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Monday, May 15, 2017
Episode 13,087
Length:1400 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Adrienne enters the Kiriakis mansion and hears Justin on a call. He demands to know the source of the funds Deimos has been adding to the Kiriakis coffers ... Steve and Kayla are having a shopping day. He gushes he has new hope about Joe and Tripp as the brothers were getting along before. Tripp, it seems, is coming around ... Meanwhile at the park Jade explains to Tripp why he really has to hate Kayla ...In his office detective Rafe updates Jen on Lani being drugged. Jen lets him know she has a hot lead on the school drug dealer. He has been selling halo to the teens using the name Candyman. Rafe drawls he is not the only one but will check it out ... Abigail summons Dario to the park and starts to cry like a baby. He holds her close. Far away in a Greek cafe Chad is meeting the Mediterranean middleman who wants his bad luck gone. He has the treasure and takes the cash. Chad opens the box and dares to touch the amulet. Bad luck is already on its way ... Justin is elated that Adrienne is back from her trip with the sons in Arizona. She is feeling happy and rested. Justin hopes the boys are good. Adrienne admits they expressed their wish that their parents would reconcile ... Jade insists to Tripp that Kayla is two-faced and hated Ava cos she made Steve sleep with her. She spins his history lesson and adds Ava sent Kayla the footage of their tryst, which was why Kayla snapped. They were even seen fighting in public at the park. Then Ava broke into the Johnson house, where she blacked out from ingesting morphine. Tripp takes it all in. Jade continues her counter-attack on kind Kayla by pointing out the doctor's easy access to the drug. Ava claimed that Kayla wanted her dead. When she was hospitalized she begged them to believe her ... Abigail's makeup smears as she sobs she and Chad are over. Dario is confused and concerned. Abigail drops her divorce bombshell but notes she will still not consider him anything but a friend. Dario suggests she go slowly and she sniffles this is for the best. There were too many people in the marriage ... Hope visits Chad in his room. She looks lovely in white and he teases her for tailing him. She asks for a flight home on the DiMera jet as their Mediterranean mayhem is over. So she thinks ...

Chad would rather wait awhile. It is all very vague. Hope, however, feels there is no need to stay and asks for a flight back to Salem ... Justin observes Adrienne with stars in his eyes and asks how she is feeling. She admits she is anxious to return to work and asks about Sonny's whereabouts. Justin replies he is out of town on biz. She asks him to give him this gift when he sees him next and decides to depart. Justin smiles he wants her to be healthy and happy even if she chooses to be with another. Adrienne appreciates it and goes on her way with more color to her cheeks. Justin grins ... Tripp thinks this story is stranger than the empty cup of coffee he has to drink but he does not say so. Jade keeps going with her war of misinformation. He should beware of Kayla the backstabber and she is speaking from experience. Tripp is more bewildered by the Salem second ... Adrienne catches up with Steve and Kayla at the square. They notice when she smiles Justin seemed happy to see her and adds she is still with Lucas. She asks about Tripp the new nephew. Steve has high hopes. Adrienne asks for his number to call him ... Tripp is ready to confront Kayla and Steve for the secrets. Jade tells him to play it cool and not let them know what he suspects at least not yet ... Chad has told the pilot to prepare the DiMera jet for takeoff. He tells Hope she can fly home in a couple of hours. She thanks him. He pretends he will pack too. She smiles she will stay in his hotel room with her free drink and watch. She reminds him of the promise she made to Stefano to keep an eye on him. Chad gets his divorce text and numbly sits down. Hope wonders ... Outside Adrienne is glad to meet Tripp at long last and tells him all about her sons in Arizona. The relatives are all close. Tripp casually states Steve speaks a lot about the family. Adrienne admits their past was sad and Steve tries to make up for it. She gushes he is such a good man, unlike their notorious father. Tripp suspiciously states he read online that their dad died suddenly. Adrienne admits she killed him in self-defense. But Steve protected her by taking the blame as that is the kind of guy he is. Tripp looks ready to explode ...

Hope advises Chad to call Abigail. He gasps she would not even answer. He falls apart. Hope notes the girl must be confused and they need to talk ... When Jen appears at the park, Dario makes himself scarce and assures Abigail he is on call for her always. Jen assumes Abigail has been hurt by Chad again and wonders what he did this time. Abigail emotionally announces she filed for a divorce. Jen soap stares ... Justin runs into Chloe at the pub and asks if she even bothered to visit Brady. She replies she already went and will go again. She tells him he sounds like he thinks she is to blame but it was Xander who shot Brady. Justin snaps Brady could die because of what she started! He growls now Nicole and Holly are being held hostage by Xander ... Chad has a mini melt down about Abigail wanting to move on with the brother of Hope's boyfriend. Hope does not believe it is about Dario and tells Chad to snap out of it. He and Abigail are forever. If only she knew that the amulet was in the room ... Jen wonders why Abigail made such a bad decision. Abigail weeps she did not want to wait any longer as Chad was not getting over Gabi. Jen believes Abigail and Chad belong together but Abigail wants to end the triangle in her head... Kayla and tired Steve had a busy shopping spree together and enjoy their food at the pub. Tripp arrives. He explains he spoke with Adrienne and would like to get to know the family more. All of them. They smile and he gives Kayla an eerie look ... At the club Chloe requests a drink from bartender Dario, complaining Justin blames her for everything bad that happened to Brady. Dario sighs how harsh and suggests they drown their sorrows in a drink-off ... Abigail pities herself that Chad still has feelings for Gabi ... Hope thinks this could be Abigail testing Chad, pushing him to come to her. Chad cries the woman he loves has walked away. He confesses he could not forget his feelings for Gabi, which was why he could not completely commit to their happy little family. Then there was Dario. Hope doubts Dario was the cause. Chad counters she is moving on regardless ...

Dario and Chloe compare notes at the club, slurring their complaints. He drank the most and she staggers out to call her mother, promising to catch a cab. Dario woefully looks at a picture of Abigail on his phone ... Adrienne meets Jen at the square cafe for coffee and business. She is ready to jump into the newspaper but Jen appears distracted. Adrienne notices. Jen shares her daughter is getting a divorce. She feels Chad is family and Abigail is making a huge mistake ... Hope agrees to give Chad some space and go ahead to the airport. He thanks her and flashes back to his romance and almost reunion with the woman he loves. Then he cries his heart out. The amulet has fallen to the floor by his feet. The Ramses curse is just getting started ...


Eric and Nicole work together.
The amulet makes more mischief for Chad.
Deimos' big plans are about to backfire!

All the drama in Salem on Monday, May 15