too … JJ sits alone in a room at the hospital and speaks to Haley, who is not there. He wishes she could come back to him and touches the plaque in her loving memory. His beloved Haley is dead … Abigail comes home to Chad and they hug. He was busy with work but she updates him how wonderful it was seeing mama Jen awake. It is a sign from now on smooth sailing. Chad stares darkly … Jenny is convinced she was pushed. Jack knows and assures her the cops got that monster who is in the slammer where she belongs … Ben laments Ciara believed in him but the cops did not. Now he has been locked up for a year, an innocent man. Cellmate WILL sighs that is what they all say and turns a page of his book looking bored …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, November 11, 2019