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Thursday, May 4, 2017
Episode 13,080
Length:1520 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the pub Steve the romantic has a yellow rose for sweetness. He gushes he loves his lady. Kayla smiles and gets a call from Tripp, who is sitting at the tulips in the park. He summons her to a meeting and adds not to bring Steve but to come alone. She agrees ... Eric runs into Chloe at the town square. She tells him she just returned from New York and remains upset that Holly has not been found. Eric hopes she has considered what he said the last time they spoke, his suggestion of a compromise. Chloe sighs ... Sonny stares down Deimos at the hospital. Deimos innocently insists he is very concerned about Brady and had no idea Xander was alive. Sonny suspects he was the one who told Xander where to find Brady and Nicole and says so. In addition he senses Deimos has known all along that Xander was alive ... P.I. Paul is in Brady's room and informs him that Tate is doing well with Maggie at the moment. Marlena and Victor are on their way. Brady gasps he has got to get to Nicole. Paul assures him they are already on the case. Enter Marlena the emotional healer. She is shocked that he was shot. Brady blames Xander. The blonde blinks ... Drugged Nicole wakes up from a looooong sleep in a lovely bed. The decor in her room does not look American. Xander approaches with Holly in his arms and a cheery good morning. Nicole wants her baby back and threatens to kill him. He hands her over and quips he does not want to be a sitter anyway. Nicole had assumed that Deimos shot him and he died in the river. Xander muses most people who are swept away by the Salem river survive. He lists her latest crimes to remind her that she is no angel herself. Nicole warns him Brady is going to come for her ... Paul tells Marlena the story of how he and Sonny came to find Brady at the Canadian cabin. Brady gasps he has to go to Nicole and tries to sit up. He coughs instead. Marlena notes he needs to rest. He has lost a great deal of blood and has a collapsed lung. Such things could put stress on his heart. She turns to Paul, hoping he will track down John and humors Brady ... Kayla is off to meet Tripp and promises to tell Steve what he says ... Deimos spins his story to Sonny, who suspects he has gone too far in an attempt to get Nicole again. Deimos dismisses his claim that he is obsessed with a woman who does not want him. He smoothly states he will find her ... Sonny now tells Paul he knows for a fact that Deimos did something. Paul plans to enlist assistance from John as well as Steve. Marlena suggested it. All of a sudden Victor arrives, enraged...

Xander claims Brady might not make it. Nicole is horrified to hear it. The madman reminds her she is at his mercy now. Nicole soap stares ... Victor walks into Brady's room. Marlena excuses herself to check on Tate. The Greek grandfather growls he does not get why Brady wants to keep rescuing that woman! Brady loves her. Victor quips that must be the pain killers talking. Brady brings up even Victor taking risks for a woman he loved. Victor pauses. Perhaps. But now he is only preoccupied with keeping him out of prison ... Chloe will only say she will consider Eric's advice of cooperation. Ring ring! Tis mama Marlena calling about Brady being hospitalized. He is on his way. Chloe frantically follows ... At the peaceful park Tripp meets with Kayla and takes out the police file where he found the details of what happened just before Ava met her end. He is not happy that Steve and Kayla conveniently made no mention of the fact that she was said to have tried to kill herself at Kayla's home ... At the pub Paul asks Steve to keep an eye on Deimos and track Xander with his contacts. Steve agrees and they shake on it the way cool P.I.s do ... Nicole has harsh words for her captor when he mocks Daniel. Deimos interrupts with a phone call, which Xander answers in the presence of the peeved prisoner. Delusional Deimos declares he plans to mount a dramatic rescue of the hostage so make sure she will be glad to see him. Xander agrees with a diabolical glint in his eye ... Chloe is in Brady's room with Eric and Brady tells her what happened. Chloe is horrified to hear that Zanimal has the baby she considers her own. Eric is aghast. Brady is close to tears. Eerie music plays in the background ...

Kayla explains she did not feel the need to trouble Tripp with the details of his misguided mother's demise. He is ready to hear about the overdose so she tells him about Ava injecting herself with morphine ... At the hospital Sonny tells Victor he thinks Deimos started this and he vows to prove it ... Nicole finds out she is on a Greek island. She cries over Brady. Xander says to stop for he is alive although certainly unable to come all the way here. Nicole believes others will find them and law enforcement will suspect Xander, who did not die. She wonders how he got the money and the air transport. Xander boasts he has come up and can do anything in his land. Nicole nervously pauses ... Chloe flies at Brady for endangering Holly. Marlena escorts her out of the room. Brady is bothered he did not see this coming and told Nicole he would protect her. Eric's eyes mirror his worry. A tall cop enters with questions, He announces Brady is under investigation for aiding and abetting Nicole. Brady sighs as Eric stands silently in support ... Tripp coldly asks Kayla if she hated his mother. Kayla replies she made her angry but there was no hate. Tripp seems to scoff. Kayla does not notice and suggests he give Steve a chance ... Eric informs the cop that his brother was shot and is in no condition to be bothered like this. He wants to get him a lawyer but Brady wants to talk now so they can find Nicole faster. He tells the lawman everything. Eric remains and a frown creases his brow. Xander now has Nicole and Holly. Eric has not forgotten the time he locked them in the vent to die ... Deimos tells Victor how sorry he is about what happened to Brady. Victor suggests Sonny step away to summon Justin to the hospital to be Brady's lawyer. He rages at Deimos for claiming Xander was no longer alive. And if Brady does not survive ... Deimos smoothly states he will deal with Xander. Victor soap stares. If looks could kill ... Xander acts like he wants to make Nicole marry him. Nicole fails to notice his demeanor is not that of a man obsessed but a man on someone's payroll ...

Paul and Sonny update each other outside. Sonny insists they have to reach Nicole and Holly before Deimos gets there. He senses he would snatch them away forever ... Chloe approaches Deimos and laments she is begging this devil to help find her child. He smirks ... Nicole makes nice and asks puffed up Xander to give her a tour of his abode. Perhaps lata. She notes Holly needs a new diaper so he leaves for a few nappies. However he warns her there are guards everywhere. As soon as he steps out Nicole starts to plan her and Holly's great escape ... Meanwhile at the hospital Marlena calls the ISA asking how to reach Agent John Black as his son was shot. She is shocked to learn no one knows where he is ... Back at the pub Steve hears what Tripp asked Kayla and how she answered him, how he reacted, feeling better about Steve. He thanks her and hopes this means a fresh start for their family ... Tripp calls cousin Angelo the mobster announcing Kayla was the one who killed his mom ... Chloe is happy to hear that Deimos will bring Holly and Nicole back to Salem ... Salem patient Brady is terrified what Xander might do to Nicole and Holly. He begs brother Eric to find them before it is too late. He knows he has insight into Xander's dangerous mind ... Xander puts the nappies on the bed, where Nicole has placed Holly. Nicole asks for formula and knocks off the nappies. She asks him to pick them up for her. Xander bends over and she breaks a crystal vase over his head. He falls to the floor and Nicole heads for the door holding Holly, unaware that there is no easy escape from this Greek island...


Hear ye hear ye Tis Eric's destiny to be Nicole's hero!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, May 4