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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Episode 13,213
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail stirs in Chad's arms. They both have DiMera on their mind and the saboteur. She is relieved he no longer suspects Andre. Chad admits he still senses Theo is caught up in it ... Kate leaves Theo an anxious message, asking about the mission ... At the hospital Claire takes Theo's bag of clothing and stares at the blood stains on the hoodie from her. Tripp hears Theo's phone buzzing. Claire collapses against him ... Abe waits with Lani and insists his son has to come through. She cries and agrees. She has faith in Dr. Val, who already save Abe's life. The mayor is hoping for a miracle ... Jen comes running to the station asking Hope about Theo's shooting. She weeps when she hears the shooter was none other than JJ ... JJ has returned to the scene of the shooting. The yellow tape, the telling blood stain on the ground take him back to that fateful moment. He crouches down and covers his face with his hands ... Abe notes Theo is no criminal and blames JJ for going trigger happy after the real perp escaped. Lani laments Theo was running from them. Abe believes the innocent boy was gunned down without justification. Lani informs him of the telltale security scanner, the fact that Theo took off. Abe holds the DiMeras responsible for Theo being drawn into their criminality. Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Andre denies to Kate he was the saboteur when she hesitates to tell him whom she was trying to reach by telephone. Andre vows to fix this for he shall allow no one to harm the clan. He sips his drink as Kate cringes ... Jen cries she does not comprehend. She asks where JJ is. Hope informs her he was ordered to steer clear of Theo. She now steps away to contact the hospital about Theo's condition. Now alone Jen leaves JJ a message. She begs her baby to call cos she knows what happened and loves him ... Abigail tells Chad not to worry and to believe in what Theo said. Chad states his brother has been acting strangely. Abigail is surprised when mama Jen calls. Jen gasps something awful has happened and it involves JJ ... Claire comes to as Tripp helps her to a chair. He removes the bag of evidence and decides she needs to be checked out. But first he picks up Theo's fallen phone that keeps buzzing. Claire cries and feels she was to blame by not being with Theo ...

Abigail is in shock. Chad wonders. She updates him on brother JJ shooting his brother Theo while responding to a break-in. Chad cannot believe it ... Hope updates Jen on Theo being in surgery since the bullet is close to his heart. Jen cries and hopes JJ went by the book. Hope promises to probe for the full truth and hey hug. Jen heads for the hospital after she cries some more and Hope hugs her again ... Abe suspects Andre pushed Theo into it! He damns all the DiMeras for dragging his son into their wicked world and vows to tear Andre apart ... Back at DiMera mansion Andre and Kate enjoy a nocturnal drink. Chad comes downstairs with Abigail. He gasps Theo was shot. Kate drops her drink. Chad stares darkly at Andre ... Jen finds JJ at the square and tries to comfort him. He cries he could not see it was Theo. Jen hugs him and they cry together. JJ laments he shot a loved one. Jen tells him she knows he just followed his training. JJ refuses to hide and believes he deserves to be punished. Jen defends him. He asks her to head to the hospital and get an update on Theo for him ... Andre wonders wot happened. Chad angrily updates them on the security device being mistaken for a gun. Kate looks ready to faint when Abigail informs them he is in surgery. She opens her lips to confess until Chad flies at Andre and accuses him of being the mastermind ... Lani begs angry Abe to calm down for Theo, who will need his father's support post-surgery. Abe weeps and decides to wait for the facts before he acts. He rages his son could die cos JJ shot him. Jen appears and he gives her an unwelcome stare. Jen weeps JJ is crushed and blames himself. Abe believe that is about right and asks Lani to go find out all that she can. For Theo. Once alone with Jen, he warns the weeping widow that her son shot his and nothing can make him understand ... Claire is lying on a bed as the nurse notes she was dehydrated. Tripp tells her to stay in bed for the fluids so she can get strong for Theo ...

Andre insists he is innocent. Chad accuses him of sending Theo almost to his death on an undercover mission into the building. Kate keeps her silence ... Lani runs into remorseful JJ at the square. She is certainly not smiling. Theo is in surgery and she wonders why JJ came to this place. He gasps he came to go over everything. The scanner looked like a gun when Theo raised his hand. Lani laments he then shot him. JJ refers to Theo as the unknown suspect who ran from the scene of a crime. Lani cries she wishes he could have done something different. He swears he did not see it was Theo and declares he would rather die than hurt him ... Jen tries to explain to Abe, who calls JJ negligent. Jen feels the Carvers are like family but Abe is not in a forgiving or forgetting state of mind. Matter of fact if Theo doesn't make it their two clans are done ... Andre insists he cares about that boy. Chad accuses him of taking advantage. Abigail wants to head to the hospital. Kate agrees that would be wise. Chad walks away with his wife and adds this is far from over ... Hope sits beside Claire to talk timetable and tells Tripp to stay. Claire remembers how she got angry at Theo, but then he became distracted about something he had to do. Hope assures her it will be alright and asks if she knew where Theo was going or with whom he had been plotting. Tripp remembers seeing him with Kate, whose name came up on Theo's buzzing cell phone. He murmurs to Madam Commissioner he has something ...

Lani cries and leaves JJ to return to the hospital ... Tripp has Theo's phone for Hope, who has to break up the conflict between Jen and Abe. Abigail arrives and asks what is happening. Abe hisses her mother was just leaving. Abigail and Jen scurry away. Kate now approaches Abe with sympathy. He suspects she or her husband were involved in Theo trying to break into a building. Hope stops them and explains Tripp has Theo's phone so they will get the answers they are after very soon ... Andre looks out the window. Chad enters and updates him on arranging for his brother to get the best of everything. He again accuses Andre, who claims his conscience is clear. He would never do this to beloved Theo. Chad vows to go after whoever did this with a vengeance ... Abe asks Hope to get to Andre before he has a chance to destroy the evidence. He excuses himself for air. Kate looks like a cornered cat and gasps she cannot let the cops get that phone. She enters Claire's room and tells Tripp timing is key and he has to hand her that phone. Tripp looks intimidated by the fierceness about her ... Jen and Abigail sit at the park. Jen cries for Abe and Theo and JJ and all of them. Abigail prays Theo will make it ... Abe prays to God to let his son survive. Lani returns lamenting she saw JJ. She sobs he swore he did not know it was Theo before he shot. Abe scoffs ... JJ looks down at the blood stain again and remembers in slow motion how the sensor was in Theo's hand and he had turned around. That was when he fired ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, November 15