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Friday, April 28, 2017
Episode 13,076
Length:1270 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eli and Gabi continue their long passionate kiss at the park. Abigail arrives and turns to leave but makes a noise. Meanwhile Sonny wants Paul to let him bribe a charter owner who knows something. P.I. Paul wants to do it. Sonny will get the money then ... Nicole and Brady pillow talk. They feel like they are in heaven but hell has arrived! Mr. Hell accidentally steps on a toy car that makes a sound. Brady and Nicole sit up in bed. The masked man in black hides ... Joey runs into Jade on his way to a family dinner. She assures him she is almost all moved out with the exception of a few items in the kitchen. He states her leaving is for the best and keeps going. Jade mumbles it is not best for her and promises herself one day he will love her as much as she loves him ... At the pub, Kayla hugs Steve, who is nervous about the family dinner. Tripp and Joe will be together at the same table. Steve sighs Tripp cannot stand him. Kayla tells him Tripp will come around for the man she loves and they kiss. Enter Tripp, taken aback by their display of affection ... Back in Canada Brady believes Tate sneaked out of bed. He finds the toy car in the dark living room and returns to Nicole. Mr. Hell steps out from the shadows and raises his gun with evil intent... FBI Eli excuses himself to take a call. Abigail asks Gabi about her dating her new cousin. Gabi reminds her she was the one who set them up in the first place. Abigail insists she left Chad so he could be with her. Gabi sternly states that is not ever going to happen. Chad has always been hopelessly devoted to his wife so she should stop imagining and go back to her husband, where she belongs ... Tripp interrupts the super couple kiss. Joey sits down after him, noting he heard he helped Roman. Kayla is convinced Tripp would be a good doctor. Joey wants him to know he would need an undergrad degree before medical school. Tripp grins he got his undergrad degree from Arizona state. He appreciates the encouragement from Steve and Kayla and will consider ... Brady is back with Nicole and both kids are said to be asleep. Nicole is hungry. He offers to cook Italian and they go to the kitchen to get the pasta party started. Mr. Hell listens from the living room. Brady is ready to boil ...

Tripp brings up the topic of Ava at the pub table. He wishes he would have been able to hear her stories as Steve has been telling his stories. He suddenly stands up and tells pops he cannot be around the man who murdered his mom. Kayla goes after him ... Sonny soon gets an update from his partner. Paul the popular ex baseball star got the pilot to talk by presenting him with a couple of autographs. A man matching Deimos' description was flown to Manitoba, Canada. A grayish man with a scar was waiting. Sonny suspects it was an employee from Titan who has the same scar ... Brady and Nicole eat and discuss their wonderful Canadian life. She wants a dog as she has fond memories of the late Pookie. Holly cries so she goes to check on her, asking Brady to clean up ... Gabi informs Abigail that she was only Chad's substitute girl anyway and Abigail is the one that he wants. Abigail complains about his illegal dealings with Kate. Gabi thinks being a bit illegal is not a big deal. She praises Chad for trying his best. Abigail is not interested if he has to try and want her ... Kayla catches up with Tripp outside. She tells him she feels like a friend and asks what Steve could do to make things right. Tripp weeps his mom is dead. He knows she did awful things. Kayla replies she forgave her. Tripp is sorry about it all but cannot let it go that his own father murdered his mother. It is too far from his comfort zone to even consider ... Sonny calls up Lyle, the lying Titan employee who was waiting for Deimos. Sonny convinces him Victor is enraged about it but he can help if he tells him why Deimos went to Manitoba. Or else Victor will be madder. Lyle sighs it was not Titan business. It was about the broad and the kid. Deimos wanted to go there and get them ... Back in chaotic Canada Nicole looks for Holly and sees Mr. Hell holding the baby in one hand, his loaded weapon aimed at her in the other. She gasps he must be working for Deimos and wonders who he is, as his face is concealed by a ski mask ... Gabi advises Abigail to stop playing God. The sitter calls so she steps away to take it. Eli returns. He hopes Abigail and Gabi are alright. Abigail starts to warn him that ... He already knows about Gabi's residual feelings for Chad. He gently tells Abigail she reminds him of Emma in Jane Austen, who would rather focus on the romances of others, ignoring her own. Abigail apologizes for interrupting their kiss and bids him goodnight. Gabi comes back to Eli and wishes they would not have said so much. When words are spoken sometimes things only get worse between women. She still wants to stay friends with Abigail. Tis all quite complex ...

Sonny now has the address in Manitoba! Paul insists on coming. Sonny thinks the more the merrier and calls the pilot to fuel up the jet ... Nicole begs the intruder not to harm her baby. Brady emerges with his shirt on and gasps what the hell. Nicole deduces Deimos sent this person. He is still holding Holly and Brady starts to slowly move toward him ... Kayla is back with Steve and assures him Tripp will come around. She knows he will want to be part of their family. Tormented Joey hangs his head. He has been urged to say nothing about what really happened ... Jade runs into Tripp, who is still in tears. He claims he will never be able to forgive he who killed his mother. Jade wonders who he means, then stammers he must be referring to Joey's father. Tripp cannot overcome ... Brady wants to make a deal. He tells the intruder to take off the mask but please hurt no one. He can offer him money. Mr. Hell raises his gun and Brady and Nicole sit on the sofa. Holly wails and remains in his dangerous grip. Brady rushes forward to save her and Nicole watches with worry until …. BANG! He falls to the floor, clutching the bleeding bullet wound in his side. Nicole cries over him. The silent intruder stares impassively. The baby continues to cry in this sad surreal scene ... Eli tells Gabi he can heal her broken heart and gives her another kiss ... Abigail wonders whether she should talk to Chad ... Steve has a good feeling about Kayla getting his son back for him ... Jade defends Steve to Tripp as a good guy who was protecting someone he loved. She leaves and Tripp tries to solve the mystery in his mind ... Nicole cries Deimos would not want Brady to die and boldly grabs the mask off the intruder, only to fund herself face to face with smiling Zanimal aka Xander the obsessed ...


Sonny and Paul find Brady and it looks bad ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, April 28