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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Episode 13,073
Length:1356 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the cabin Nicole and Brady discuss last night. She meant her words of love for him! He has always been her rock her bff and once again her lover for life. He gushes he looooves her and they kiss like they mean it. Back to the bedroom ...At the square Dario sees Abigail, who has an interview. She thanks him for offering to help any way he can and he wishes her luck ... At the pub Paul and Sonny update Hope on Deimos and his stolen artefacts. Sonny states he is too obsessed with Nicole to notice he is noticing him ... Victor notices Deimos drinking at the Kiriakis mansion again. He claims Maggie was wrong and he now knows where Nicole and Brady are. Victor growls leave his grandson alone, though he loathes Nicole. Deimos declares he will bring her back to him where she belongs. Meanwhile shirtless Brady and Nicole are making out ... At the station Raines updates JJ and Lani on some missing girls, all of whom were connected to a pimp called Snake. He wants something on him. Lani already brought in a lady of the evening who was afraid of her boss Snake. Dolly is now somewhere safe and Lani wants her to arrange a meeting with Snake. JJ disagrees ... Nicole and Brady are interrupted by the crying baby ... Victor advises his brother to go with a woman better than Nicole and one who is not disgusted by him. She would never want a desperado who chased her. Deimos denies he will chase her. He boasts of a plan and Victor mocks his plan track record. Deimos leaves even more obsessed. Victor looks exasperated ...

Hope greets excited Abigail, who is at the station to interview as a receptionist. Abigail is feeling independent and Hope is proud. JJ arrives and wonders. Abigail will be meeting Raines, who arrives and tells JJ the coffee break is over. Time for the interview ... Lani calls Dolly and gets the information she is after. She reminds worried JJ she outranks him. He has a bad feeling about this little sting ... Paul and Sonny are eating at the pub. Paul is worried about him living under the same roof as dangerous Deimos and tells him he is moving into the Marton house b and b. He invites Sonny to move in with him ... Brady sings Twinkle Little Star to gurgling Holly. Nicole returns from sleeping Tate. Holly is asleep. Nicole sits on his lap and lets him know how sexy he looks when he holds a baby. She kisses him and they enjoy their cute togetherness. She accidentally refers to Brady as Holly's daddy and breaks down ... Organized Abigail has impressed Raines, who will call for her references. He notes she is not like JJ! When he walks away with a smile Hope is amazed Abigail won him over. Abigail likes the benefits and child care so this is the perfect place. Hope looks forward to lunching together and hopes for the best ... JJ seeks an audience with retired commissioner Roman, who now tends bar at the Brady pub. He knows the Snake situation well, how those who cross him end up in the river. He is a chump and a charmer. Roman will look into his old information and advises the young man he treats like a grandson to proceed with caution ... Sonny gets petulant at Paul for wanting him to move in as he does not think he can look after himself. Paul sighs he asked him as he loves him and walks away, assuming that was his no. Sonny considers ... Nicole gets emotional about her and Brady's perfect little family. It all seems too wonderful and fast too last. Brady calls this their time but time is a fickle friend ...

Deimos thanks his man on the phone for his fine work and remembers once upon a time when he told Nicole he would always be there for her and Holly. He believes his love to be pure. However, Nicole refused to allow him into her daughter's life and claimed she no longer loved him. Then Brady was there and ran with her and Holly. Deimos had told her she was making a mistake. He now calls to arrange his secret transportation. Destination the province of Manitoba in Canada ... JJ suggests he and Lani ask Abe for leads and involve him but she wants to go full speed ahead meeting Snake as early as this afternoon. She hopes JJ will be her backup. He has no choice but has a feeling of doom and gloom ... Sonny finds Paul at the club and has a peace offering. Dark chocolate truffles. Paul closes his computer. Sonny sweetly apologizes. He explains he is not ready to move in with him yet but after he neutralizes Deimos they can live in his mansion together ...

Victor overhears Deimos on the phone hiring a private jet. He warns him not to harm Brady and the children or he will live to regret it ... Brady cleans up messy mom Nicole, who is wearing Holly's lunch. He removes the shirt and they get frisky again. However, the clock is ticking ... Lani is dressed like a tart when she meets Snake at the docks. She fibs his girl Dolly suggested they meet as she wants a new rep. Snake praises her eyes and asks her for a drink in private. JJ watches from the distance as they depart together in his car and curses. If he had gone after the pair he would have blown his partner's cover ... Abigail gives Dario her almost good news at the club. He appears to tense when she tells him she might be a receptionist for the police ...Deimos runs into Sonny on his way out and lies he has a business trip to Quebec to meet with a Kiriakis contact ... Back in Canada Nicole and Brady praise the peace and quiet and head for the bedroom again. Ominous music plays ... Snake has Lani alone in a room and offers her champagne. He tells her she is being tested so she takes a sip. Meanwhile JJ calls in Snake's license and an APB ... At the Kiriakis mansion Victor tells impatient heir Sonny that strength is critical in the boardroom. That is one thing he can learn from Deimos. Sonny now finds out Deimos could not have been meeting a contact in Quebec as he claimed as said contact is now overseas. He is intrigued ... Brady and Nicole kiss on the romantic bed, surrounded by candlelight ... Snake lets Lani know she has to be the best for 500 per hour. He tells her to drink up. Lani starts to feel faint. He leads her to the bed and tells her he will take care of her ... Roman gives Hope her bag of food at the pub on the house for Julie as well as his best for her. They discuss Abigail's good interview with tough cookie Raines ... Raines meets Abigail again and tells her she is hired. She gushes it is great and asks when to start. Tomorrow at nine. He smiles she will be on the side of the good guys. Meanwhile hacker Myron tells Dario he wants to hit a local bank. Dario does not like the sound of that as the woman he loves might be working for the cops. It would be a conflict of the heart ... Sonny calls P.I. Paul to check all last minute flight plans from Salem. Paul hopes those plans of Deimos are for illegal shipments. Sonny agrees, determined to stop Deimos before anyone else is hurt in his war ... Brady and Nicole gush how lucky they are and kiss in their romantic bed, blissfully unaware of the trouble heading their way ...


Steve will have to find out the hard way that his son has his smarts.


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, April 25