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Friday, May 5, 2017
Episode 13,081
Length:1530 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Interrogator Hope confers over coffee with Rafe at the pub. They await Ciara and the new lad in her life. Jen arrives and gets an update. She and Rafe pity the poor boy who will have a hard time impressing protective mama Hope. Meanwhile the teens are at the loft. Theo and Wyatt play a game as the others watch. Jade is there as well despite having moved next door. Claire tells Ciara she is meeting a man from a record company who could make her a star. She is elated that Wyatt is meeting Hope since it sounds like Ciara is serious about him ...Brady appeals to his brother to find Nicole and Holly, bring them home to him. His blue eyes plead from his hospital bed. Eric replies he could never locate Nicole before the law but Brady believes differently. All of a sudden he winces from a heart twinge ... Far away on a Greek island surrounded by sharks, Nicole has hit Xander on the head, breaking a crystal vase. He goes down and she grabs Holly. She runs into the next pretty room and realizes there are guards at every window every door. She searches for a phone ... After his heart twinge Brady gasps pleaaaaaase. Eric cannot refuse and declares he will do it. He realizes this is his chance at redemption to somehow make things more right in Nicole's world without Daniel ...

Nicole finally finds a phone and tries to dial. Xander howls like a wild animal and demands to know where the hell she went. She hides behind a wall and he hobbles outside. Nicole breathes a sigh of relief. Now back to that phone ... Jade is catty with Ciara who gets catty right back. Jaded Jade leaves still not having been able to find her favorite curling iron. Claire cackles she has been using the missing curling iron and wants to discuss her new music with bff Ciara ... Once they are alone in the living room, Theo warns Wyatt about meeting Rafe with Hope. He had better not blow his cover with the detective duo. Wyatt starts to sweat ... Back at the pub Jen wants Hope to drop the detective when she meets nice boy Wyatt. Hope asks her cousin about her own love interest Eric. Jen and Rafe notice the pivot but Jen is pleased to reply all is well. She blushes and Rafe enjoys the banter. All of a sudden Jen gets a text about Brady. They are shocked ... Eric gives Brady some hospital holy water. Brady drinks. He gasps he has got the pilot waiting and thanks him profusely. Eric promises to be in touch. He has his brother's back. Always ... Brady flashes back to him and Nicole professing their love ... Far away Nicole is having trouble with the phone signal as she knows not where she is. Zanimal stands over her and snatches away the phone. Holly cries and he leers she made a big mistake ... At the pub Hope and Rafe are horrified that Xander walks the earth and almost killed Brady. Before they can continue Ciara arrives with stars in her eyes and her fella at her side - Wyatt, who tries too hard and heaps compliments on Hope. Hope asks about his hobbies. He stammers he likes the Cubs. Rafe does too ... Princess Claire comes back from her meeting and needs a hug from Theo. It did not go well ... Jen heads to the hospital and asks to see the Salem patient. Val replies he already has a visitor. Eric emerges and explains he has to go somewhere. Jen does the math and advises him against going after Xander the dangerous. Anyway Nicole kidnapped the baby so he could be accused of aiding and abetting. Eric emotionally explains he has to do this for Dan. Alas he has no idea where Xander and Nicole could be ... Nicole finds out she is on Zanimal's private Greek island surrounded by sharks. Holly cries so he takes her. Nicole implores him not to hurt her. He sighs he would not hurt a baby for he is no monster. However he will have to punish his misbehaving guest. Nicole cringes. He gets a glint in his eye and grins he is going to put her where she belongs. In a creepy cage ...

Back at the loft Claire laments the record company man said was good but not ready. She is upset cos so many other singers were stars at her age. Theo gushes she is the most talented girl ... Wyatt eagerly exclaims he loves the pub and would love Ciara's offer of a tour. Hope watches and worries. Rafe knows he sounds rehearsed and assumes he wants to impress Ciara, hence the trying too hard. Hope thinks he sounds like he could be too good to be true. Rafe makes light of it until she points out he would be protective about Gabi. He agrees they can check him out together. If he passes then they can welcome him to the family. Hope mutters that sounds like the mafia and grows suspicious when she hears the young couple laughing ... Eric and Jen confer with coffees at square. She wants to be part of his mission. Eric disagrees but Jenny has already made up her Sailor Moon mind ... Rafe gets a call from the boss that makes him grimace. He hates having to do this. However better him than someone else ...Meanwhile Wyatt is praising the pie. Rafe excuses himself on a work matter. Hope wonders. Wyatt wants to pick up the tab for best meal and the best company he has had in a long time. He walks away and Ciara gushes he is so great. Hope sighs and hopes she will go slow with her Mr. Wonderful. Agreed They pinky swear ... Eric and Jen are calling contacts for any word on Xander ... Back on the Greek island, Zanimal has Nicole locked in a fancy cage he had made just for her. Nicole is disgusted. He is smug he was smart enough to have the foresight to come up with something to contain her. He likes her in the cage and she cries for her baby. Holly needs to be taken care of! He replies she is with the nanny. He is now using Holly as leverage to keep her in line ...

Rafe enters Brady's room. Brady is in bad shape, and weakly asks what is up. Rafe sighs he has to ask him about Nicole. He hates that he has been ordered to arrest him for his involvement with fugitive Nicole who is a baby abductor in the eyes of the law ...Claire cuddles with Theo and thanks him for making her feel better. He assures her she is a star and they kiss. Then he heads out for their rocky road ice cream as Jade arrives. Jade wants a snack and opens the fridge. She can see Claire been crying. Claire complains about the record guy and Jade insists he was wrong. She likes her singing and mentions her s-e-x tape idea again. Claire laughs it off ... Jenny will not give up and tells Eric she has two more contacts. Eric thanks her for her help. They are in this together. She takes the now empty cups to the garbage and Eric calls one more contact hoping for a miracle ... Xander enjoys rattling Nicole, who rattles her cage. She apologizes and asks him to do the right thing and let her and her baby go. He laughs cruelly and leaves her to do some soul searching ... Rafe reminds Brady that he gave a statement. Raines went over his statement. Brady gasps he was in a hurry as he wanted to help find Nicole. Rafe explains they are now working with the Manitoba police. There is nothing more. Brady becomes agitated and suddenly stops breathing. Beeeeeeep goes his machine. Dr. Val races in and orders Rafe out as she checks the vitals ... At the pretty park Wyatt is with Ciara and they talk about how it went. He asks her to be exclusive oooooooo. She excitedly agrees and he leans in for a kiss. Theo happens by and glares daggers at his studied Romeo ...Claire claims she would never be able to make such a tape. Jade notes she needs to get attention and could make it tasteful. Claire reconsiders her road to stardom ... Eric calls Bruno, an old poker competitor of Xander and wonders whether he has heard from him lately. He has indeed ... Nicole weeps Holly needs her. She hears her baby crying nearby and calls out to her mommy is heeeeeeere ... Val crossly tells Rafe that Brady coded, She wonders what he said. Rafe admits he was about to arrest him. Not on her watch! Val solemnly states Brady's body is starting to reject his transplant. There is no guarantee he will live to see another day ...


Chad starts to act like he is under a spell.


All the drama in Salem on Friday, May 5