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Thursday, May 11, 2017
Episode 13,085
Length:1495 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Nicole finds Eric disguised as a Greek guard outside the door of the villa ... Meanwhile at a quaint Greek cafe, Chad complains on his phone cos the amulet man is late. Hope casually sits at his table ... Victor is barking on the phone about Brady, demanding his grandson be made better at any cost. Claire arrives. He can perceive that she is perturbed. The mini diva does not deny it. She asks for cash to continue the music training she was told she needed for her career. Victor asks the amount but Claire seems to want a blank check. She claims his hesitation is because he likes Ciara better ... Theo walks into the pub and witnesses Ciara and Wyatt at a table together. Ciara steps away and Wyatt picks up the cash she left on the table. Theo accuses him of stealing from her ... Nicole gasps Eric! He tells her to hurry, they have to leave now. He promised Brady he would bring her home as Brady was too unwell to do so himself ... Ciara comes back and defends Wyatt. She says she gave the money to him and uses the b word. Boyfriend ... Chad accuses Hope of following him to the continent. She quips she wanted a holiday and ominously adds he was unwise to come. Here comes elegant Andre in black looking very Mediterranean. He agrees with Hope's assessment ... Eric urges Nicole to get Holly and hurry! Nicole gasps she does not have her for Xander handed her over to a nanny. She knows not where they are ... Victor lets catty Claire know he has no favorites. He always gives her pocket money but no heirs get lump sums until they turn 21, hence the trust funds. He will put hers in her trust fund. Now he wants to discuss her envy of Ciara. Claire sulks ... Ciara sends Wyatt on his way with the money she loaned him. Theo laments she is letting him use her! Ciara replies she is not and he likes her. Theo retorts he likes the money. Ciara leaves highly offended. Theo remembers the way Wyatt wanted to meet her and how he went along. He wishes he never had ... Andre coos he happened to be in South America and wanted to drop in to see Chad in Greece. He lowers his voice and adds he knows what he is up to. Hope wants to hear about it as well ... Nicole panics over where the nanny went with Holly. Eric hears something and peeks out a window. The nanny is outside with crying Holly. They walk out the door and Eric gives the stressed nanny the day off in Greek, playing the part of the guard to perfection. Nicole is impressed. He learned the language in the seminary. It is one of the many things no one knows about him. He tells Nicole they have to leave now before Xander comes back! Nicole holds Holly close and hesitates. She decides she wants to go nowhere with him given what he did to Holly's father. Time is up! Xander appears and demands to know how Nicole got Holly, where the nanny went. Eric stands by like the Greek guard he is pretending to be. His cap conceals part of his face ...

Victor compares Claire to him, while Ciara ... Claire stops him and complains about Ciara acting so perfect. Enter Ciara! Claire sulks. Ciara wants to tell Victor about a clean water investment for people in need and asks for her trust fund to be reinvested in the venture. Claire leaves in a snit ... Andre believes it is in all their best interests to be an open book. He senses Hope is on the same page to save Chad from himself. He suggests a temporary truce. Hope is all ears. Andre tells Chad it is too dangerous to toy with the curse of the amulet and urges him to return home before it is too late ... Xander wants to know where the nanny went. Nicole claims the crying baby was too much for her and she is in the kitchen. She offered to help her. Xander rages he will fire her and orders the guard to take the baby back to her in Greek. He does not realize he has just handed Holly to Eric, who leaves with her ... Ciara has been updated by Victor on how Claire feels. She thinks Claire should not be jealous of her cos she has it all including Theo. Victor solemnly states it is dangerous to covet what one cannot have. Ciara gushes she has a new guy. All she will say for now is that his first name is Wyatt ... Claire feels better when she bumps into boyfriend Thao at the square. But when Theo complains about Wyatt being after Ciara's money she gets upset about his Ciara obsession ... Back in Greece Chad makes light of his trip. Andre is aware of the history of the amulet that Chad wants and warns him it comes with a CURSE! A horrible fate awaits he who falls under its spell! Andre explains. Once upon a time even Stefano wanted it but the man whom he sent to get it was paralyzed in a boating accident. Stefano gave it up. Andre adds Chad would also be accused of having stolen property so he cannot get it as he planned ... Theo confronts Wyatt once and for all. He is against him taking money from Ciara. Wyatt smugly states she is an heiress. Evidently he did his research for the romance. Ciara joins them. Theo now hears she will be writing one of Wyatt's college papers for him ... Andre asks Hope to do something as Chad does not appear to be listening. He asks her to detain him at the local station. Alas she cannot cos he has not broken the law. Andre gets exasperated. He tells her to detain Chad when he meets the antique dealer. Chad diverts their attention by touching the leg of a Greek woman standing nearby. She assumes it was Andre and hits him with her purse. As the scene escalates, Chad gives them the slip ...

Eric leaves Holly with the pilot on his plane. He announces he is returning for Nicole. If she arrives alone he should leave without him. If no one comes in 24 hours, he should return to Salem with the baby ... Meanwhile drunken Xander makes Nicole have a martini with him. He slurs he won his card game but is still mad she beat him before. He sips his drink and scoffs she is too smart for her own good. He gives her the eye in the pretty dress and lists all the Kiriakis men who have wanted her. With Brady it was twice, though with Sonny never since she was not his type. He likes her nerve her fighting side. Xander seems more intoxicated by the minute. Nicole points out she would do anything for Holly. He calls her a tigress, points out she played him when they kissed before. He leers he still has kissing her on his mind and gets closer, his eyes glazed over from all his daytime martinis ... When Theo gets a moment alone with Wyatt he orders him to call off the plan and leave Ciara alone. Wyatt shakes his head ever so slightly and smirks ... Chad meets the middleman with the broken arm. He wants the amulet out of his life cos of the curse. Chad does not believe in curses and wants the amulet. He offers him half the payment now, the other half when he gets his treasure ... Time passes. Hope and Andre have teamed up to save Chad from his impulses. They confront him in his Mediterranean hotel room. Classical art adorns the walls. Andre is furious. Wot the hell! He hopes there is no amulet near. Chad lies the middleman was a no show and he took it as a sign. He declares he changed his mind on the mission as he needs no more drama in his life. Hope wonders. Andre looks deeply into his brotha's eyes and also wonders ... Later a trembling obsessed hand reaches for the beautiful cursed amulet. The box has been opened, the curse is out ... Xander sits down and Nicole gives him a massage, humoring him. His eyes slowly close. Nicole makes her move to take the key chain hanging from his pocket. He wakes up in a drunken rage over her deception and decides to have his way with her. All seems lost until ... All of a sudden Eric races in and punches him to the floor. He holds Nicole in his heroic arms!


When time runs out for a hero ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, May 11