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Friday, November 10, 2017
Episode 13,210
1460 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Claire the tired server rubs her foot and Tripp teases her. He offers to treat her with his tip. Tis a high fidelity place and he tells her what that means. She sighs she is supposed to see Theo, talks raincheck, and goes on her happy little way. Tripp is disheartened ... Theo assures Kate he is ready to disarm the security and get what he and Kate need. Kate hopes Chad will not accuse Andre and tip his hand until they get their proof. But at DiMera mansion Chad has done just that! Andre asks if Abigail also suspects him of being the saboteur. Chad tells him to confess and gets a strange stare in return ... Rafe is sympathetic with Sami, who is at the end of her rope. He reminds her she will learn whether Will is dead or alive soon ... Paul soap stares at relaxed bartender Will in Memphis as Sonny calls with news of his imminent release from the hospital. He innocently asks Paul where he is. Paul looks over at Will chatting with a couple of patrons ... Lani is almost done with work and kisses JJ at the station. He wishes her happy birthday and they are about to leave when JJ's cell rings. The ambitious cop is on it! A break in is in progress down by the docks. The dynamic duo are on their way ... Sami wants to head to the cemetery to watch the dig. Rafe tries to talk her out of it in case she has to see Will dead. She agrees but hates the wait. Rafe teases and she teases back he knows her well from the safe house days. He now takes her somewhere to take her mind off the madness ... Paul acts like he came somewhere random for food and assures excited Sonny he will see him soon. After the call, he leaves for the hospital. Will busily shines glasses, taking no notice of him ... Lani and JJ head to the dark club but there is really a surprise party JJ arranged for Lani full of friends and family. This break-in report was JJ's joke but not the next one ...

Steve joins scowling Tripp with his beer at the pub and deduces this is about that girl. He reminds his son the fair Claire is not available ... Paul is surprised to find Sonny dressed at the hospital. He gushes he gets out today and cannot wait but he is still having slight headaches. Paul starts to say something but Sonny stops him to say how sorry he is and how right Paul was about Will being dead. He places the ring back on his finger and calls Paul the man that he loves. Paul is at a loss. Sonny wants him and their life back so they can get married for real. Paul starts to smile ... At DiMera mansion Andre is hurt by the accusations and assures Chad his mental health is good. In addition he was inspired by the love of Abigail and Chad. Besides being a brotha means more to him than DiMera Enterprises. Abigail believes him but not Chad. He urges him to confess. Enter Kate, innocently wondering. Andre complains about Chad's unfair unfounded accusation. She agrees with Chad and wants the truth from Andre, who now stares darkly ... JJ and Lani enjoy her birthday party. Claire wishes Theo would put away his phone and gets even more furious that he arranged for her paid followers to unfollow. She tells him at least Tripp gets her ... Tripp denies being taken with Claire the unavailable Steve asks when he will move out as triangles are terrible ... Sonny gushes he wants to be with Paul forever now that the Will drama is done. Paul emotionally agrees. Sonny is over the moon. Paul suddenly gasps he cannot marry him ...

Rafe tells Hope he loves her and ends a call from his office, where Sami the sneak is studying her file. He takes it away. Sami grills him about his girlfriend boss and laughingly warns being married to a cop ain't easy. She now asks the time. 5 minutes later. She gets choked up and he tells her it will be alright. She would rather argue but then he gets the call. Tis the moment of truth. THE GRAVE OF WILL HORTON IS EMPTY ... Andre tells the clan they have no proof. Kate explains he always covers his tracks. Chad notes he would know the ins and outs. Kate reminds him of his peeved press conference. Andre tells her they agreed on a truce. He sarcastically suggests he fully confess to Chad with full disclosure ... Claire and Theo's argument is interrupted by the appearance of the birthday cake. Val notes to Abe that Theo and Claire are not happy. Lani has gotten Theo some cake and asks about Claire. He is confused why Claire got angry. Lani states Claire is not as logical as him, she is more about feelings. Theo feels a bit better and consumes some cake. Abe sits with JJ and thanks him for the celebration for his daughter. He loves making Lani happy ... Steve has told Tripp the history of him and Bo, how he came to lose an eye because of a girl. He warns his son triangles can be deadly ...

Sami gasps Susan was a lying beech and her Will is alive! Rafe wants her to wait but Sami is unstoppable. She rages she will track down Susan and make her talk. Rafe reminds her of the restraining order that would get her arrested. He offers to head to that house on her behalf ... Sonny insists he feels Paul is his future as Will is gone forever. Paul cries that is not the case. He now drops the second bombshell of the day. WILL IS ALIVE! Pause. Sonny asks Paul to repeat that so he does. Paul whispers Will is alive and he lied for the last 24 hours. He saw Will. Sonny's eyes fill with soap tears ... Lani hugs and thanks the guests. JJ gets going with cake in a pink box and his lovely lady. Abe is glad Theo came. The young man is all about family now. He hopes Abe is never disappointed in him and the mayor heartily hugs him ... Andre slyly admits he took behind the scenes measures to identify the threat to the company. However, this is for and not against DiMera. Again only Abigail seems to believe the tormented misunderstood one ... Theo walks after Claire at the square and he starts to apologize. She says they can talk at home but he cannot come home yet nor can he tell her what he will be doing as it is important. Claire gets fed up and goes home alone. Theo heads in the other direction on his mission ... Before they get on their bed. JJ and Lani exchange poignant I love yous ... Chad decides he does believe Andre. Kate asks who did the sabotage if not him. Andre declares they will find out by working together. Meanwhile Theo thinks he has disabled the security system he needs to bypass down at the docks. An overhead light remains red ...

Lani and JJ snuggle in the afterglow. Shirtless JJ now hands her a gift bag but then gets a work call. A real break-in is in progress down at the docks. They are on their way ... Sonny snaps Paul saw Will and said nothing to him?! Paul sadly states he is sorry. Sonny does not have time to listen and demands to know where he is. Paul tells him the name of the bar and tells him it is true. Sonny weeps his Will is alive. Paul offers to take him. Sonny hands him back his ring and leaves to go himself. Paul cries, clasping the ring. He is numb. Sami now bursts it with the news that Will is alive, the grave was empty. Paul's tragic eyes meet her excited ones ... Sonny gingerly enters the bar as Will tidies up. He speaks his name and they come face to face FINALLY ... As Chad studies the chess figures. Abigail assures him the press release has been prepared for distribution. She wonders whether he really believes Andre. He does and he deduces this is a personal matter ... JJ and Lani yell at the hooded figure at the docks to freeze. Hoodie Theo takes off ... Claire meets up with Tripp and tells him Theo had something important to do ... JJ and Lani split up as they pursue the fast running perp ... Val and Abe toast to the evening ... Kate leaves Theo an urgent message to cancel his mission TOO late. At the dark square, JJ is ordering him to drop his weapon. Theo's back is to the young cop and he does not identity himself. He starts to turn around holding something in his hand so JJ fires twice. Theo falls ... DOWN ...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, November 10