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Thursday, April 27, 2017
Episode 13,075
Length:1520 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Tripp enters the pub as Roman tends bar. Kayla is glad he came. The young man worries about Roman not wanting him here. Kayla assures him as her stepson he is always welcome here. She wants to discuss Jade and tries to make him see what a manipulator she is. Tripp teases she is cute. Kayla claims she is obsessed with Joey. He grins he is going to change her mind. Kayla says not to accept her at face value. Tripp counters like Steve, who is full of stories about what happened to his mom ... At the square worried JJ updates Steve on what went down with Lani and Snake, how they suspect he made six women go missing. Steve promises to contact JJ if he can find anything. JJ tells him to be careful. He is determined to keep Lani away from the creep ... Meanwhile patient Lani argues with Mayor Abe about continuing undercover. Abe laments as a father he cannot lose her ... Val is smiling at the hospital about Julie being better. Eli appreciates her helping. Val invites him to dinner and Gabi as well. He grumbles about her hiding his father's identity and walks away. Gabi assures sad Val he was grateful. She makes a snide remark about Julie ... Brady and Nicole sweetly snuggle on their Canadian bed, cooing how lucky they are. All of a sudden he gets a text from the town bank manager. Nicole panics they were found after he transferred funds from his offshore account. Shirtless Brady believes he was cautious and left no clue. She fears there could be a trace or a trap. Brady knows what he is doing and will get dressed, then head to meet with that bank manager. He kisses her and she tries to shake her doom and gloom ... Gabi covers up that she thinks glam Julie was faking. Val gathers she is not an easygoing lady and even feels she might be trying to turn Eli against her. Gabi says not to let her win. Val thinks Julie must also be against Gabi as she is dating Eli. She is possessive. She woefully recalls how close she used to be with her son. Gabi smiles he will come around ... Kayla stammers Steve spoke the truth. Tripp scoffs the government would not have ordered Steve to kill his mom. All of a sudden Roman falls down, gasping he cannot breathe. Kayla sends Tripp to get her medical bag from the car. Roman is having an extreme allergic reaction!

Abe sits with a sigh at his determined daughter's bedside. She reasons the disappeared women deserve justice. Abe states then someone else can help like the state police. Lani believes she can get results easily as Snake is her contact. Eli arrives with information on the synthetic new drug HALO that was found in her system. It leads to extreme erratic behavior. Undercover angel Lani is up for the challenge. Eli sides with Abe that she should not try to be a hero. Exit Eli. Abe tells his daughter she is stubborn and she teases she got it from him ... Nicole reads the latest Salem news online and updates dressed Brady. Poor Ed was arrested for grand larceny and six prostitutes are missing but there is nothing about them. Brady kisses her and departs. Nicole sips her coffee and tries to relax. Someone is watching her from the window. Someone with a grudge ... Back in Salem, Kayla has her bag and attends to Roman, who now has a nut allergy. Tripp quickly calls for an ambulance. Kayla must do an immediate tracheotomy and tells Tripp what she needs from the kitchen. Tripp leaps into action ... Lani folds her arms and waits. Abe admits he too has taken stands and it has often served him well. Lani insists Snake is not onto her and warns she will keep going with or without his support. But tell overprotective JJ nothing. Abe implores her not to take too many risks ... Gabi is with Eli at the hospital when JJ arrives about work. Gabi heads off. Eli is all business and updates him on Snake's new drug. He suspects he might be using the girls as mules. JJ is glad that Lani is no longer involved. Eli warns him she does have plans to keep going ... Roman gasps as Kayla saves her big brother. He can breathe better. The ambulance arrives and Steve enters. Kayla updates him and praises Tripp for his help. Tripp gushes how great the good doctor was ... Nicole feels like a waif in a cabin in the woods. She tells herself Brady was right that they are safe. She takes the dishes into the kitchen. Brady comes back and hears her blood curdling scream. He bolts into the kitchen to save her ...

Gabi has arranged a meeting with Abe at the square. She wonders what she can do for Eduardo. He is sorry, mentions a lawyer, and suggests she visit him in prison. She refers to another issue and admits she is concerned about Eli and Val. Abe wants to sit so they sit on the bench by the spring flowers. Gabi wants to work together to bring mother and son together. Abe is touched ... At the hospital patient Roman praises swift sister Kayla for saving him. She thanks Tripp for stepping up and he does too. Roman grins he owes him. Tripp smiles as Steve's eyes sparkle with paternal pride ... Back in chaotic Canada Nicole was trying to fix the faucet and water spurted in her eye. Brady fixes it with ease. He announces he has bought a hardware store, hence the meeting with the bank manager. Nicole notes he was an international executive sooooo but he lets her know he likes having new roots with nuts and bolts. Nicole sighs she cannot let him do it. Brady's blue eyes mirror his disappointment in her dismissal of his down to earth image. He then pauses and points out why it is a good idea. She calls it a step down. Brady would rather do an honest day's work than deal with a dishonest devil like Deimos. No more shady! She accepts that and he makes plans for their kids, their family and them. Nicole marvels they will have quality time together after the kids are tucked in. Brady believes together and with their love they can do anything. Nicole loves the safe sound of their simple life ... Snake calls Lani, who flirts she waaaaants to see him. They arrange to meet tomorrow though Snake's instructions are not heard. Lani is now ready to leave her hospital room until JJ appears and demands to know where she is going. She smiles she has been released. JJ wants to drive her home. Abe is doing that. She assures him she will take it easy. JJ lets her knows she means much and cannot let anything happen to her. She plays along and asks him to take her discharge papers to the desk so he will not be able to stop her exit. Meantime Tripp is at the nurse's station telling Kayla how incredibly cool she was. She suggests he consider a medical career. He always liked biology but it would be years of study. Kayla encourages him and offers to help. He will think it over. She invites him for a family dinner and promises no more talk of Jade. He happily accepts ...

Brady sits with Nicole on the sofa as they drink their coffee. He received an email from happy honeymooners Hilary and Scooter. They agree to run the best hardware store in Manitoba and race to bedroom. Both are blissfully unaware of the monster at the window ... Tripp pays Roman a visit in his private room. He apologizes for his bad behavior and believes he actually owes him for not pressing charges. Roman tells him no one keeps score in their big family and he can count on them. That is if he wants to be part of the family ... Steve is impressed that Kayla brought out the best in Tripp. They agree Jade is trouble though they will try not to pressure Tripp. After all, he is Steve's son which makes him her son. However, it is a delicate situation that will explode if Jade tells Tripp that Joey killed Ava. Kayla feels the clock is ticking ... Eli apologizes for being late when he meets Gabi at the park. He praises JJ as a good guy and she lets it slip she was a bit jealous when he got together with Lani. But that was then this is now. Now she teases her love interest who wonders if her newest guy is a good kisser. She knows not just yet. He makes his move and they lock lips ... Troubling piano music plays in the background as Brady and Nicole bask in the afterglow. They marvel at their wonderful life. No worries. So they think ... The masked monster creeps into the cabin and quietly closes the door behind himself, gun ready ...


Nicole will depart with major drama.


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, April 27