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Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Episode 13,079
Length:1577 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Roman opens the pub and Jen and Eric are there to help. Jen gushes she is grateful they got to host the fundraiser here. Eric updates her on the 8000 they made for the center. Roman praises the pair as a team ... At the club, Myron boasts about his latest hack. He wants the go ahead and Dario tells him to proceed, as a tribute to his papa's big dreams ... Woman in white Hope is happy to meet Rafe on a day off at the square. He informs her he needs to share a family meal with his siblings. Hope hopes to see him after and is surprised when he invites her. Rafe reasons she feels like family too. They kiss ... At the hospital Marlena thanks Gabi for the photos of dear little Arianna for the fridge. Colorful Julie thanks Dr. Val and cuts their conversation short. Now Val and vision in red Marlena leave for lunch. Julie faces Gabi with a grimace ... Snake threatens to shoot Lani dead if she does not take the drugs. Done and she starts to cough. He sarcastically wishes her sweet dreams. JJ busts in with a FREEZE, his gun drawn. Snake continues his sarcasm and holds Lani with a gun to her head. She is now his hostage... Gabi insists Julie faked her heart attack symptoms. Julie counters she is a con just like her father. Soon Eli will see her for what she is. Gabi threatens to expose her for faking the attack. Julie grins and goes on her way ... Snake has the upper hand. Lani gasps about the triple halo dose she downed. JJ puts his gun down as ordered by Snake. Lani struggles as he tries to take her away and JJ makes his move, getting him in a chokehold. Lani staggers to the bathroom to throw up the halo. JJ urges her to hurry ... At the square cafe Jen and Eric toast their success with iced tea. They discuss how he has helped others. Eric looks forward to the next fundraiser. Victor Kiriakis growls how dare he ... The club is a tad tense at the lunch table of Dario, Gabi, Rafe and Hope. Rafe has two places set for the missing parents. He tries to make peace with petulant Dario, who blames him for their father languishing behind bars ... Raines arrives with backup as JJ punches the daylights out of Snake. JJ gets Lani from the bathroom. Cool Raines talks tough and sends smug Snake away with the two cops. He urges JJ to hurry as he helps Lani off for help. At least she had the satisfaction of telling smug Snake he was under arrest. However, her eyes are hollow as hell ...

Hope has something to say at the table of Hernandez. She refuses to let Dario blame his brother for doing his job, upholding his cop oath. She points out he too is in pain and she is proud of the good man he is. Gabi appreciates it and tells Dario she is there for all the family, which means any fight with Rafe will be a fight with her ... Abe joins Val and Marlena for lunch at the pub. Roman greets the dapper mayor. Marlena asks Val about Eli. She is hoping. Abe gets a text about Lani being taken to the hospital unconscious and leaves with Val ... Victor sips his strong coffee from an expensive china cup and blasts Eric for having fun after Dan's death. He then turns on Jen for not honoring his memory either. He is appalled. Eric stands up and decides the time has come to stand up to the patriarch. Jen watches wide-eyed ... Leather jacket Dario lets Rafe know they can agree to disagree and continue the meal. They thank God and Hope makes the sign of the cross. Dario and Gabi tease her about her intentions. Gabi wonders whether she will make Rafe an honest man. Hope looks to Rafe and explains she wants to be happy with him for as long as ... he will have her. Rafe puts his arm around her. Dario thinks the heartfelt declaration deserves a real drink. Gabi explains he ordered straight shots, They each get a glass and toast to the familia. Down the hatch! Hope gags and gasps. Dario has something else in store. Hope gets the pickled worm. She is cheered on and swallows it ... Marlena updates Roman after a call with the hospital. Lani ODed. Roman sighs it was Snake the drug dealer. Marlena feels for Abe. It brings back memories of Eric. Roman thinks Jen is good for him but Marlena reminds him they were both addicts together. The girl who was not good for her son then will not be good for him now ... Eric assures Victor that Daniel the great is always on his mind. He was his friend. Victor heckles him. Eric states he cannot bring him back. The Greek growls he would never forgive him for driving drunk. Eric explains Dan would approve of him trying to help others and hopes Victor can somehow find his peace. Jen quietly agrees ...Val assures anxious Abe that the stomach was pumped but pretty patient Lani is agitated on her hospital bed. JJ wishes they could stop it. Val explains they have to wait it out and keep her in the restraints. Abe blames himself. Lani cries out like a lost soul and they both try to make her feel better ...

Val later updates them that Lani had a great deal of the drug and talks treatment. JJ is filled with a feeling of dread for her future ... Roman sits with Marlena and points out Jen is attending meetings. Marlena agrees, though she feels protective of Eric. Roman suggests she give the girl another chance cos she and Eric could fall in love. Jen is someone who can get through to him and that counts. Marlena considers ... Jen gets what Eric has been going through. He wants them to have a real dinner date sometime. She would like that. He helps her stand by taking her hand. They both smile and go their separate ways ... At the club the clan are laughing about Hope with the worm. Gabi takes her aside to show her pictures. Dario and Rafe laughingly remember when they stole a taxi cab as kids. But then big brother took the heat for them both. Rafe is relieved Dario is no longer a hellion ... Hope feels her teeth burning. Gabi informs her her brothers have never downed the worm. Hope laughs and thanks the girl with a hug, in no mood to judge anyone. However, when she turns back to look at the table she cannot help but notice happy hacker Myron muttering something to Dario. Something serious ... Raines arrives and asks about his detective. Abe unhappily updates him and tries to be positive. JJ too. Raines respectfully explains they found the six missing hookers in a warehouse but Snake had them so hooked on halo their will was gone. He took all their money and had them dry out only to start again. Mayor Abe is mad Lani was allowed to get involved. JJ calls her a hero. Thanks to her the six women were saved. Abe cries he is proud but he cannot lose her ... Hope finds out from Gabi that Myron is Dario's tech genius. Reliable Rafe returns to her side. She is seeing Julie soon and he smiles to text him after. Hope thanks the brothers and teases she will bring the worms next time. Then she kisses Rafe and goes with a giggle ...Eric is back at the pub smiling about the beautiful day. Roman wonders. Eric thinks the future looks bright and carries out a big box ... Marlena calmly asks for a word with Jen at the park. It is about Eric. Small Jen looks up at the soap goddess. Marlena brings up her future with Eric, the fact that she feels a relationship between them would not be wise, though she would never interfere. Jen gets it. Marlena adds she will always appreciate how she got Eric to come home. As a mother Jen understands and assures her things are good between them. Marlena thanks her. Jen goes on her way and the blonde gets a call. She is horrified to hear that Brady has been shot ... At the pub. Hope ends a call asking for details on a certain someone's criminal record as Julie sits at her table. Hope asks if she knows anything about Myron, who works for Dario. Nothing. Hope sighs he has a rap sheet. Julie is not surprised and wonders what if Dario is as criminal as Ed was? Hope laments that would ruin Rafe. Meanwhile Rafe, Dario and Gabi happily toast to family and love in Spanish. But love, unlike family, makes no promises ... JJ sits at Lani's bedside and tells her she has to make it through this. For her father and for him. They need her. Lani seems to see some demons that are not there and lets out a scream to wake the soap dead ...


Brady gives Eric a chance at real redemption.
Nicole is unable to escape!


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, May 3