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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Episode 13,212
1600 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Claire faints over Theo being shot. Tripp is with her ... JJ is sorry he shot Theo by accident. Abe rages he is a trained cop so how could this happen ... John ends a call with Paul. He wipes the tears from his eyes and informs Marlena that Paul saw Will. He lives ... At the bar Will continues to claim he is EJ. Sami is mad as hell at Susan's machinations. Rafe stands by her. Susan nods as Will repeats he is EJ DiMera. Sonny soap stares at the sad sight. Rafe shakes his head. Sami tells Will that EJ is dead as Susan knows. Sonny states he was also straight. Rafe asks Will about growing up but he thinks he lost his memory when he was shot. Susan, who has her arms around him, filled him in with his history, including that Sami was to blame for his shooting ... Back at the hospital Abe snaps JJ said he was going home and he was off duty. The mayor is furious he fired on a kid in a hoodie. Hope arrives and urges him to keep his cool ... Tripp talks to Claire and she comes to. She remembers Theo and wants to go to him. Tripp will drive her ... Abe demands action against JJ. Hope tells him to be patient and think of Theo. Abe goes for an update on the state of his son. Hope wants JJ and Lani to give a statement. Lani states she was not at the actual shooting and steps away. Hope now escorts JJ to the station ... Marlena asks can it be! John clasps her shoulder and insists Paul did see Will. They cry and hug. Marlena wants to hear all about it. John muses Sonny and Sami must be with Will. Marlena is so happy for Sami they got their miracle. She wonders whether Susan abducted Will and Paul found him. John tells her about the crazy coincidence of Will working at a bar in Memphis when he went in. Marlena wonders why Will never came home ... Sami attempts to appeal to Will with family photos on her iphone. Sonny asks how he fits in this version cos he and Will were wed! Susan denies her son was ever gay. Will seconds that. Sonny snaps at crazy Susan and Sami raises her voice. Will bolts. Sonny follows. Susan boasts she saved him. Rafe threateningly advises her to explain herself ...

As Abe and Lani wait together, she woefully tells him she was not present when JJ fired. Claire runs in with Tripp asking what happened. Lani admits there was a suspect. Abe reveals Theo was shot by mistake. Claire asks how it could be. Abe also wonders. Val and Kayla appear and Abe asks after his son ... Susan insists Will is her son. Sami talks DNA and Rafe shouts they shall expose her lies. Susan starts to talk. She admits she decided when she saw revived Will that he would be able to give her Elvis back ... Sonny has followed annoyed Will home. It is hard but he will not give up on him. He cannot lose him again ... Sami shows Susan her pictures of Will. Susan speaks in circles. Sami wants to attack. Rafe rages Susan replaced her dead son with Sami's live son in her twisted payback scheme. Sami hisses she will not let her have her son ... John is baffled by the Will timeline. Marlena does not comprehend how he ended up with Susan. John uses the M word. Mind control aka the specialty of Rolf. But Will is alive. Marlena is over the moon and wonders whether he has changed at all ... Will claims his truth is real and Sonny is no more than a random guy with a crazy story. Sonny reasons Susan is not sane. Will gets defensive. Sonny reminds him he has a brother, two sisters, two doting grandmas, as well as a beautiful 4 year old daughter. She is Arianna Grace. Will’'s eyes flicker ... Kayla and Val inform the waiting family that the bullet in Theo's chest is too close to his aorta. Kayla explains he is being prepared for surgery as they speak. Val offers to do the operation. Kayla offers to assist. Abe gives his consent and wants to see his son first. Val vows to fight and save his life. Lani stands by her father ...

Hope tapes her interrogation of JJ the shooter. He admits he was off duty at the time. He did drink a beer and champagne at the party before. He confirms Theo was there and recalls how it all unfolded ... At the scene of the crime he caught the burglar trying to break in and he was wearing a hoodie. He took off and JJ caught up with him at the square. He was holding what seemed to be a gun and he ordered him to drop it but instead he turned around holding the object. JJ shot him and then turned him over. That was when he realized it was Theo and his gun was really a handheld device. Hope gets him to identify the bagged object and informs him it is a device used to override security codes. JJ regrets he was not specific enough, he did not say to drop what was in his hand. He starts to shake and sweat ... John cannot make much sense of the situation. Marlena warns they will not know more until ... she picks up the phone to call the airlines and go to her grandson ... Sonny explains to Will that Gabi is the mother of Arianna. He tells him how and when it happened. Will tries to laugh. Sonny tells him how happy those days were when they fell in love. He appeals to him as Arianna misses him. They all do. He whispers he misses him and begs him to come home, let him show him who he is. Seeing is believing and the truth is still in his soul. Will's blue eyes soften for a second ... JJ admits to Hope he did think the guy looked familiar but then he ran even when ordered to stop. He was running away and trying to break the law, which is nothing like the Theo they know. And he knows Lani will confirm this ... Theo is hooked up to machines in his room lying still, eyes closed. Lani holds his hand and tearily tells him he will get through this. Her little brother means the world to her. She will be waiting for him to wake up. Abe gives her an emotional embrace before she leaves. Then he weeps over his beloved Theo and sobs to please come back to he who is proud to be his papa. He begs him not to leave ...

Hope reminds JJ that Lani did not bear witness to the shooting. Hope has a few more questions and concludes the interview for the time being. JJ wants to take off to the hospital. Hope warns him he cannot go anywhere near the victim as long as the investigation is ongoing. He suddenly realizes Theo was his victim ... Claire weakly asks to see Theo. Kayla counters only family can go in. Abe asks to let Claire in as they are close. Kayla is concerned as she knows she fainted but Claire claims she is fine. Abe and Lani head to the chapel together. Tripp asks Kayla what Theo's chances are. It is a high risk surgery but they will not know what they are up against until they are in. She advises Tripp to go to Claire in the ER for she will be needing him ... Claire sits at Theo's beside and cries how sorry she is for their fight. She begs him to come back to her cos she only wants him and loves him. Tripp is standing behind her and fights his tears of torment ... Sami concludes her Will will never be Susan's EJ. Rafe angrily agrees. Susan talks like a crazy woman and tells Sami she will never get him away from her. Sami gives her a death stare. Game on! Meanwhile Will insists if he had a daughter he would not abandon her. Sonny states he died. Will shouts to get out when he gets more emotional. Sonny just stands there. This is not the happy reunion he was expecting ... Hope now asks JJ for his badge and his gun. He is officially suspended from the Salem P.D. JJ leaves both on the desk and departs. Hope looks devastated ...

Val warns Abe et al that the surgery will take several hours. However, Theo has his youth and his good health to help. Abe trusts she is the best surgeon. Lani assures him their Theo will be fine. Abe certainly hopes so for the sake of Theo as well as JJ ... Will impatiently shows Sonny the door. Sonny tells him he is not giving up for he loves and will not lose him again. Will shuts the door and looks at the big EJ intials hanging on his wall. The hot head sends them flying ... Sami warns Susan that when Will gets his memory back, he will be done with her for good. Rafe calls the authorities. Susan taunts Sami as a bad moma. Hot head Sami punches her in the face and Susan falls to the floor. Rafe watches in the background. Moma bear Sami shakes out her hand. Where there's a Will there’s a way!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, November 14