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Friday, May 12, 2017
Episode 13,086
Length:1488 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the square Paul and Sonny update Justin on Deimos going to Greece. They suspect the worst and worry about Brady. Sonny and Paul are up for the challenge to save Nicole and Holly ...Nicole has gotten the keys from Xander, who starts to get rough until Eric slugs him to the floor. He is out cold. Nicole leans on her hero ... Brady looks up from his hospital bed. Tis Chloe in a blue dress feeling blue about how things went. She believes she is partly to blame and cries she is sorry ... Eli ends a call at the station surprised to see Lani back at work. JJ believes the drugs are gone from her system. Eli gives her a look and she shakes her head. Eli updates JJ on the Deimos drama. He is checking his file hoping for a warrant. JJ snaps it is simply not sufficient ... Back on the Greek island Eric gets Xander in a choke hold but Xander is hanging onto Nicole's wrist ... In Salem Gabi is walking through the park panicking on her phone about her father's two year prison "deal" ... JJ gets a text and gasps Oh my God ... Justin tries to tell Paul and Sonny just how dangerous Deimos is. Sonny wants no lecture, he just wants Justin to cover for him to Victor. Justin is against the mission but Paul is a P.I. In addition Sonny has a gun he knows how to use ... A guard comes running to drag Eric off boss Xander and holds a gun against him. Xander taunts Nicole that Eric who killed Dan is the real monster in the room ... At the pub Theo orders Wyatt to pull back. Wyatt reminds him he was the one who suggested the plan and praises Ciara. Theo hates how he is using her. Wyatt tells him she would hate him as well if he outed him. Wyatt acts like he and Ciara could be some sort of strange destiny since it runs in his family. Theo thunders this has to stop! Ciara appears and wonders ... JJ updates the gang on Eric going after Nicole and Holly. Deimos went to Greece. Xander is also in Greece. Eric swore Jen to secrecy until he was gone. Eli remarks all roads lead to Greece. JJ calls Sonny, who has assured Justin he has a permit for his gun. Sonny wants the Titan jet made ready. The gang is headed to Greece ... Brady asks Chloe to accept that Holly is Nicole's baby, the only one she will ever have. Chloe cries she carried her and regrets what happened to him. She wants him to be alright. Brady promises not to go anywhere and tells her he knows Holly is safe. They clasp hands and he adds he is not giving up ... Eric gasps to leave Nicole alone. Xander punches him in the torso fast and furious a few times. He groans and Nicole is horrified ...

Eli explains Nicole took Holly across the state line and country so the FBI has jurisdiction. Lani lists Xander's crimes as he is wanted by the Salem P.D. JJ feels frustrated there is nothing on mastermind Deimos thus far ... Paul steps away and Sonny promises Justin he will do right by Brady. He tells Sonny be smart and safe. Gabi now wants a word with Sonny and cries about her father getting two years from Deimos' set up! Sonny vows to make him pay and he is going to get him. Gabi insists on coming to Greece. Sonny does not want her in danger. She states she is not safe as long as he walks free. Sonny is bringing him down. She needs to be there ... Xander has locked Nicole and Eric in a room and wonders wot Deimos would want him to do with Eric as he is unable to reach him by phone. Inside she asks about Holly. Eric tells her he told the pilot to wait 24 hours before takeoff but Holly is safe with him. Nicole fears she might lose her forever and she is all she has! She calls Eric a monster and slaps him hard ... Ciara innocently asks what has to stop. Theo tells her not to write Wyatt's paper. He calls it cheating. Ciara reasons Wyatt has the ideas she will express for him. Wyatt gets flirty about returning the favor ... Gabi worries about Sonny being hurt. He promises he will always be there for her and for Arianna. Then he hugs her and can say no more as this is an open investigation. He vows to stop Deimos. So does Gabi ... Brady informs Chloe that someone is on the case to make sure Holly is safe. She is grateful to hear it. Brady now gets back to the topic of her wanting Holly, who belongs with Nicole. Deimos is not even in Nicole's life which was her only concern. Holly is not even her daughter. Chloe points out she felt the baby growing. Brady reminds her she offered to be Nicole and Dan's surrogate and begs her not to make the children or Nicole lose any more. He feels he might not make it ... Back in Greece grief stricken Nicole accuses Eric of not being a hero but a killer ...

Theo and Wyatt continue the conversation at the loft. Wyatt denies using Ciara but Theo is furious and feels it is all his fault. Wyatt the bum lies he likes her looks more than her money. Theo claims they have nothing in common and refuses to continue the charade ... Eli calls Gabi about an unnamed case he is going out of town for. She already knows about it from Sonny, though Eli is all about protocol. Gabi angrily ends the call and remembers her meat locker moment with shirtless Chad ... At the pub Chloe compliments the rosary Ciara has in hand. It is from cleaning out the closet and belongs to Caroline. Chloe asks her to give Caroline her best. Ciara thanks her and steps away from the counter. Chloe holds the rosary and asks God to keep Brady, Holly and even Nicole safe. It is all she will ever ask ... Nicole reminds Eric she only got involved with Xander as he was smitten with Serena and would not heed her warnings. He also did not heed her warnings when she urged him to call a cab that fateful night. And now look at Brady! He assures her he came to save her and Holly but she believes everything bad leads back to him. This nightmare started that New Year's Eve. Eric knows and apologizes. She screams she cannot forgive him and cries they once had happiness but the happiness she found with Daniel and then Brady was better. She will never forgive him for separating her from Holly for now she will be locked up with Xander forever without her daughter. Eric soap stares feeling her pain ... Theo threatens to tell Ciara the truth. Mr Not So Wonderful Wyatt threatens to make sure Ciara feels betrayed by her so called best friend ... Lani weakly sits down at the station and Eli asks her to tell JJ she is under withdrawal. He does not want her to go on this trip but she tells him no one will stop her ... Justin informs Salem patient Brady of Sonny's mission. Brady feels he will be fine at running Titan without him. His body continues to reject his heart and his tests are worse. He asks Justin to update his will including a living will. He would not want to be kept alive if he was not whole ... Paul admits he is worried about Sonny endangering himself but assures him they are in it together. Always. They have no idea sneaky Gabi is calling Lucas to look after his granddaughter. She has plans too ...

Ciara arrives at the loft. Wyatt is waiting and they start kissing on the couch. Theo comes out and frowns at the sight ... Brady confirms to Justin he would not want to stay alive if his heart gave out. Justin has some documents now and will have papers tomorrow. Brady signs and Justin hopes he will fight. He intends to ... Eli, JJ and Lani are already seated on the jet. Here comes flight attendant Gabi ... Xander orders the guard to make sure the prisoners do not escape. He assumes the baby is with the nanny ... Meanwhile Nicole cries her heart out over being separated from Holly. Eric believes he is beyond absolution. He woefully states he did the worst thing imaginable and understands why she will hate him forever (or at least until he does something heroic again!)



All the drama in Salem on Friday, May 12