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Monday, May 1, 2017
Episode 13,077
Length:1370 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Gabi rips up a paper napkin, frustrated about Abigail. Eli is sitting with her at the square with red wine. He sympathizes and then he kisses her. Chad stops in his tracks ... Abigail is about to call Chad ... Sonny and Paul meet with the employee who helped Deimos. When he refuses to cooperate Sonny pulls a gun a la Kiriakis, demanding to know where his boss is. Paul's eyes widen ... Nicole begs Xander not to harm her baby. He would not harm a baby but points his gun at her as Brady writhes on the floor, surprised he is not dead. Xander declares he and Nicole have business that has yet to be finished ... Chad turns off his phone and interrupts Eli and Gabi, who decide to leave. But FBI Eli has to take a work call first. Chad asks about Gabi getting serious with the guy ... Abigail mutters to herself and Dario appears. She updates him on his sister smooching with Eli. She said she was moving on and told her to try again with Chad. Dario wonders if she really will ... Sonny gets no answer and talks tougher. The employee admits he met Deimos at the airport with an address. Sonny deduces it is for Nicole and demands it. When he gets it he and Paul hurry out together ... The gash in Brady's side makes him hyperventilate helplessly on the floor as Nicole begs Xander to call for help. He gives no damn if Brady will die and hopes he will suffer. Brady tries to stand and he knocks him on the head with the gun. Nicole screams. Xander makes for the door with Holly and takes Nicole with him ... Outside the club, Abigail tells Dario she decided not to talk to Chad in the last minute. There is no more marriage. He tells her to be happy and they sit on a bench. Dario probes. Abigail sighs she feels she has no choice as Eli is only Gabi's rebound, she will not forget Chad so easily. She complains Gabi has a better connection with Chad so she has let him go out of love. She wants to be loved with someone's whole heart ... Gabi suggests Chad stay away and go be a good husband. He woefully walks away and she sips her red wine ... Deimos visits the employee, who nervously finds out he has not been to Nicole yet. He says Sonny and Paul have arrived in town. Deimos shouts to take orders only from him. He is dismayed to hear he gave them the address as Sonny had a gun on him. Deimos suddenly decides he can use this situation so the employee is spared ... Brady is out cold and Xander tells Nicole she curses all men. She cries to Brady she is sorry and Xander insists she leave with him. Holly cries her heart out as Brady is left to die ...

Gabi remembers her old romance with Chad and her best friend with the baby who was married to him. He had once said he had to stay away. Back to reality. Eli arrives and Gabi changes her mind about spending time together. FBI Eli suspects she wanted to make Chad jealous before. She sighs she needs more time to forget her feelings. Eli is a patient man and does not mind ... At the club Dario and Abigail enjoy a drink together. Kate is working in the distance and invites Chad to the club to talk business when she spies the sweet scene ... Deimos heads to a room, where Xander awaits. The Kiriakis wild card assures him he accomplished his mission. He smiles with Holly in his arms. Deimos smiles too ... Dario is charming Abigail with talk of his singing and they discuss the club dance off that is planned. She teases him for misleading her about his dancing ability and he apologizes. She states she does not want to lead him on. He gathers she just wants to be friends and accepts that, though he hopes for more. They toast as Chad enters. The young DiMera stares darkly ... Xander updates Deimos that chloroformed Nicole is in his car trunk. However he shot Brady who might die. Deimos seems smug about that, then states they have a hiccup to deal with as Sonny and Paul are in town. He cackles they still think Xander is dead though he is his loyal employee. Now he orders him to take Nicole and Holly to that private island in Greece. Then he will rescue her like a hero. Xander warns him the girl loves Brady ... Sonny and Paul race into the cabin and find Brady on the floor. Sonny attends to screaming Tate as Paul crouches by Brady and calls for an ambulance. Brady remains unconscious and has lost a lot of blood ...

Eerie sounds are heard as obsessed Deimos decides Nicole only thinks she loves Brady. He will be her new hero soon. Xander hopes he will not get rid of him. Deimos values loyalty. So he says. But if Nicole or Holly are harmed, he will show no mercy ... Brady has been hospitalized and Sonny and Paul are at his side. Brady gasps Xander lives and tries to sit up. They tell him to stay put since he has lost a lot of blood. He wants Nicole and Holly found ... Gabi teases Eli about why he has no Mrs. Grant. He muses he has not met the right girl but he respects women as his mama taught him. However he is still furious she hid his real father from him. Gabi has high praise for Val the good and kind mother. They enjoy their red wine and candid conversation ... Chad asks Abigail for a word alone. She is busy. He presses and Dario calls him out for being bossy and running around with another woman. The two bucks face off. Abigail tries to stop the situation from escalating when raging Chad grabs his rival ... Eli asks Gabi for another date. She makes a joke and then asks what kind of date. He mentions the dance off at the club. He gets some music on his phone and dares her to show her moves. He takes her by the hand in the moonlight and she twirls into him ... Dario taunts Chad he wants two women! Abigail and Kate break it up and Kate escorts Chad away, insisting it is best he leave ... Paul has provided Canadian law enforcement with Xander's description. Deimos arrives and lies he heard Nicole was in town but by the time he got there she was long gone and Brady was shot. Sonny and Paul tell him that Xander shot him. Deimos plays innocent and acts like he assumed Zanimal was dead. Paul questions his curious timing. Brady stares suspiciously from his bed. Deimos pretends to panic about Nicole being with dangerous Xander somewhere. They have to find her! Brady struggles to stand ... Gabi and Eli have a grand time dancing at the square. They each claim they won and hug. She gushes he is a winner ... Chad accuses Kate of arranging for him to see Abigail with Dario. She concludes Abigail moved on and smoothly suggests he do the same ... Abigail does not want to cause trouble for Dario. He accepts they are friends unless she ever tells him otherwise. Forever her faithful friend. She thanks him and sighs she should head home. He says to be safe and she exits. Dario now remembers their private dance once upon a time. Back to reality. He clears the glasses from the table ... Deimos offers his resources for the search and Sonny gets sarcastic, suspicious about his vengeful intentions. Deimos denies wanting revenge. He insists he wants only to make things right and bring Nicole home to properly try to get custody of Holly. He plans to rescue them. Brady gasps he actually wants him to trust him? Deimos declares he is their only option ...


More twists to come ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, May 1