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Monday, November 13, 2017
Episode 13,211
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ tragically guns Theo down at the square ... Claire gets home to Tripp at the loft, lamenting Theo took off ... Will tidies up the bar for closing. Sonny slowly approaches and calls him Will. Their eyes lock for a moment in time. Sonny smiles it is him and hugs him. He has stars in his eyes. But Will does not move an inch and has no recognition in his eyes ... At the square Theo is face down, having been shot by a young white cop who was too hasty to pull the trigger. Tis a sad sign of the times ... Rafe surprises Susan at her Memphis home. He asks about Will and she makes a strange face. Meanwhile Sami tells Paul her wonderful news that Will is alive. Paul admits he already knew as he saw him. Sami gives him a look ... Will stops Sonny and wonders what he is doing. Sonny is horrified to hear him claim he has never seen him before in his life ... JJ cuffs gasping Theo and turns him over, realizing what he has done. He is horrified ... Abe and Val slow dance to the slow jazz at Doug's Place. Doug and Julie admire and slow dance as well ... Outside JJ gasps it cannot be. Lani arrives and JJ gasps he did not see his face. Lani shouts what happened and JJ whispers he shot him ... At the loft Tripp tells Claire how cute and clever she is. Claire admits she shuts up when she does not know enough. Tripp chuckles. She is proud of her talent and Tripp tells her she should be. He is an awe of artists who can touch others with their work. She smiles she likes speaking with her friend Tripp. He shares the sentiment. He tries to make her feel better about what Theo did and she admits she was harsh with him. She also told him how Tripp gets her ... JJ explains he could not see him clearly. Lani screams to call for an ambulance and attempts to stop the bleeding on her brother's chest. She begs him to hold on and demands JJ explain why the hell he shot her brother ... Susan states Will is deader than dead. Rafe retorts the grave had no body and lets her know he knows she is lying. He knows for a fact she knows Will lives. He reminds her she even admitted to trying to revive him and is therefore involved. He threatens to stay until she tells him where Will is ... Sami asks why Paul did not reveal that he saw Will at a bar. He replies he wanted to figure things out first. Sami screams he let his mother suffer and now gets in his face demanding an address where she can find her son ... Sonny is stunned as Will states they are strangers. Sonny suspects he has amnesia and wants a doctor but declares how happy he is he is alive. Will would rather finish closing up the bar and sighs as Sonny gazes at him and keeps going. He insists they will solve this. Will thinks he is drunk but Sonny is stone cold sober. He grabs him in a kiss for a memory trigger ...

Doug and Julie are at a table with Val, smitten Abe and wine. They tease the private dancers who giggle. Julie is elated Val is still in Salem and Eli is in both their lives. Val apologizes for the past. Doug declares Eli is a great guy and praises Abe for bringing him to the Salem P.D. Abe chuckles and remembers the old days at Doug's on the Lake. Julie feels wonderful about Lani and JJ joining the Carvers and Hortons back together. Abe admits he is now pro JJ and Lani. They toast to that. Meanwhile Theo is bleeding as Lani wonders where the ambulance is. JJ explains what happened, how Theo would not drop his weapon, how he turned and raised his weapon. Lani does not believe he could have had a gun. JJ starts to search. Behind the bushes he finds something. The sirens approach. JJ gasps it was no gun after all. Theo was unarmed! JJ is sunk ... Susan demands Rafe show her his badge. She calls him a trespasser and accuses him of spying for Sami ... Will acts indignant and accuses Sonny of crossing the line. Then he tries to kick him out and threatens to call the cops. Sami comes in. Angels sing and she hugs her son. Will gets even madder and orders them both to leave him the hell alone. He is not this Will person! Sonny laments his memory is off. Sami begs him to stop and think cos he knows her. Will refuses and warns them to get out. Sami says in her shaky voice that he was the best thing that ever happened to her. Then he died but he did not for he is right here! She cries it is a miracle and Sonny agrees. Will shakes his head and calls it crazy. Sami wants him to look and see she is his mother and Sonny is his hubby. They both love him so much. She waits for his good news but alas gets none despite her best efforts ...

Rafe reminds Susan she is no innocent and repeats his need for information. She counters he is out of his jurisdiction. Rafe appeals to her to help Sami, who lost a son. Susan blames Sami for her own son's demise. She tells him to leave and walks away ... Tripp gets ice cream for himself and Claire as they continue conversing. She suggests people give him a break about being bugged before, given what went down with his mother. She thinks he is a nice guy but he does not want to seem boring. She gushes she is intrigued by the passion of the Tripp. He brings out the best in her. He is captivated by her and suggests she not tell Theo about their mutual admiration. She eats her ice cream and wishes Theo would come home. Tripp thinks he is lucky to have a girl like her so she hugs him and thanks him for making things better ... The paramedics rush Theo to the hospital and allow Lani to accompany them. JJ stops to throw up and goes after them ... Kayla is paged at the hospital. Gunshot Theo is pushed in on a gurney and Lani cries please save him ... Meanwhile Julie drinks more wine and keeps talking couples at the new club. Abe gets a sudden call from Lani, who laments Theo was shot and is in hospital. Abe is horrified and asks how it could happen. Lani cries to just come as they need him. He is on his way ... Remorseful JJ joins her at the hospital ... Rafe meets Paul at the Memphis hospital, who confirms Sonny was released. Rafe was supposed to meet Sami. Paul states Sami went to see Will. He discovered he is working at a nearby bar. Sonny is also with him. Rafe gasps Will really walks the earth. Paul sighs he saw him and it is strange how he seems to be there tending bar of his own choice. Rafe takes off to support Sami ... Sami calls Will confused. He snaps they are the confused ones. Susan arrives and he calls her MOM, giving her a hug. He complains about these people. Sami insists she is his mother not that woman. Sonny wants to explain. Sami states crazy Susan must have brainwashed him. Susan calls her the mean one she warned him about. Will has heard all about the lying cheating ho and tells her so to her face ... Julie and Doug worry that Claire was with Theo when he was shot. In fact Claire has come close to kissing playful Tripp after playing a game. Ring ring! Tis Julie calling about Theo ... JJ asks about Theo. Lani weeps he was almost lost three times on the ambulance. JJ is so sorry he mistook him for the one they were after ...

Sami cannot believe what Will just said to her so he repeats the harsh words, Sonny solemnly states he is wrong. Susan lies they want to dupe him and take him to that terrible place she told him about. Sonny stops Sami from lunging. Will orders her away from his mother. Sami warns Susan she will get her son back and lunges again to kill catty Susan. Will bellows to keep away from his real mother ... Claire is numb. Tripp wonders what happened. Theo was shot ... JJ begs Lani to understand it was an accident. Abe arrives asking where his son is. Lani hugs him and replies ER. Dr Val goes to get news. Abe shouts who shot his son. JJ steps up and confessed he did it. Abe eyes him. Lani covers her mouth with a trembling hand ... Alone, Paul calls papa John. It is late. Sonny is alright but he has to tell him something ... Will wants to call the cops. Rafe runs in as Will rages at Sonny and Sami to get out. Rafe flashes his badge and supports Sami's claim. He can prove he is Will. However, Will now drops bombshell number two as Susan smugly smiles. He actually beleives his name is EJ!


All the drama in Salem on Monday, November 13