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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Episode 13,074
Length:1544 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
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Now without further ado ...


At the pub Kayla and Steve hold hands over the table on their lunch date. They kiss. At the end it is time for Kayla to return to work. Steve informs her he will be seeing Joey but first he wants to purchase other son Tripp a housewarming present. Kayla questions that idea since Tripp has not been welcoming to his father to say the least. Steve senses he needs a friend to count on. Meanwhile Tripp talks to Joey about this his big moving day from the loft. Joey cannot condone him using the Vitali money. He is stunned when he finds out Jade is moving in with Tripp next door ... Lani wakes up on a park bench. Her clothes are torn and she has dirt and leaves on her person. She calls JJ the hero to come help her ... Chipper Chad leaves Abigail a voice mail from the square. He hopes she will attend the meeting about what to do about Countess W cos she is still a part of the family ... Abigail is actually already at DiMera mansion, to take Thomas, unbeknownst to Chad. She leaves him a brief note ... Joey wishes Tripp would change his mind about his new roommate. Tripp thinks he was being unfair to his friend Jade! He considers her his new confidant. Joey gulps. This is not good for him ... JJ tends to Lani and gently wonders whether Snake hurt her. She cries she cannot remember ... Abigail leaves the DiMera mansion without checking her messages ... Jade has her boxes and Tripp is helping. Once Joey gets a moment alone with her he admits he worries she will tell Tripp the truth about Ava. She assures him his secret is safe with her and she means it. Joey worries she might slip up. She reasons this was her only option as he ordered her to move out ... Poor Lani would need hypnosis from Marlena! Alas she cannot focus with her foggy mind. The last thing she remembers is smiling Snake's champagne. Then she was running through the woods. JJ insists on taking her to the hospital and she realizes he thinks she might have been raped ... Abigail and Thomas are with Jen at the pub for a family lunch. Thomas reminds them of Jack. Jen asks about the state of things with Chad. Meanwhile Chad arrives home, only to hear from the sitter that Abigail took Thomas and gave her the afternoon off. Chad notices the note and calls her with a frown. She does not take his call and he curses under his breath the way DiMera men do ...

Steve visits the loft. Joey tells him the latest about Jade and Tripp moving next door together. Joey wants to believe in her and steps away to take a college call. Jade comes downstairs looking for her lost curling iron. Steve makes nice and offers to take her shopping for any necessities she needs for the new place ... According to the note from Abigail, she decided to take Thomas for the night ... At the pub as they await their salads Abigail gushes she got a job working at the Salem P.D. with good benefits. She will be staying at the Marton b&b. (meaning she will be a new neighbor of P.I. Paul). Jenny cannot help but worry she will take off like before. Abigail assures her she is in a better place. Jen is proud of her new independence. However, Chad will not give her up without a fight ... Back at DiMera mansion, Chad, stylish Kate and Lucas' meeting is done. The investigation into the missing money continues. After Lucas leaves, Kate slyly suggests they make DiMera great again in a less than legal way. Chad gives her a look ... At the hospital Kayla confirms Lani was not raped. However there was this strange chemical in her system ... Once they are alone again JJ decides Lani is done with the undercover works cos her cover was blown with Snake. Lani is not so sure about that. JJ holds her close and her eyes reflect her resolve ... Elegant eloquent Kate wishes to acquire more objects from other countries and sell them. Chad quips she means she wants to steal. Kate convinces him there is no harm in it as the objects are already being stolen for the time being. She tells him they must keep the DiMera empire strong and he owes Abigail nothing for she left him again ... Jen and Abigail eat their salads. Jen sighs she is not going to meddle as a mother. Her daughter wonders what changed. Jen confesses she confided in Eric and values his opinion He is her new good meeeeean. Abigail is curious. Jen continues. They both are on the same addicts recovery journey together. Abigail approves ... At the square shopper Jade thanks Steve for buying her the little things she needed. He casually notes it is not easy when the one you love does not love you back. Jade assures him she will never tell Tripp about Ava. However she thinks Kayla hates her now. Steve assures her that is not the case. Jade gushes she appreciates the Johnsons being on her side. She adds they will all be family someday and flounces away with her shopping bag. Steve is stunned ...

Anne follows Lucas at the pub and sweetly asks how he is. He sighs he is surviving the week. She is sorry he misses Adrienne. He mentions being a man in love. She wonders where his flame is exactly. In Arizona with her sons who are likely encouraging her to reconcile with their father Justin. Anne agrees and adds she wants to help him forget. He teases she seems to be making a pass. Anne innocently explains she wanted to buy him fries. Lucas likes the sound of that and they wait at a table together all smiles. Jen looks over from her own table and her mouth literally hangs open ... Back at the hospital, Kayla reminds JJ that Lani will need time to make an emotional recovery from her mysterious trauma. The drug she ingested has been sent to the FBI lab ... Steve is pleased Tripp agreed to meet him at the park. Tripp tells him Jade convinced him and told how he helped her. Steve wonders why he asked Jade to move in. Tripp states they have become friends. Steve reminds him she is hung up on Joe. Tripp defiantly declares he knows what he is doing. Steve drawls he knows he likes to get rid of his frustration with fighting cos his adopted father beat on him. Tripp gets testy. Steve tells him he has been there but fighting fixes nothing. Kayla the good woman made him a better man and a better dad than what he had. That means he will not be giving up on his new son anytime soon ... Kate thinks Chad has been wasting time trying to go legit while looking for ways to get back the missing Countess W money. She talks fast track and explains she knows pros who have been waiting ... She hopes he is on board. Chad agrees to the artifacts stealing so they can make DiMera great again. They toast with champagne. Abigail has just entered the mansion and overhears ... Lani is sleeping in her hospital bed when Snake calls her cell. He asks how she is. She gasps she woke up on a bench with shredded clothes and wonders how she got there. Snake grins he is going to tell her soon. She wants to meet ... JJ stops at the open door and soap stares ... Kate assures Chad he made the right choice and excuses herself to get started ... Abigail steps in and announces she heard he will be stealing artwork! He had said he would not be like Stefano. She lectures him as she does not like him leaving this kind of legacy for Thomas. He snaps he does not like how she skipped out and gives her a cold stare ...

Once Lucas has left, smiling next time the fries are on him, Jenny storms over to Anne. She hisses to stay away from her brother and warns she will be watching her ... Steve meets sweetness at the square. He bears both good and bad news. The good news is that Jade moved out of the loft but the bad news is she is now living next door with Tripp. Kayla gasps in dismay. Steve complains he cannot get through to his son about the dirty Vitali money, picking fights and taking in a troublemaker like Jade. Kayla offers to try ... Tripp and Jade are all moved out and leave Joe alone at the loft ... Lani lies to curious JJ that call was from Abe. JJ explains they are keeping her here until the drug is identified. She should also get Raines to give her some time off. She pretends to agree and he kisses her head ...Chad and Abigail argue about his DiMera activities and whether or not she had the right to take Thomas without warning. She snaps it seems they cannot even be friends and walks out slamming the door behind herself. This time Chad makes no move to stop her ...


Zanimal is coming to the cabin!


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, April 26