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Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Episode 13,083
Length:1520 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub a bald bloke is a rude guest and Joey informs him they close soon. He is waiting for his vanished party to pay the bill. The drunk wants to know if he is calling him a liar and refuses a taxi or to pay. Now what? ... Rafe has been interrogating Snake, who is tied to a chair at the station. Rafe wants the halo supplier name. His lips are sealed. Rafe sips his coffee. FBI Eli enters with another cuffed felon accused of selling halo. The snitch gets a deal. There can only be one! Snake yawns. The other guy pauses. Eli stares them both down ... Lani is getting sick in a bucket on her bed. Knock knock! She puts it on the floor when JJ appears and fibs she is feeling fine. He was worried. The girl with circles under her eyes agrees to keep him in her confidence and they hug. But her eyes are haunted ... Hope is happy to see Abigail with Thomas at the square. She is taking him to Jen's and going to visit Lani. She admits Chad is going on business. Hope smells trouble ... Chad is staring at a picture of the amulet when British butler Harold enters bearing bad news. His planned security guard had an accident on his way and is stable in hospital. No other man is willing to accompany him. Harold explains they have heard of the curse of the amulet. Chad scoffs. This DiMera does not believe in curses ... Snake tells the law he gets halo from a middleman in Chicago. He might not remember the name though. Eli hauls him out to have a look at mugshots. Rafe reasons the lesser guy will lose. The man claims Snake lied cos the halo comes from a Salem lab ... Chad decides to go get his amulet alone. Harold the butler believes that is not wise. Chad wonders about the box that just arrived. Harold replies tis the figurine he was to give Abigail at their vows renewal. Chad pauses ... Abigail is elusive with Hope though she admits her worry. She knows Chad would not listen to her anyway as they are not together. She takes Thomas to Jen's. Hope considers ... Joey hands the tough guy the bill and he slurs the drinks were on the house. Joey blocks him at the door. Enter cool Tripp. He asks if there is a problem. He has been around the block and wants to have his brother's back. He advises the drunk this is his problem too. The bloke takes a swing and Tripp twists his arm behind his back. He gives Joey his wallet. Joey takes the amount and Tripp shoves him out the door. Joey is impressed and wants to learn that move. He already knows rugby. The boys are roughhousing like brothers when Steve arrives ...

Meanwhile Jade comes to Kayla's office asking for a car to get to college classes on time. Kayla lets her know they will not get her a car and are cutting her out. She has but herself to blame ... Lani weakly wonders what Snake said. Abigail enters and JJ explains she is still recovering. Lani notes the nurse wants her to rest. JJ leaves after a sweet kiss. Abigail says to take care. One alone Lani huddles ... Chad is waiting for the plane to be ready when Hope shows up. He stands blocking her view of his pictures on the desk and denies hearing from father Stefano. She reminds him of her promise to look out for him and asks how he fares. Fine. She is sorry about Abigail and wonders where he is headed. She hopes he is not going after trouble. He demands to know what exactly Abigail told her. About a trip no more no less. He knows she is suspicious of his simple business trip but Hope senses something that does not follow the rule of law. She urges him to proceed with caution and not put himself in peril. He wonders if that is her friend side talking or the detective ... Abigail and JJ walk and talk with coffee in the park as crickets sing. She asks about his relationship with Lani. He will see how things go ... Lani is wincing in pain when Eli comes into her room. She swears him to secrecy ... Joey and Tripp exaggerate their story to impressed Steve. He reminds them fighting is risky. But the boys know he would do the same. Tripp was standing up for his brother and believes he likes to stand up for the underdog like his dad. Steve proudly agrees ... Kayla is aware that Jade's mother has been offering her the world. She has been lying about not having anyone or anything! She rages she used them to get close to Joey. They are done as friends and she is done as her doctor. Goodbye! Jade the loose cannon pauses. She warns her that Joey might not agree with her crossing her. Kayla soap stares. It is a not so subtle threat to expose his secret. Kayla wants to know if that is a threat. Jade denies it and is also in denial about losing Joey. She felt his love when she was with child. She only lied out of love and claims Kayla should understand ... Eli wants Lani to tell the doctor about her withdrawal. She refuses and wants to know what he is after. He asks if she can recall anything that fateful night she was drugged. It is about the halo distributor. Lani does not but will be back on the job soon to prove herself. Eli warns it would be premature in her condition and calls her a hero ... Chad is not listening. Hope asks what kind of man and father he would like to be. He says goodbye and she reminds him he can call should he need her. Chad puts down his briefcase and calls Abigail to meet him. At the square he blasts her for calling the cops ...

Steve and his sons share some chuckles. Joey goes out back. Steve tenderly thanks Tripp for taking care of little brother. One day he wants to return the favor. Joey emerges and Steve leaves to meet Kayla, teasing them both to be good. Tripp gushes he is starting to get his dad ... Jade just wants a chance. Kayla refuses. Jade rages she cannot keep her away from Joey. She warns he will choose her. Kayla counters she lost so move on and goodbye. The girl walks out and Kayla sits at her desk with a sigh ... Eli urges Lani to confide in partner JJ but she does not want him to hover and tell her to take a leave. Eli has seen them together. She tells him they might not be going anywhere and adds her personal talk is only a symptom of withdrawal. Eli agrees to say nothing and insists on staying when she writhes in pain ... Abigail insists she said nothing really and lets Chad know she will always love him and worry. But sometimes love just is not enough. He coldly replies she has no right to question what he does. Then he remembers the porcelain figurine he wanted to give her that was beautiful and fragile, symbolic of them. He laments he knocked it off the table and it accidentally broke. But it can be fixed like them. Abigail disagrees and he quietly departs ... Steve has yellow roses for sweetness at her office. He sneaks a kiss and updates her on Tripp's big step with Joe and with him. Kayla gets tense when he tells her things might work out. She mutters they might have a problem ... Jade has summoned Tripp to the park. She criticizes Kayla for being mean after she protected their family! Tripp deduces she is hiding a secret for them and implores her to enlighten him. Pause ... Hope returns to the station with food for Rafe, who is working late on the halo case. She mentions she has a plane to catch to Greece cos Chad could be in over his head. She plans to stop him. Rafe does not share her enthusiasm ... Chad cannot stop staring at the picture of the amulet. He puts Abigail's broken gift box on the table ... Kayla updates Steve on her words with Jade. Steve is on her side and assures her they will keep the family safe no matter what Jade says. They embrace but his eyes reflect his worry ... Tripp suspects the big secret is about Ava. Jade states it is nothing. Tripp tells her to hear out his theory and say nothing if he is right. He suspects Kayla killed Ava and Steve is covering. Jade smugly lies YES. Tripp looks ready to explode ...


Hope is right. Chad is in over his head.
But Abigail is wrong about their relationship.
It will be fixed.


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, May 9