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Monday, May 8, 2017
Episode 13,082
Length:1275 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
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Now without further ado ...


The phones are ringing off the hook at the hectic Salem station. Cool guy Dario arrives and asks new receptionist Abigail out for dinner ... At DiMera mansion Chad confirms to Kate that he is committed to getting the valuable amulet from Greece in person. He will beat Deimos to the middleman and already has a meeting arranged. Kate pouts. She cannot shake a feeling of doom and gloom. Meanwhile at the Kiriakis mansion, phone Deimos is postponing his meeting with the amulet middleman. He admits he is Greece bound but expects to be busy. After his call, Maggie alludes to being aware of his true intentions. Deimos cautiously waits for her to continue ... At the square, Eric updates Jen on Xander attending a card game in Athens. He must be somewhere nearby and reveals he intends to go to Greece. Sailor Moon Jen wants to come with. Eric disagrees due to the danger ... Xander taunts troubled Nicole, who is desperate to see Holly, that he has a nursery in his villa. She splatters his shirt through the cage ... Chad mocks Kate for believing in the curse of the amulet. She implies he is too important to fetch it himself and suggests he send another. Or at least take a bodyguard! Chad grumbles he has to update Abigail, who lives halfway across town now. Without her he feels the mansion is not a real home. Tis a painful time but he prevents Kate from speaking ill of his wife... Hopelessly devoted Dario explains he wants dinner to celebrate Abigail's new job, as a friend. After she accepts, Chad calls cos he has to tell her something in person ... Raging Xander removes his shirt. Nicole implores him to let her have Holly. He threatens to keep her away from Holly forever if she fails to behave ... Maggie thanks Deimos for going to Canada in the hopes of bringing Nicole home. He lies he wishes he had gotten to her before. She shudders at what happened to Brady. Deimos vows to find Nicole and convince her to come home. Maggie questions how he would take her rejection. Deimos smiles sincerely and claims to have no romantic expectations but he believes Nicole needs to come home where she belongs ... Nicole is out of the cage holding Holly as Xander enjoys his cocktail, lording like king of the island. He mocks Brady and admits he would not mind if he did not make it. He feels Nicole is not being herself with Brady and gives her the eye. Eric was a better match for her. Nicole admits she was unable to overcome that he killed Daniel while driving drunk. He concludes that she has not forgiven him for it ... Back in Salem, Eric would rather go on his Greek adventure alone. He does not want Jen involved in something so risky. She whispers to be careful. He swears her to secrecy and adds when he comes back they will have that date. Then he gives her a long look and slowly walks away like Indiana Jones ... Abigail was not expecting Chad to bring Thomas to her new workplace. He explains he must leave the country on business but will not say why. She assumes he is up to illegal dealings and gets tight lipped. However, when he offers her their son while he is away she happily accepts. She hopes Chad will be careful ... At the hospital Eric tells sleeping beauty Brady he is going to Greece. Brady is clearly not well and Eric can see he is getting worse by the second. Brady gasps his system was strained and it did not bode well for Daniel's heart ... Xander recalls Eric and Nicole got clooooose the time he locked them in the vent. He was convinced they would make it as a couple. Nicole asks when she can leave this island. He rages after he has his revenge. He is incensed that Brady and that beech Theresa turned the clan against him. Nicole warns him the Kiriakis men will catch up with him. He is counting on it and keeps drinking ...

Chad sulks at DiMera mansion as Abigail assumed the worst of him. Kate points out the part about him going after Deimos is noble but he did not tell her. She suggests he consider that the company needs more funds to be any kind of legacy for Thomas so he is doing the right thing. Chad complains the mansion is not much of a home without his Abigail in it ... At the square Dario and Abigail sit with Thomas as she tells him about her busy first day, her new start ... Xander is hoping for some respect. Nicole warns him Victor might kill him for shooting grandson Brady. She wonders whether Victor owns this very island. Xander snaps it is his and claims he had his own schemes and offshore accounts. She asks if he has an end game. Indeed ... Dario is at the square cafe with Abigail, confiding his plans to make his father's company as wonderful as he dreamed. But it will take time. Abigail seems relieved by his surface sincerity ... Brady tells his brother he has new medication but feels he might not make it. Eric tells him to stop talking like that. Brady gasps he knows arrest awaits and urges him to keep Nicole away from Salem once he finds her. He should use his money to move her far away. Eric wants to get Chloe to drop the charges. Brady thinks it is past that point ... but Nicole and Holly cannot return cos it would kill her to lose her little girl ... Dario takes Tomas on his lap as Abigail eats her dinner. Chad comes around the corner and soap stares at the sight. Then he slinks away as dangerous music plays ... Xander will not reveal his end game. Nicole hopes she does not have to go in the cage again. He leers she has to prove she will play by his rules on his private island. He notices she is good with her daughter and adds she can raise her cos he cannot stand kids. Nicole cringes ...

Dario and Abigail had a nice dinner. She smiles and uses the F word again. FRIENDS. Dario gushes he is fine being friends. She lets him know she is not in love with him again and questions whether he can handle that. He humors her with his words, his eyes gazing at her in wonder ... Chad is at the pub with Kate, drinking, complaining about what he came across. Kate notes there is nothing he can do about Dario and downs the olive from her martini. Chad wallows in self-pity and decides he and Abigail must be over ... Deimos pays sleeping patient Brady a visit. He leers he betrayed him with Nicole by loving and taking her away. But while he is dying he will get Nicole and Holly from Xander with his cooperation so Nicole will be with him. He boasts of his perfect plan ...Meanwhile Eric is on the jet with an even hotter lead. He tells the pilot about the private island where he wants to land ... Poor Nicole is back in the cruel cage. She begs for her baby. Maybe in the morning! Xander walks out with her. Nicole quietly vows as God as her witness she will get out, get Holly, and go back to Brady. She senses she will get her chance soon ...


The amulet will have the last laugh.


All the drama in Salem on Monday, May 8