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Friday, April 21, 2017
Episode 13,071
Length:1070 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Abigail is on a call about getting a job. She will be waiting to hear back and uses her maiden name instead of DiMera. Enter cool Dario with concern. He wonders whether she really left the mansion after they last spoke and sits with her. Abigail insists she does not need anyone to babysit her. Dario smiles he is here as her friend ... Back at the mansion Chad remembers when she left him. He holds her ring. Sonny arrives. He is very sorry, having overheard the news ... At the hospital Gabi is anxiously asking about Julie. Eli states she is fine and eyes her with suspicion ... Doug has a sweet treat for Julie in her private room. She tells him all about Gabi but Doug knows his wife well. He suspects she exaggerated. She pouts perhaps though she has no regrets. Someone has to protect the male population of Salem from Gabi ... Sonny asks what happened. Chad admitted his old feelings for Gabi but assured Abigail he was committed completely to their marriage. Sonny suggests he give the girl some time and space ... Abigail agrees Dario makes her feel safe and asserts her need for independence. She touches his hand in gratitude and diva Kate drinks it all in from the pub door ... Sonny the sage believes in destiny so it is worth waiting. However, Chad hates to lose and is impatient ... Doug and Julie disagree about whether Eli even needs her protection ... Eli repeats Julie's words to Gabi, who implies his glam grandmother is a bully. Eli fumes she has insulted her! Gabi walks to her room to apologize ... a bit ... Eli sighs ... Abigail has called Jen, who joins her and implores her not to run away again. She assures her she will not. Jen believes Abigail is Chad's only true love and tells her to give him time. Abigail would rather focus on finding a job and a place to live. Jenny wants to hire her or at least help her move back home but Miss Independence Abigail is against it. She feels fine unlike before and will not fall apart. Jen sighs she will still worry ... Meanwhile Kate approaches Chad at DiMera mansion armed with information. He warns her no more advice. Kate acts like she is sorry and spins Abigail did the right thing as she had to try too hard to make their relationship work. She prefers him with Gabriella ... Gabi is presently pestering Julie. Doug tells them both to behave and excuses himself. Gabi confronts her for faking a heart problem and Julie's expressive eyes widen ...

Julie snaps it is certainly her fault she is here. Gabi apologizes and wants to do the right thing. Julie hisses to stay away from Eli ... Abigail is sitting alone outside when Eric happens by with time to heal her mind. Abigail updates him on Jen trying to look after her when she wants to feel free. Eric explains why Jen worries and always will as a mother. Abigail wants to be stronger. He tells her to give her mother time and adds he is here if ever she needs a good listener. Abigail appreciates it and goes on her independent way ... Chad wishes his wannabe mom would lay off cos he wants his marriage to work. She promotes Gabi as the best girl for him. Chad refuses to give up on his wife and child! Kate advises him to move on just as Abigail did. Chad is flabbergasted. Kate elaborates. She saw Abigail and Dario acting sweet together at the pub. Chad's face falls. He hates to lose ... Sonny was already at the hospital for his mother's meds and asks Eli about Julie. Eli updates him on what happened. Sonny lets him know Gabi is a great gal who is worth the trouble ... Gabi defiantly declares she like being with Eli and he will eventually see Julie for what she is ... Julie hisses if she hurts either Eli or Abigail there shall be no mercy!

Abigail comes to the mansion and stares at the familiar flowers. Chad ends a call and announces he has something to show her ... Sonny tells Eli all about Nick stalking and attacking Gabi so she snapped. Eli had no idea it was that bad. Sonny explains Julie refused to believe that Nick went nuts. Gabi is a girl with a heart of gold and Julie never gives her a break. He hopes he does not believe everything Julie says though he wishes her well ... Eli gets to thinking ... Kate enters the club. Dario is working and she thanks him for Ed's gifts, though she and Ed were not meant to be, like Chad and Abigail. Kate encourages him to be more than friends with the fair Abigail. She points out Abigail acts like more than a friend ... Jen bangs the stapler at the office. Eric soap stares and she sighs it is about Abigail. He admits he spoke with her and their frustration with each other is mutual ... Chad escorts Abigail to the empty square for mimosas and the music plays ... He gushes they have a storybook love and yearns for a chance to save their romance. Abigail stops. She does not seem to want to be swept off her feet ... Gabi and Eli apologize to one another ... Dario tells Kate she is mistaken. She slyly suggests he give Abigail time to come around. She will. Dario teases he told Ed he would keep an eye on Kate. She would rather think about Dario's happiness as she feels she already had her last chance at love ... Eric the social worker notes Abigail wants to be on her own without the help of her family so let her be alone a while. Jen agrees to trust in him and he embraces her. Ooo ... Chad is wearing his heart on his sleeve at the square. He gasps he is going to prove his commitment. He wrote his wedding vows that he weeps he wants Abigail to hold onto. Abigail starts to melt. He gives her a kiss and they hug like friends and lovers, though she has yet to comment on the state of their union ...


You better watch out you better not cry you might wanna shout I'm telling you why ... Zanimal is comin to town!


All the drama in Salem on Friday, April 21