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Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Episode 13,084
Length:1690 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
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Now without further ado ...


Paul and Sonny head to the hospital for Brady. Marlena tells them the bad news about the heart starting to be rejected. Sonny laments that is the worst. Marlena wishes she had been able to reach John. Paul tried but the ISA was no help. She considers going to the head in Chicago to appeal in person ... At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos informs impatient Xander on the phone that he cannot make a move with Sonny watching him. Zanimal rages Nicole the beech is like a broken record about Brady. Deimos shouts not to hurt her and he hangs up. Maggie arrives and wonders what did not go well. Did it pertain to Nicole or Holly ... Eric discusses his landing in Greece with the pilot, after which he will have to get a fishing boat to deliver him to his destination ... Nicole now has new colorful clothes on but Xander will not let her see Holly, who is with the nanny. She exclaims she needs her mother and he shouts shut up. She looks down and he happily suggests a stroll on the beach. Nicole calls him bipolar and he sighs ... At the square Val joins Abe with no good news about Brady. He tells her she looks tired and wants to help raise her spirits ... Gabi takes Eli into the club which seems to be closed. She smiles she has a surprise and he tells her he has ways to make her talk. They kiss. Enter Abe with Val. Eli snaps what a set up. Val soap stares. Abe and Gabi suggest they give talking a chance. Val agrees to talk if Eli is willing. He blinks ... Deimos lies he was on a biz call. Maggie wishes there was news on Nicole and Holly. He lies because of Brady he has more work but vows to find Xander so he can save them. He has that biz call to consider. She mentions discussing the biz issue with Victor at dinner. Deimos might have to head out of town on a matter that sounds secretive. The redhead gets suspicious and he assures her he has changed from the old days ... Xander starts to feel sorry for himself. Nicole wants to know what is in this for him. He lies maybe he wants her to love him. Never. He suggests she try to get along while they are here. She sits and suggests a poker match. If she wins she can go to the beach with Holly. But if he wins she will stop bugging him. He goes for the cards and she opens the front door. A guard. She looks at the large window. Another guard. Still totally trapped ...

Eli is angry about not knowing who his real father was. Gabi suggests they speak about something else. Abe hopes he will give discussing things a chance. Eli eventually agrees. Gabi and Abe leave and Val compliments Gabi, then asks about work. Eli answers with one word. Fine. She suggests they try some of the breakfast and he pulls out her chair. She says thank you. He states she always taught him to be a gentleman and sits down to the pancakes with a sulk. Elegant Val smiles ... Xander complains about his lousy luck in life when Nicole has better cards. She offers to talk to Brady about being accepted back into the family. Deimos is far worse and Victor let him in. Besides Brady hates Deimos. Xander wonders why she would help him. She tells him she knows what it is like to lash out after being shunned. They are the same. She believes Brady and Sonny would hear her out. Xander the outcast observes her without his usual mask of madness ... Val sips her orange juice and Eli suspects she is not having pancakes as a patient is unwell. After a long night in OR she always used to celebrate with pancakes when a patient was well. Val is touched when he tells she he has always thought she was the world's best doctor ... Sonny has sad news for Maggie. Brady might be needing another heart donor. She weeps how to tell Victor. Deimos appears with curiosity. He pretends to care and Maggie excuses herself. Sonny suspiciously asks if he has a lead on Xander yet. Deimos arrogantly changes the subject to his work and notes he is no full time detective like his boyfriend. Sonny is not buying it. He finds it odd he is losing the company cash as they speak and is not trying to find Nicole. Paul is doing a better job trying to find the woman Deimos loves! He leaves making a snide remark about getting back to hemlines at Basic Black ... Xander believes he blew it by shooting Brady but claims he had no choice. Nicole now updates him on all the bad things that Deimos did, how Victor seemed forced into letting him take over the company. She complains Deimos cares not about the carnage he causes. Xander suddenly shouts to shut her bloody mouth. This time he seems somewhat scared. Nicole does not understand. He accuses her of playing him cos he would neva be accepted by the family. He has to go it alone. Nicole is sorry and wants to see Holly. She assures him she will not run. He is done with her lies and leaves to go into town. He warns her not to make trouble with the mercenaries outside. She wants to see Holly and sends the poker chips flying in frustration ... At the Kiriakis mansion Paul and Sonny discuss John. Paul wishes his dad was here and is waiting to hear how Marlena's ISA meeting goes. Sonny lets him know he is happy for having him here and they hug. Maggie emerges and Sonny is stunned to hear that Deimos plans to leave town without Victor knowing. He wonders to where. The red head did not hear much of the call that bothered him and gets back to Victor. Sonny wants to check with the Titan jet. Paul wants him to wait until he speaks with Steve so as not to tip off Deimos. Meantime Sonny has to help Ari get a gift for a kids party. Paul praises the devoted dad and promises to keep him posted. Then he gets going. Sonny looks worried. He knows Deimos could disappear in a heartbeat ...

At the club Val wishes she had not failed Eli, who insists he had the perfect life. She thinks he was the most perfect thing in her life. He wishes he had been able to know his real dad as a lad. She tells him that troubled David turned his back on her as well as Julie and his other son. She could not let the same to happen to her son and wonders if he can ever forgive her for her decision. Eli admits he has no answer and asks for time. He lets her know he is not trying to punish her but believed she was perfect. She cries she is a mom and thanks him for being honest. Eli exits ... Sonny and Paul meet up at the park. He bought a cooking set a la Wolfgang Puck for the kids gift. Paul notes Deimos did not make flight plans with the Kiriakis jet. Paul now gets a call from Steve who tracked Deimos to a chartered flight headed for Greece. Athens airport and he is an hour away waiting or takeoff. Now it is starting to make sense ... Eric has landed. He lets his waiting pilot know he has no idea what he is heading into and how long he will be gone. But he plans to come back ... Nicole opens the blue front door and asks a guard to help her get down some English books from a high shelf. He tells her to forget it. She shuts the door and sits sadly, remembering Brady. She feels he is not well and hopes he will be waiting by the time she escapes with Holly ... At the hospital Val updates Abe on Eli. She is happy he loves her still. Abe notes she should not have doubted it. She credits her mayor and Gabi for helping and hugs him ... Gabi is waiting for Eli at the square and assumes he is unhappy with her. She tells him about her own parental woes and babbles. Eli grabs her in a kiss for caring so much. However it will take time to mend fences with his mom. He grins they are good. Sonny and Paul arrive. Gabi thanks him for the gift and goes across the street to leave it at the party. Sonny and Paul asks the FBI to get involved in finding Nicole and Holly. They are convinced Deimos is going to take her and Holly away forever. Eli explains he cannot speculate to his superiors. Sonny states Deimos is obsessed with Nicole and knew where she was before. The she went missing with Xander and now Deimos is on his way to Greece. Sonny suggests the FBI catch him in the act before he succeeds in getting away with Nicole and Holly as his hostages. Then they can nail him! Gabi has come back and lets them knows she overheard their discussion about Deimos ... Val runs into Marlena at the hospital. The blonde can see from her face that it is bad for Brady. Val already put him on a donor list. Marlena gasps she has been unable to get to John ... Eli needs to keep the conversation confidential in case he opens an investigation.No problem. Gabi is all for them getting dastardly Deimos behind bars. Sonny and Paul wait for his answer ... Nicole comes up with an idea. She will give the guard outside lemonade. When she opens the blue door he turns around but that is no mercenary that is Eric! She drops the glass with a gasp. He plays it cool ...


Xander turns his troubling rage on Eric!
But there is another plan.


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, May 10