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Friday, April 14, 2017
Episode 13,066
Length:1225 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Abigail rereads Gabi's old yearbook message about cherished memories with Chad. Enter elated Andre, with fresh spring flowers, but the bride again believes she was a fool ... At the square Kate pressures Gabi to go to the man she loves. The clock is ticking! Chad ends his call and Gabi soap stares with longing ... Andre assures Abigail the ceremony will be wonderful so Abigail shows him the yearbook message from Gabi. He does not understand her issue and calls Gabi an ancient memory without meaning. Abigail explains Chad saved them both at the same time and had more faith in the other girl. Andre begs to differ but Abigail has made up her mind ... Gabi will not come between Chad and Abigail. Kate wants to go get him. Chad walks away and Gabi implores her to wait. She will not hurt her friends. Kate withdraws but not her opinion ...Meanwhile in Canada Brady suggests he and Nicole head off to Argentina when the IDs are done. Nicole is distracted and fears the worst case scenario. Brady believes Scooter knows not her real identity. Ominous music plays in the background. Nicole tells him they are out of time. He wonders what she is not telling him ... Good girl Gabi cries and bumps into Eli at the park. He asks what is wrong. She weeps she loves Chad and will lose him forever today ... Dapper Andre DiMera wants Abigail to remember brotha loves her. The past may be residual but it shall pass. Abigail updates him on the moment at the pub but Andre thinks she is overreacting. He knowingly smiles they were meant to be ...

Nicole is admittedly anxious so Brady massages her shoulders. He assures her there is enough time and he will look after her. She alludes to her past coming back to haunt her, the wicked way she could react when cornered. Brady believes she is being maternal and has changed. They hug and she puts her head on his shoulder ... Back in Salem, Andre argues he only wants the right woman for brotha and baby and that is Abigail! He emotionally explains she changed his life. Her love for Chad brought out the best in both DiMeras. She is uncertain. He urges her to embrace their future. Chad did the noble thing by saving both girls. Abigail feels better and holds the beautiful bouquet ... Eli sits with Gabi, who pours out her heart and story. He wonders what Chad is feeling ... Jen and JJ arrive at DiMera mansion and greet excited Chad. Kate waltzes in wearing blue to match her mood and opens her lips to protest. Andre elegantly takes her aside. He dangerously advises her to hold her peace ... Nicole is looking out the window. Brady is ready to take the family to the farmer's market. She would rather stay here and sleep. Once alone, she sighs Scooter must be on his way ... The door knocks right on cue. Tis Scooter the stalker! He warns her he is not giving up. Nicole hisses she will never sleep with him ... Gabi admits Chad loves both girls. Eli is somewhat surprised. He realizes Gabi wants to be good but if Chad wants to go no one will be able to stop him ... Andre argues with Kate about who is better for Chad - Abigail or Gabi. The bride enters in her silk gown and the groom wonders whether she is ready. She smiles she is. Jenny is over the moon ... The guests are seated. Abigail and Chad nervously giggle. They thank the family for their love and support, bringing the Hortons and DiMeras together. They are asked to hold hands and do just that. Kate hesitates until Andre issues her a threat. The bride and groom stand before them. Violins play as Chad recalls their romance, how he almost lost her and lost himself along the way without her. She is his light. Therefore, with this new ring begins a new beginning and he takes her to be his wife. Always ...

Eli holds Gabi and tells her it will be alright. She puts her head on his shoulder and wonders why he was here. Julie appears in a purple outfit and coldly claims Eli is here to meet her for she has items from his father. Gabi excuses herself and Eli cannot believe how rude Julie was. She warns him that was just the appetizer of what she will dish out ... Scooter sneers he will expose Nicole to Hilary. Nicole thinks he would be unfair to subject Hilary to his secret. Scooter will not wait and tries to make his move. She calls him sick and promises to play along another time, when Brady is away. But Scooter wants Misty tonight or else he will tell the Mounties where to find her ... Later on, Brady has the kids home asleep and Nicole's neck is sore. She suggests they take off tonight. He reminds her the IDs require two weeks to be ready. He downplays Scooter and speaks of the kids loving the baby goat at the farmer's market. He will miss the country life where things seem simple and honest. Holly cries and he offers to tend to her. Nicole sighs as he goes into the other room. She gets teary about what she knows she must do ...

Eli admires his late dad's record collection and plans to show Gabi. Julie tells her to stay away cos that girl murdered cousin Nick! Do not be seduced by her soft brown eyes! Eli informs her no one tells him what to do! He kisses her cheek, thanks her for the records, and leaves. Julie grimaces ... Abigail emotionally recounts her romance with Chad. He was her light, the prince of her fairy tale who broke the bad spell and kissed her pain away. His love saved her. He gazes down at her and she suddenly stops ... She stammers he saved her. He saved her again and again. However she cannot make him give up what he really loves. She no longer feels life is a fairy tale, never will be ... Nicole talks to herself, out of options. Then she calls Scooter and leaves a message. Misty is going to make his dreams come true tonight. She tells him to meet her at Maple Leaf Motel at nine ... Julie vows as God as her witness to keep Gabi away from David's son ... Meanwhile Eli catches up with Gabi at the pub. He admits Julie said some things but looks forward to hearing her side on date number two. He teases he will make her forget about that other guy. Time for another fun app game ... Abigail asks to speak to Chad alone. Kate smugly leaves the room with Andre. Jen takes Thomas for a walk with JJ. They are all alone now. Chad sadly states he can fix things or postpone the ceremony. Anything she needs. Abigail gasps too late for she now knows she can no longer be his wife. The girl with the fragile mind concludes he was meant to be with the other girl ...


Have yourselves a Happy Easter weekend. I always watch Easter Parade with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in color. Timeless ...


All the drama in Salem on Friday, April 14