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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Episode 13,088
Length:1550 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club Dario is on the phone about a serious paper he has. Then he calls working girl Abigail at the station. He would like to meet at the small park by the square. She senses it is bad. Meanwhile Chad gets a call from the pilot about a delay. He promptly texts Hope about jet-engine trouble so said jet is being serviced. Alone on the bench he opens his amulet box, a frown creasing his handsome brow as he wonders ... JJ is on the grounded plane calling a Greek contact of Steve. Nearby Eli is agitated that he has not been cleared by the Greek authorities so the plane remains grounded. Lani listens and needs water. They are waiting for Sonny to meet with the judge who is his father's contact. JJ laments they have to wait for the go ahead from the Greek police. At least stowaway Gabi will be safe. Lani finds her outfit, announcing she is gone ... At the Greek cafe, Paul perceives he and Sonny have been followed. Gabi appears and Sonny is appalled ... Xander sarcastically greets Deimos at his hotel room and updates him on Eric coming to rescue Nicole ... Eric is locked with Nicole in a room at the compound and urges her to work with him! There is no other way! She is at a loss. Eric seeks something lethal and finds it ... Sonny and Paul are perturbed by Gabi getting to Greece. Sonny snaps he will not let her risk her safety as Arianna needs her. Tough girl Gabi insists on accompanying them. Chad arrives at the cafe and questions the sudden appearance of all three. Needless to say he is not amused ...

Dario has a long face when Abigail gets to the park. He is down about his problem and declares he is to be deported. Abigail blinks ... Sonny and Paul inform Chad they are after Deimos before he abducts Nicole and the baby. They are coordinating with Eli and the Greek police. In addition Sonny is meeting with a judge to cut through red tape to speed up getting Deimos. Chad now hears that Gabi has no intention of leaving ... Xander suspects Deimos might set him up to take the fall with the Greek police. He hands him his list of demands. A getaway chopper and pilot with 20 million and two female escorts. Deimos hesitates but Xander will not negotiate. He will be waiting and walks out ... Nicole has her doubts. Eric has a sharp file and decides this is what they will do ...

Abigail is dismayed. Dario explains the case is iron clad against him as his mother was visiting her sister when he was born - in Mexico - and she herself did not have American citizenship. This just came up as Eduardo was investigated by the feds. Abigail wants to do something. He sighs Immigration is strict. The only hope would be to wed an American and prove it was a true marriage. Abigail thinks he has to know someone who could help him with this. Dario notes she could ... Chad sides with Gabi about her staying. Eli calls Paul with an Interpol update about the hotel Deimos just checked into under an assumed name. Eli is glad to hear Paul and Sonny have Gabi with them but frowns about Chad ... Sonny wonders what Chad is doing in Greece. Business that will hit Deimos below the belt financially. Sonny thinks that would help his cause to have him kicked out of the family. Paul ends his call with Eli and heads off to check out a lead. The judge calls Sonny, who heads to his meeting. He urges Gabi to stay at the cafe and avoid trouble. Now that they are alone, Chad teases the sultry stowaway. She can see something has changed and he admits Abigail has filed for a divorce. No more marriage. Gabi gasps. Chad is also stunned. Gabi thinks she is confused cos they have a family. Something or someone must have caused this. Chad remembers Dario having a drink with his wife and gets tight lipped. Gabi steps away to get in touch with Eli lest he is worried ...

On the plane JJ is worried about Gabi and bothered by Abigail filing for a divorce. Lani points out Gabi is safer being with Chad away from the Deimos danger. JJ lists how being with Chad almost cos her her life before. Lani reminds him the girl is resourceful. Eli muses she has since moved on with him. JJ tells him to worry about the danger that comes with Chad. Eli now gets a call from Gabi and she assures him she is fine with Chad, who could use a friend as Abigail wants a divorce. Eli says to be cautious cos Deimos could come after them again. She promises and ends the call. Eli updates JJ and Lani ... There were no guards outside the bedroom. Eric looks out the window. Nicole is worried she will not see Holly again. She sees the guard outside and knows what she has to do. Eric looks deeply into her eyes and suggests she follow his lead. Nicole nervously nods. So goes their synchronized plan ...

Gabi and Chad have Greek coffee at the cafe. She complains about being kept away from the action. Chad has his plan but does not feel like fighting today. Gabi wonders whether he holds her responsible for the end of his marriage ... Abigail explains she is just getting a divorce. Dario insists it would work but admits they would need to deceive their relatives. She questions his love and suspects it would make it hard for him to live only as friends. He fibs he is fine as friends. She fears Chad would not approve. Dario reminds her of her quest to be independent and then backs off. He can come up with another idea or he will sell the club and leave. She thinks that would be unfair as Salem is his home. Dario sadly thanks her for listening regardless and walks away ... Paul has binoculars on Deimos in his room though he cannot see clearly. Sonny updates him on the judge wanting Xander and agreeing to extradite Deimos to the USA. Sonny takes the binoculars and wonders to whom Deimos is speaking on the phone ...

Deimos rages about the amulet going to Chad instead of him. He orders his man on the phone to make his long list a reality. After the call he mutters to himself about taking care of Xander and getting Nicole and Holly ... Nicole cries for assistance and begs the guard to help Eric, who is not breathing she says. He gets closer with his gun and Eric jumps him. Then Eric slugs him and uses the makeshift knife. The guard blows his whistle and Eric shouts for Nicole to get out NOW! It goes down in a matter of seconds ...

Independent Gabi puts down her coffee with a pout. Chad informs her he will focus on his future with Thomas. He tries to talk her out of going after Sonny and Chad again so she suggests she keep close to him ... Eli wants some air. JJ and Lani discuss Gabi being with Chad. JJ hates the idea of them being together given that sister Abigail belongs with him. Lani reasons the girl knows her smart mind. JJ thought they were a good couple, his sister and Chad. Lani flirts she can prove some romances last and gives him a kiss and another and another. Eli emerges ... Sonny tells Paul things are in place. Paul tells him to stay safe and they share a sweet kiss. Sonny is now on the move ... Deimos gets a call from his man and rages to get what he wants on the list as soon as possible even if it means hijacking a military helicopter! Back in Salem Dario is alone at the club and crumples the paper in his hand. At least he tried ... Abigail remembers Dario always being there for her, how he caught her when she fell and their lips almost met. Then there were their dancing sessions. She sighs he has helped her a lot but marriage?! Meanwhile Gabi considers staying out of trouble and suggests sightseeing with Chad. He pays cash with a trembling hand and together they leave the Athena Cafe ... Eli updates Lani and JJ that as per a text from Sonny, Costas the judge gave them the go ahead. Now they must wait for Deimos to make his move ... Deimos leaves Xander a message. He is almost ready and will text him soon. Once he gets there Xander will have his freedom and he will have Nicole ...

Back on the compound Eric has banged the guard on the head with the door rendering him unconscious. He glances at the glass garden door on the other side through which Nicole escaped. Nicole checks she has not been spotted and steps away into the Mediterranean night ...


Nicole reaches Holly but the drama is far from over.

All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, May 16