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Monday, April 24, 2017
Episode 13,072
Length:1450 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos orders his goon to get Nicole. He ends the call as Maggie enters like a vision of spring in her stylish yellow skirt and jacket ... Meanwhile at the Canadian cabin, earth mother Nicole was up all night with Tate, who has taken a liking to her and needed help with his cough. Brady is holding sleeping Holly on the couch. When Nicole complains about the old wet shirt she is wearing he calls her beautiful and puts Holly to bed. That frees him up to flirt and help her off with said shirt ... It is Earth Day at the park. Wyatt is interested and Theo accuses of him only caring to score points with Ciara. Ciara has overheard ... At the hospital, Gabi and Eli both want to apologize. Eli is sorry that Gabi snapped and suffered all because of Nick. Thanks to Sonny he now knows Julie never gives the poor girl a break. Gabi is sorry too ... At the empty square with music and mimosas, Abigail acts surprised. Then her silence turns to disapproval that Chad did something only a DiMera like EJ or Stefano would. He went all out to woo her back. Unimpressed Abigail informs him she will not be bought by the drinks and grand gesture. Chad is baffled as she started the grand gestures with the vows renewal ceremony ... Wyatt claims he cares about the earth cos he woke up thanks to a certain someone. Ciara spouts off about recycling. They walk away together and Theo sulks ...

Gabi tells Eli she is sorry as Julie is right about one thing. She might be using him to forget about Chad. Eli grins she can use him anytime. She thinks he is sweet. He invites her out for a bite and away they go... Chad assures Abigail he is ready for any grand gesture and he is ready for them. She gets glum about him acting like EJ and Stefano. Chad reminds her he agreed to renew the vows as she wanted but then she changed her mind in the last minute ... Maggie suggests Deimos accept the fact that Nicole cares most about her baby and let her go ... Nicole is down to her bra at the cabin. Brady thinks she feels good. She feels the same way and they start to kiss until... knock knock knock! They look worried. They were not expecting whoever the intruder is ... Abigail declares she is done with denial. She gazes up at Chad with longing and lets him know she would need his whole heart. Gabi happens by with Eli and soap stares at what she assumes to be a sweet moment ... Chad finds his voice. He wants to try again. Abigail tells him it is too late though they will always share their son. Sometimes love is not enough. She concludes they can no longer be a couple. Chad fights back the tears. He begs her to come around but she turns him down again and waltzes off, suggesting he go to Gabi. Alas she also returns his unread vows ...

At the Earth Day display Theo complains about Wyatt. Claire calls him jealous and even Jade said so! Theo claims he was just bugged at home as he fears he could be flunking a class ...Eli sits with Gabi at the club. He senses it was not easy for her to see Chad with Abigail and suggests a rain check. Gabi would rather stay and have lunch as planned. She chatters in her nervousness until Eli has to take a call. Before stepping away, he smiles she will feel better soon and they will have dessert. Gabi is sitting alone and facing the door. All of a sudden Deimos enters ... Wyatt is learning all about energy saving from Ciara. She wishes he would tell her more about himself. He replies by praising her smartness ... Chad comes to the pub for a coffee, where Theo is alone at a table. Both guys are glum. Chad joins his nephew. Theo mutters he might fail biology. Chad offers to deal with the dean. Theo would rather study harder. He wonders what has Chad so sad ... Abigail brings Thomas to see Maggie, who has questions. Abigail admits she is looking for a new job and place today. Maggie has many muffins to give. She suggests Abigail join her as she takes some to the station. Then she is hitting the park for Earth Day. She gives her a pep talk and a hug about the bright future ... Deimos drowns his sorrows at the bar. Gabi confronts him for setting up her father! Deimos plays it cool. She rages at him for hating their family and locking her in a meat locker! Deimos quips she came out ahead cos she and Chad found love amid the frozen lamb. She screams to security and hisses at him to leave their club. She raises her hands as if to strike him ... Back at the cabin, the knocking has ceased. Brady excuses himself to tend to crying Holly, happy Nicole will be waiting for him. They feel like a happy family. When he comes back he updates her on a text regarding their delivered passports. They are outside the door in an envelope. Nicole wishes they would stay a while longer and watch the sun in this place. Brady agrees at least for now ... Eli returns and stands between Gabi and Deimos before she does anything she will regret later. Deimos sarcastically states his drink was on the house and saunters out. Gabi gasps someone needs to investigate that man and lists his transgressions. FBI Eli promises to find out if the FBI is looking into Deimos. If not he will do it ... Alas he has been summoned to work and must miss their lunch. Gabi is grateful he is going to do something about Deimos. Someone has to ...

Abigail is at the station with Maggie, who has spread sunshine and muffins. She decides to wait for JJ at his desk. Once alone she notices a job ad on his desk and gets an idea ... Chad steps out of the pub and runs into stressed Gabi. She states she saw him with Abigail earlier and wishes them the best. Chad sighs it was not what it seemed. Abigail has dropped him ... At the park pleased princess Claire suggest she, Ciara, Theo and Wyatt have breakfast together.. Wyatt wants to talk to Theo and tells the girls to go ahead. Wyatt wonders why Theo is against him being with Ciara since he was the one who encouraged him to pursue her in the first place! Theo sighs he is misleading her by faking interest in the same things. Wyatt laughs he does like computers better than Jane Austin but he is having a great time, getting over the last girlfriend who dumped him ... Gabi suggests Chad not give up on Abigail. Chad woefully states she will not be waiting for him anymore. He tenderly tells Gabi they are both going to be alright. Gabi gives him an uncertain glance. She is not a girl without options ... Claire is having breakfast with Ciara, happy she found Wyatt. She sweetly lets her know she is sorry for her past pettiness and feels the future looks bright. Ciara blushes about her Mr. Wonderful ... Theo does not like Wyatt lying incessantly to Ciara. He also does not ever want her to find out he helped him win her for she would never forgive him ... At the Kiriakis mansion drinking disheveled Deimos gets a call about a hot lead and he likes it. He knows Nicole is with Brady, the kids, and where! Now he need only plan his next move ... Back at the cabin Nicole gushes she wants the wonderful Brady Black to be her forever man. They kiss and he leads her to the bedroom ... Abigail tells Thomas she wants a job with good benefits including child care. Should she apply? He gurgles so she emails in her application ... Gabi is vague with Chad. She sighs she misses Ed but has family who need her and her biz. She is also meeting new people. Chad gets it. He wishes her the best with whoever her someone new is. She wishes the same for him and walks away. The triangle of torment continues ...


Two couples have a chance at romance but for how long?!


All the drama in Salem on Monday, April 24