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Thursday, April 13, 2017
Episode 13,065
Length:1230 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Dario has two bags of items from Ed for Kate at DiMera mansion - gifts he was going to give her one day when they reconciled. Kate weeps Romeo Eduardo would not give up on their romance even when she pushed him away. Dario knows he loved her dearly. Kate cries she loved and lost him ... Upstairs Chad finishes getting dressed and puts on his gold watch. Abigail's colorful dress reflects her happy mood. He lets her know he has to meet Lucas and will see her at their vows. They agree they are happy and kiss ... JJ walks through the square with a bright pink cake box. Gabi notices and notes he has the cake for Abigail and Chad's vows renewal ceremony. JJ alludes to her heartbreak but Gabi claims she was only upset the other day about Eduardo being carted off forever. JJ tenderly tells her he cares and does not blame her for falling for Chad when they assumed Abigail was no longer alive. Teary Gabi tells him she will not talk about this and takes off ... Jenny arrives with the dress for Abigail, who feels like a blushing bride all over again. She believes this day will cement her and Chad's relationship forever ... Kate tells Dario about the beautiful charm bracelet Ed decided to keep with the other things, until she would accept the gifts along with him. She reads his note and all the gifts have meaning. Kate now knows how deeply he did love her. She breaks down and breaks some glass with a scream ...

At the club, Myron the happy hacker is updating Dario on the millions he stole from his last stunt. He tells him Eduardo would be proud. Rafe arrives wondering what. He suspiciously grills his little brother, who is still livid he arrested their father. He intends to keep his company going. Rafe orders him to keep GDR honest cos he would hate to have to arrest another family member. Dario is disgusted he would not look the other way for his own father. Rafe talks oath. Dario talks family loyalty ... Jen and Abigail come downstairs. They wonder whether Kate broke the glass in protest of today's vows. Kate cries she did not and woefully states Chad is like a son to her. She wants to see him happy. She weeps about Ed some more and waltzes out with her bags. Abigail complains about Kate promoting Gabi. Jen tells her daughter to focus on her future with Chad. She now asks her to select a few high school photos of him for her surprise slide show. Abigail takes the old pictures box out. JJ gets to the front door with the cake. Jen whispers to talk to his sister. She seems anxious ... JJ does just that. Abigail cannot fool the young detective, who deduces she is worried about Gabi and Chad. She overreacts ...

Chad and Lucas get together at the square. It is about Countess W business. Chad complains a huge amount of cash was hacked from their account last night. Naturally they both suspect Deimos of being the mastermind. Lucas offers to file the report to the cops cos Chad has his re-wedding to attend. Chad thanks him and starts to sweat ... Hope is back at her detective work and tells Rafe. He sadly sips his coffee at his computer and she tries to console him about Eduardo. He knows he did the right thing ... At the pretty park Kate catches up with Gabi. She is glad to see her and presses her to do something if she loves Chad ... Lucas updates detectives Rafe and Hope on the missing money. Countess W was hacked last night. Deimos is the prime suspect. Hope asks about the proof. Alas there is none yet. Rafe is on it ... Abigail admits to JJ she did see the look on Chad's face when Gabi ran out of the pub the other night. However, she feels partly to blame because their feelings only started after she faked her death ... Kate does not want Gabi to let Chad get away. She must tell him she loves him! Gabi does not agree. Kate reasons Chad is only staying with Abigail for the sake of their child. In the end that never works. She implores her to fight, further displacing her regret over Eduardo ...

Rafe starts to look for the stolen money trail. Hope is sorry they did not get Deimos before he used the bug she planted against Eduardo. Rafe is worried she will go rogue again and Raines will ruin her life. She promises she will not be reckless and takes such risks again. Rafe is relieved ... Abigail tells her brother she is busy. JJ announces all that matters is her happiness. Abigail admits she is not happy Kate is attending but will try to ignore her. The siblings hug. JJ will be back later. Meanwhile Kate compares her story to that of Chad and Gabi but Gabi insists her story is not the same. Kate brings up the special kind of love that is worth fighting for. Gabi gasps she cannot and takes off in tears ... Abigail admires her gurgling baby in the bassinet and takes out the teen photos of Chad. She notices his baseball picture with a message written by Gabi about their secret baseball rendezvous with his ear tugging. Abigail now flashes back to Chad tugging his ear when Gabi was struggling with the ropes. It was a sign that he would pitch the antidote to her as well ... Hope the flirt wants to make Rafe dinner tonight. He says no cooking. She smiles she will order some takeout. She promises him a massage and he likes the sound of that. She teases a bubble bath too and he smiles like a man in love ... Kate chases after Gabi insisting Abigail is fooling herself. However if she goes through with her wedding vows renewal with Chad, he will feel eternally obligated to her, good man that he is. Kate reasons sometimes the right thing is so wrong so stop him before she loses him forever ...

Lucas gets off a Countess W call at the club. He tells Dario he is sorry about what happened to Eduardo. Dario wants to know why he is not at the DiMera mansion for the vows renewal of Abigail, his good friend, and Chad. Lucas replies family representation will be present. Moments later Myron the happy hacker warns Dario that Lucas is CEO of Countess W. He might know something. Dario doubts it ... Jen pays Hope a visit at the station and confides to cuz that she fears Abigail is only trying to convince herself she and Chad are solid ... Back at DiMera mansion, Abigail is devastated that Chad saved her and Gabi at the same time. She now knows the inconvenient truth ... Chad arrives at the square, busy with his iphone. Kate is convinced it is a sign and pushes Gabi to go to him now and tell him how she feels before it is too late. Gabi blinks ...


Eli is Gabi's new rock. Meanwhile Abigail stops her ceremony.


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, April 13