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Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Episode 13,078
Length:1220 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Steve and Joey have coffee outside. They had father-son plans to see a Cubs game tonight but that was before the dramatic dinner with Tripp. Steve sadly states his other son is being haunted by the ghost of Ava ... Tripp grimaces as he gets what is supposed to be the last box of Jade's things from the loft. She asks why so grumpy. He repeats what she said earlier and asks who exactly Steve is protecting ... At DiMera mansion Chad is aware of a major artifact acquisition that would get revenge on Deimos. He updates Kate ... Outside Jen runs into Abigail, who is anxious about her first day on the job ... Lani is at the station on her phone planning a secret meeting. JJ arrives and suggests Snake has been getting his girls on drugs. He has been investigating and steps away on a call. Raines arrives and Lani does not lie to the boss. Snake called and wants to meet her asap ... Joey pouts his guilt feels like a prison. It is not fair for his father to have to ruin his relationship with Tripp. Steve blames himself for letting Ava the loon back into their lives He breaks down and Joey breaks down with him. He gets emotional and tells him he will never forget it. Steve sadly states one day he hopes to help Tripp too ... Raines fears Lani is foolishly walking into a trap. She persists. He wants JJ to be her backup but she refuses. Raines will be her backup then and he will not take no for an answer ... Abigail did it her way and Jen is proud. Jen offers to take Thomas for the morning and take him to the mansion later as Abigail arranged with Chad ... Back at DiMera mansion Chad and Kate discuss an old amulet from Ramses that could be magical. It is valued at 20 million dollars. Chad thinks they can intercept it from Deimos. However there is a catch. Said amulet has a curse! Kate cackles. Soap divas don't believe in curses.Chad explains most recently the amulet was buried for 50 years in England as the three Englishmen who found it all met with disaster. Even their families and descendants were not spared. Kate cares not and wants it now. Chad notes Andre might not agree but Kate does not give a damn ... Soulful Steve sits with Jen and Thomas at the square and admits things are not well between him and his new son. Jen is sympathetic ... Meanwhile Jade insists she only meant that Steve was trying to protect his family. She tells Tripp it might be best not to know his parents' story. Tripp, however, needs more information and he knows exactly where to get it ...

Abigail is stapling at the station. JJ welcomes her. She gives him reports to fill out and refuses to finish them for him like the last receptionist. JJ lets his sister know he knows that Lani has been lying to him. That is why he put a tracker on her phone, just in case she goes to Snake. Abigail worries JJ might jump into something without thinking ... Steve pours his heart out to Jen. At least Tripp was getting closer to Kayla. Jen sighs she is heartbroken for Thomas for his folks are not together. One can only love them through the tough times. Steve gets it ... Phone Chad wants to arrange a meeting so he can get the amulet before it reaches the Kiriakis group in Greece ... Lani is all wired up. Raines will be nearby. He tells her the code if she needs him and urges her to get Snake to confess ... JJ has a listening device back at the station. Abigail fears for him but he thinks being a hero is in his job description. He swears his sister to secrecy ... Jen brings Thomas to Chad and tells him Abigail has a new job at the Salem P.D. Chad looks like he has been slapped and then forces a smile ... Tripp goes to the station looking for details on his mom's death. Abigail is elated to meet her new cousin ... Lani is alone with Snake in his room at the Salem Inn. She coos she wants some clients but first tell her how come she blacked out before. JJ has a bad feeling she is blowing her cover ...Chad is disappointed Abigail did not come and criticizes the back and forth sharing of their small son. Jen agrees. She assures him Abigail has no feelings for Dario. She knows she will come back to Chad in the end. Give her time to be independent ... Abigail has made Tripp a public case file copy. He takes a look and wonders why Ava was in the hospital when it happened. Abigail knows the answer and informs him Ava attempted to end her life and frame Kayla. Kayla stopped her and rushed her to the hospital instead. But then Ava accused her of trying to kill her. Tripp thinks there might be something to that story ... At the loft Jade lets Joey know she might have slipped up to Tripp ... Lani flirts and wants to know what was in the champagne. Snake states something to take the edge off. Raines and JJ both wish she would end her dangerous game. Raines orders her to stop. But still she probes. Snake shows her his stash of the highly addictive Halo. He wants her to have some. She flirts she does not need to forget. Snake tells her she has no choice. Oh oh. Lani already has what she needs but how to get out?! Jump Street JJ listens helplessly ...

Joey panics about what Jade told Tripp. She enlightens him and he believes it is bad. She coos she can keep covering for him as she loves him and flounces out feeling empowered ... Chad is reading a book when Abigail arrives at the mansion bearing Thomas' stuffed bunny. He asks about her new job. She admits it was busy. He apologizes for going at it with Dario and adds they have to do right by Thomas. Abigail agrees ... Raines is listening and he is worried. Lani asks to meet some of the girls. Raines shouts at her to get out. Snake starts to get suspicious and slaps her, then rips the wire from her body. Lani is in the worst kind of trouble now without any backup outside the room ... At the square Steve ends a call with Kayla about the coffee she needs and tells baby he would do anything for her. Tripp stares from the shadows, holding the file on his mother's demise. He does the murky math in his mind ... Chad romantically states he will wait for Abigail for she is the only woman he loves and always will ... Raines calls for backup at Salem Inn stat! Snake whips out his gun and orders Lani to take three pills of Halo. She gasps she will overdose. He is counting on it ...


Jump Street JJ to the rescue!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, May 2