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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Episode 13,069
Length:1285 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Paul has summoned Marlena to the pretty park with a secret letter! Then he walks away. She reads it and gasps ... Joey gets home to the loft and Jade asks if he is angry with her. He is hard on her for drinking with Tripp ... At the pub elated Tripp wants to celebrate the imminent arrival of his inheritance payments and gushes to Patch he is rich. Steve tells him to turn it down ... Jade is sorry about Tripp. Kayla enters with a smile and some groceries for the gang. She brings her her new pain medication and reminds her not to overdo it like before ... Steve spoke with Angelo. Tripp grins he is not going to turn it down. Steve calls it blood money. Tripp tells him the Vitalis are his blood. Steve tells him the mobster father of Ava was awful to her and he made that money. Tripp accuses him of being one sided. He saw his mom's dvds and needs them back. He gets sarcastic but Steve is serious. There are some things he did not mention to him about his mother, things he needs to know now ...

Paul kisses Sonny on the head and Sonny complains about the complexity of Basic Black at the outdoor cafe. Paul announces he has intel on Deimos that could stop him once and for all ... Steve continues the tragic tale of Ava, who was once a free spirit. They were in love but before they could be wed he was abducted. Ava assumed he left her at the altar but he was being held hostage by bad people. To make matter worse, Ava's baby was taken by her father and then she lost her mind due to the drugs he gave her. He updates Tripp on her dangerous deeds, the fact that she was indeed a threat to his family ... Jade wants to play a video game but Joey wants to study for a test. Kayla leaves and Joey again refuses to play the game. He goes upstairs and Jade takes a handful of pills. She does not realize Kayla has returned. The dedicated doctor makes her stop right there ... Paul shows Sonny Deimos' email accounts and a certain email. In it Deimos discusses having artifacts delivered to the homestead. They wonder where else his home could be. Greece! Paul does a search of the man's Mediterranean activities ... Jade denies wanting to take so many pills. Joey appears and wonders. Kayla updates him on the many pills the girl wanted to pop. She suspects she wants to stay sick so Joey will stick close to her. Joey demands the truth ... Tripp downs his beer and questions Steve's story. He already has trust issues with him. Steve shows him a shocking picture of Ava's crazy shrine to him, including her scrawled threats. In the room above she held abducted Kayla. Tripp insists she was different on the dvd. Steve states she spiraled out of control. Tripp wonders why he did not save her instead of suffocating her. Pause ...

Marlena sits on a bed in a hotel room and wonders why the long wait. Enter John! She weeps with joys as he greets the love of his life with a heartfelt hug. It is as though they were never apart. He is sorry for the secrecy. She asks how long he has. He drawls to make the most of every moment and kisses her with passion. The blonde swoons ... Jade acts indignant. Kayla lets her know she only left her with placebos in lieu of real pills. It was so wrong of her to try and hang onto Joey with this. Jade is in denial ... Steve is rather vague when he states the ISA thought Ava was a threat. Joey has a new beer and notes it does not even sound like he did it. He complains about his adopted dad beating on him. Steve experienced the same and shut the world out until the love of a good woman called Kayla. He tells his son he can be his father for real with a family and siblings. There are two options on the table - the dirty money or the good family. Tripp looks down ... Paul has a few Greek addresses for Sonny, who does not recognize them. Paul will keep working with his European contacts. Sonny wants to buy him a drink and alludes to his disapproval of him going after Deimos. Paul wants to be at his side and Sonny likes the sounds of that. Deimos will not win against them ... Kayla leaves and Joey demands the truth. Jade laments she is lonely and misses how they used to be. He pushes away her hand and blasts her for her mischief. He then declares he does not love her and she diverts her gaze ... Tripp wonders if Steve will drop him if he takes the money. No. Steve solemnly warns him the mafia clan that made Ava evil will own him. Tripp drinks more beer feeling overwhelmed. Steve tells him to consider and lets him know he will be here no matter what. Tripp will be in town at least until the lawyer has things taken care of. Steve invites him over for pizza with the family. Tripp needs time to think so Steve pats him on the shoulder and goes on his way. Tripp finishes his second beer and stares ahead at the stark nothingness ...

John and Marlena snuggle in the afterglow. He chuckles at her attempt to get answers and agrees to answer one question. Is he safe? He is never safer than when he is with her. The agent's wife updates him on how she helped lure Stefano out of hiding. He is impressed but remains tight lipped about his mission, for her own good. He tenderly asks how sweetheart is. She missed him and he gushes he missed her much. She has faith he will return to her as soon as possible. He drawls that's a fact and they kiss in bliss ... Sonny laughs to Paul about the loons in the fashion industry. They stop at the pretty park. Paul lets him know he had a life after sports but Sonny cannot let go of the idea of running Titan. That is the life he wants, with Paul, whom he loves, at his side ... Tripp is drunk. Roman refuses to serve him another. Tripp will get it himself. He turns down the chowder and shouts. Then the breaks the glasses by accident. Roman tries to calm him down with a hand to stop him. Tripp overreacts and attacks but before he knows what is happening, Roman has his hands behind his back ... John buttons his shirt, having been summoned back to his secret mission. Marlena makes him promise he will come home to her soon. He does and seals the deal with a kiss ... Paul praises Sonny as a mover and a shaker, one who wins and will do great things for Titan. Sonny smiles this time they will do everything together ... Joey is fed up with Jade and tells her to move out of the loft and his life ...At the square Steve laments to Kayla he has not been able to reach Tripp. Kayla tells him he won her over and they kiss. He feels better ... Roman has Tripp in a room at the station. Tripp tells him he did nothing wrong and offers to pay a fine. Roman decides he needs a night in jail to teach him a lesson ...


I feel happy for John and Marlena but suddenly scared for Sonny ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, April 19