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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Episode 13,068
Length:1345 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


In the dim park Gabi lets Chad know that Kate already updated her. She is sorry. Chad informs her of why Abigail ended things ... Nearby Dario wants to be there for Abigail as her friend ... In Canada, Brady bursts into a motel room and bellows what the hell! Hilary and Scooter sit up. Brady stammers he is sorry and excuses himself, babbling he has trust issues with Bridget. He runs into Nicole in the hall and wonders what is going on ... Ciara and Wyatt the new couple walk in on kissing roommates Theo and Claire. Introductions are made ... Abigail is clearly depressed. Dario asks if she really believes Chad should be with Gabi. Abigail gasps she knows Chad wants both her and Gabi but she will not be with a man divided .. Gabi wonders what changed. Chad tearily tells her how Abigail read her old yearbook message to him. He hastily adds he still loves his wife but ... Gabi stops him from continuing ... Claire is over the moon to meet Wyatt and tells Ciara he is hot. Wyatt lives on campus. Claire coos perhaps next year they can all room together. Theo sulks in the kitchen ... Brady and Nicole sit on the sofa and talk. He updates her on the lingerie he found that led him to the motel and Hilary dressed like Lolita for Scooter. He senses Nicole somehow set it up. Nicole tells him the whole truth. She sighs Scooter knows who they both are and blackmailed her. Brady is horrified. She confesses she came close to shooting him and making Hilary take the fall but then her cooler head prevailed. Instead she gave Hilary a pep talk about how to make her man happy. Brady marvels at the change in Nicole and praises her for making magic instead of war. He happily hugs her ...

Claire hugs Wyatt when he goes to the library to return a book. She purrs to Ciara how perfect he is. Still Theo sulks. Ciara plans to meet up with Wyatt at the pub in a little while. Claire asks Theo what is wrong once they are alone. He claims he is concerned about an exam and leaves to study ... Brady marvels Nicole turned her life around. He will keep an eye on Scooter just in case ... Someone makes a noise outside the door and Nicole notes now he can talk to Scooter about it ... Dario questions whether unhappy Abigail actually gave Chad enough time to overcome his old feelings for Gabi that emerged when she was gone. He suggests she might be giving up too soon. Abigail the girl with the fragile mind gasps she is not going to walk on eggshells anymore waiting and wondering about the other girl ... Meanwhile Gabi urges Chad not to give up on his marriage. Abigail probably assumes this is what he wants. She insists he go to his wife and win her back. She leaves Chad standing alone and he hangs his head ...

Jade comes downstairs, having overheard everything. She tells Claire that it sounds like Theo is jealous of Ciara's wonderful Wyatt. She sighs since there is no juice left in the fridge. Claire counters she is not worried about Theo being jealous for any other girl as they are sleeping together. Jaded Jade suggests that does not make them as solid as she assumes ... At the square JJ runs into Gabi. He is unable to reach Abigail and updates her on the impasse. Gabi solemnly states she just saw Chad and he told her that he and Abigail were unable to work things out. JJ becomes suspicious of how and why she saw Chad ... Abigail announces her intent to pack and leave the mansion on her own terms. She tells devoted Dario thank you for listening. He lets her know he is here for her anytime she needs him. However, he doubts she will be able to let go so easily. Abigail heads back to the mansion, determined to have a new beginning, a new life. Dario gets to thinking ...

Scooter is filled with remorse. He thanks Nicole for bringing him and his beloved Hilary back together. Brady gives him the evil eye as he grovels. Brady wants his assurance they will not be turned in. Scooter stammers he would never do that and admits he makes him nervous. Nicole tells him the time has come to go. He promises to say nothing to Hilary and notes they are leaving for a honeymoon, which will be followed by couples therapy. Brady sees him to the door. Before slamming it after him, he barks to remember he happens to be a KIRIAKIS ... Back at the loft princess Claire tries to ignore Jade and goes online. She gasps about her singing career being in shambles as she is losing followers as they speak. Jade has some words of wild wisdom ... Gabi tells JJ that she advised Chad to go back to Abigail as he loves her. JJ is sorry he was rude about it before and realizes this has to be hard for her. Gabi sighs it is hard as she does love Chad. However, she is certainly no home wrecker and believes he should fight for his family ... At the pub Mr. Wonderful Wyatt lets Ciara decide their next date She tells him to decide and steps away to take a call from a college study partner. Wyatt gets a text from the person who hired him, about Ciara's favorite things to do. Ciara comes back ... Claire cannot believe her songs are losing support online. Jade slyly suggests she get attention by making a s-e-x tape. Scandal sells ... JJ tenderly tells Gabi he is here if ever she needs to talk. She sighs she spoke enough and woefully walks away ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail has her bag packed like little orphan Annie. Chad arrives. She explains mama Jen took Thomas for the night so she will be there. Tomorrow the movers will remove the rest of her belongings. Chad begs her not to go and reasons Thomas needs his mother here at the mansion ... Ciara is excited about going skating with former hockey player Wyatt right now. He pays the bill and stands up, suddenly looking nervous ... Jade says to make noise to get trending. She suggests Claire make her tape with Theo, then pretend she did not release it online and apologize to him. No scandal and she will never be one of the one in a million who make it as singers. Claire begs to differ and goes on her haughty way ... Nicole gushes she is grateful that Brady was there for her and grounds her. He talks like Dan again, telling her he is here for her. Nicole emotionally blurts out she loves him ... Gabi catches up with Dario and repeats her advice to Chad ... Back at DiMera mansion, Abigail cries she is sorry. Chad cries not to walk out and declares he will wait for her forever. Alas the damsel in emotional distress departs ... ...


Steve wants Tripp to give up his inheritance, Paul has something for Sonny. Meanwhile love is in the air for John and Marlena and this time it is no dream. How dreamy!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, April 18