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Monday, April 17, 2017
Episode 13,067
Length:1215 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Brady looks for dream destinations online and asks Nicole what her new alias should be. She snaps not Lois as it sounds like Lolita! Brady promises to keep Scooter at bay and calms her when the door knocks. Tis Hilary with yummy muffins she baked. Brady gets the mail. The two women are alone now. Hilary brings up Scooter wanting to work out since she moved next door. Nicole suspects it is the spring. Hilary suspects her, however ... Back in Salem Eric sighs at his desk and reads another article about Nicole ... At the square Andre assures Jen that Abigail will ask them back to the renewal soon. Kate begs to differ ... Gabi appeals to brother Dario at the club to come around with Rafe. He offers her a new drink called heartbreak amnesia. Gabi says to see someone new and gushes about new guy Eli. Dario has a bad feeling about Mr. FBI ... At DiMera mansion Chad gets mad at Abigail deciding he belongs with Gabi right in the middle of their beautiful vows renewal with family in attendance. Abigail believes she is being noble by letting him go to Gabi. He gets choked up and tries not to cry. She exclaims their fairy tale was only in her head and states she now knows he did not save her first, he saved her and Gabi at the same time. Furthermore he and Gabi spoke in code. That means they have a connection so she is officially setting him free ... Gabi gets a text from Eli asking for a date and steps away from Dario. Chloe appears asking if Eduardo left any information on Holly. She would like to know who traced them in Canada but Dario can give her nothing. She now gets a call from Eric to discuss Holly ... Insecure Hilary insists Scooter is falling for Nicole but she claims there is nothing there. Hilary suggests Scooter was inspired by her and Brady's strong marriage. Nicole suggests she treat herself to a salon and get romantic with her hubby. Hilary thanks her for the advice and leaves as Brady returns with a box. Nicole takes it and fibs she ordered a toy. He heads in the other room to work on their new IDs. Nicole opens the box and sighs at the contents. Seductive lingerie with a message on pink paper from Scooter, who cannot wait for tonight! Nicole knows she has to somehow turn the situation around ...

Chloe meets Eric in his office. She is cold as ice due to what happened to Dan. She demands to know what he knows about Nicole. Eric implores her to help him atone ... Kate claims Abigail has seen the light. Jen hisses to stay away from her daughter and storms off. Andre eyes Kate ... Chad shouts Gabi is no more than a memory but Abigail argues he knew how to communicate with her when they were in danger. Chad argues he would save them all again and again. Abigail adds he would not have saved her first if push had come to shove. Chad cries in protest ... Nicole nervously zips her gym bag shut and Brady wonders. She states she feels sorry for Hilary. Brady gets back to his computer, planning for their future. Nicole announces she is going to the gym as the kids sleep. She tenderly kisses him before she goes just because he is him and that is such a good thing. But something has fallen on the floor ... Eric appeals to Chloe by bringing up King Solomon's story, and urges her to compromise so Nicole and baby can return home ... Andre and Kate sit with their martinis and discuss Abigail and Gabi. Andre gets sarcastic about Gabi's past when Kate claims Abigail is too weak. He calls Gabi as well as Kate aggressive, greedy and narcissistic. He refers to her prostitute past and she throws her drink in his face. They both stand up and he grabs her in an impulsive kiss. Kate slaps him and he smirks. It happens in a matter of seconds ... Chad wants Abigail to consider that they have a connection in their son. Abigail thinks that is not enough and Chad accuses her of abandoning their love just like she did before ...

Jen overhears Eric argue with Chloe about her judgment. He implores her to let Holly be with both women who love her. Chloe storms out in a huff. Jen comes in and tells him Chloe does not do well with the truth ... Andre apologizes for calling Kate certain names and flirts about her charm. She sighs they have so few friends and swallows an olive. He suggests another drink and some ice for his face. Kate smiles ... Chad rages at Abigail for finding excuses so she can run away ... Hilary heads to Brady to ask for cables cos Scooter has car trouble. Brady now gets a text from Nicole also about car trouble. Hilary finds it an odd coincidence. She gets a text from Scooter she does not reveal and takes off ... Brady calls Nicole and gets her voice mail. He then finds the lingerie on the floor. He did not give her this ... At the club catty Kate tells Gabi what went down at the ceremony. Trouble in paradise ... Back at DiMera mansion Chad ain't too proud to beg. He apologizes and weeps he loves Abigail. She weeps she deserves to be loved by his whole heart. She cries she cannot continue without all of his love. She weeps she wants him to be happy. He cries no as she removes her ring and leaves it on a table. Then she kisses him goodbye and walks out. Chad breaks down ...

Jen appreciates Eric's efforts and updates him on the Abigail drama. It does not look well for Chad and her daughter. Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Andre asks Chad where Abigail went. Alas she left him as she believes he loves Gabi. Andre knows he loves only Abigail. Chad agrees and Andre urges him to fight for the woman he loves. He needs this new strong woman who now centers him! Chad tearfully agrees and Andre sternly reminds him the DiMeras never give up! Chad hugs him and woefully walks away. Andre bangs the table in frustration ... Kate tells Gabi to take her golden opportunity. She claims only she can make Chad happy ... Brady starts to do the Scooter math. He realizes they are meeting at the Maple Leaf Motel and calls a local babysitter to help him out last minute ... Eric assures Jen she will be able to help Abigail and holds her in his arms again. She is glad to be there ... Abigail woefully walks alone and sits on a bench by the flowers. Then she cries. Dario comes and wonders what happened. She sobs she and Chad are over and leans against him ... Elsewhere Gabi and Chad run into one another and soap stare ... Brady gets the hotel room door open with ease. He is met with the sight of Scooter making out with a blonde woman on the bed ...


Tis not what Brady thinks tee hee!


All the drama in Salem on Monday, April 17