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Thursday, April 20, 2017
Episode 13,070
Length:1333 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square, Eli sweetly approaches glum Gabi and her cold coffee. He takes her by the hand for an ice cream treat to raise her spirits ... At the loft livid Jade stamps her feet about Joey making her move out. She reminds him of their love when she was with child ... Steve asks Adrienne for scotch in her hotel room and she laughs. He asks about her recovery. Adrienne gushes she feels great and is going glamping with her sons in Scottsdale. She wonders what has her brother feeling so blue. Steve sighs his son with Ava is alive and well in Salem but ... Hope has summoned Kayla to the station to talk some sense into Tripp, who foolishly took a swing at Roman. Kayla enters the room where hungover Tripp is hanging his head ... Hope gets back to her work. Julie flounces in and demands she keep Eli away from dangerous Gabi ... Kayla asks Tripp what drove him to drink ... Hope tries to talk Julie down. Julie gasps if they do not stop Gabi she will shoot Eli as she did to Nick! Hope states it is not the same situation at all. They all know Nick was undone ... Eli and Gabi enjoy their huge ice cream treats and he tries to get her to tell him how it went when she spoke with Chad. She would rather not remember. He suggests a spring walk together. She likes the sound of that so they walk off hand in hand ...Tripp refers to Roman as the grumpy dude at the pub who tried to force him to have chowder. Kayla adds he also happens to be her brother. Tripp sarcastically states he must take after his mad mother Ava. Kayla gently suggests he speak to her about how he feels instead of bottling it up. She is here ... Julie is incensed she does not have support from Hope for David's son. She feels like the protector of Eli, whereas Hope notes he is not helpless, he is a capable man of the FBI. Julie refuses to listen ... Back at the loft Joe agrees he tried with Jade but it was only for the sake of their unborn baby, which is gone. He believes in time they would not have made it anyway ... Tripp wallows in self-pity at the station, suddenly sobered up by his situation. Kayla asks how it went when he met with his dad. Tripp scoffs Steve has never been a father to him and complains he tries to order him around. Kayla counters Steve the good guy would have raised him had he found him. Tripp reminds her he killed his mother and Kayla gulps ... Adrienne advises Steve to give Tripp time. Steve sighs he is already 21. Adrienne believes Joey and Tripp could get close as brothers. Steve gulps ...

Back at the loft Joe repeats to Jade he just wants to be friends. He will never be Jade's guy and tells her to move out after she finds something. Jade's dreams are dashed ... Rafe and Hope cute talk and flirt at work. She wants them all to get together tonight. Done! She updates Rafe on the trouble with Tripp ... Kayla would rather avoid the topic of Ava Vitali. Trip laments she loved him. Kayla assures the young man that Steve loves him as well and urges him to let him in. She convinces him to stay in Salem. Tripp does have more questions ... Eli gets a work call and steps away for a few seconds. Gabi is all alone on the bench until hurricane Julie waltzes over and gives her the evil eye. She lets her know she has her on her mind. Gabi gets nervous. Julie is just getting started ... As he helps his lady pack Lucas admits he does not want Adrienne to go away. He wishes he had been able to join her but the Countess W drama requires him to remain in town. He had to stop the cash flow of the company so no more funds could be stolen. The investigation continues. Adrienne has faith her fella will fix it and they kiss in bliss ... Kayla drops Tripp off at the loft and leaves. Joey appears and Tripp admits he was arrested. Joe is amused about him daring to mess with Roman and suggests soda for his stomach. Tripp thanks him and brings up wanting to know his brother better ... The fur flies as Julie lets loose a string of insults against Gabi, who hyperventilates and protests. Julie lists all the men she has ruined and warns she will be watching her! When she starts to walk away Gabi wonders what Alice Horton would think. Julie turns around. Gabi calls her mean and finds her own voice of rage. She reasons Eli is an adult who can make his own decisions. Julie suddenly gasps she cannot breathe as Eli approaches. She melodramatically declares it must be her heart. Eli calls for an ambulance ...

Kayla and Hope gather at a pub table with Steve and Rafe. Steve likes that baby talked to Tripp and sighs he must have upset him. Hope and Rafe hear all about it. Hope wants to help ... At the hospital Dr. Val asks anxious Gabi what happened and then enters the patient's room. Eli awaits with Julie and is grateful his mother came as asked. Gabi waits outside, feeling anxious. Eli explains to jittery Julie that he called Val the capable cardiologist to check her out. He has to leave the room for the exam and confronts Gabi in the hall for fighting with his grandmother. Gabi gasps Julie started it. However, Eli did not hear that part of their communication ... Dr. Val soon emerges and states she seems alright. She just needs tests to be sure there was no heart attack. Gabi stands alone, feeling stressed ... Hope suggests she talk to Tripp about the real Steve and the real Ava. Steve sighs it is too late cos cousin Angelo already got to him. Kayla tells Steve she will make Tripp see the light. Steve grins his baby is the best ... Tripp tells Joe he wants to get his own place. Joe lets him know the unit next door is on the market and he would not mind having him nearby. Jade eavesdrops. Tripp tells his new brother he does like him and his mother. Joey heads to bed. Tripp sits on the sofa in his underwear. Jade emerges with a hi. He covers himself with a cushion and wonders what is the matter. She sniffles it was the worst night of her life. He feels the same way and asks her to go first. She confesses her mistake and Joey now wanting her gone. Alas she has nowhere to turn ... Val can now confirm that Julie had no heart attack. She feels she might have forgotten her blood pressure medication. Julie plays along and then complains to Eli about Gabi. Val concludes she might have experienced a panic attack ... Kayla and Steve discuss the latest developments. She shares her fear that Jade could turn against Joey now and tell Tripp his deep dark secret ... Tripp invites Jade to move in with him next door. She hugs him in thanks and the blond young man blushes ... Gabi anxiously recounts what happened to Rafe and Hope as well as her regret. Rafe assures her Julie will be fine. Hope is summoned to Julie's bedside. Eli thanks Val for her expert assistance ... Outside the room Gabi and Rafe hear that there was no heart attack as per the test results. Gabi is furious and fumes she faked it. Inside the room Julie innocently asks Hope to update Doug when he arrives. She sighs she can sleep now and raises a sneaky eyebrow ...


Abigail and Chad are only at an impasse not an ending.


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, April 20