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Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Episode 13,064
Length:1550 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


JJ enters DiMera mansion with a long face and serious news about Gabi for Abigail and Chad. Meanwhile Dario confirms Ed's long stay away with glum Gabi. He consoles his sister and promises to never leave her and Ari. United they stand ... Sonny and hot shirtless Paul sit at the park, pleasantly discussing their tennis match. Sonny gets a text from Lucas that he will take Ari tonight to give Gabi some time. Ed is sadly being sent to a federal institution. Paul states his sources say Deimos set him up. Sonny gets testy when he tells him he is very worried about him ... Chad rubs his forehead as JJ shares the details of Deimos setting up Gabi's father. He remembers Gabi the day she almost died and Abigail wonders what is wrong ... Ciara is happy to meet Wyatt at the square. Young love in the making. She smiles and he senses something. She admits he seems too good to be true ... At the loft little princess Claire is in crisis over the low number of views on her new songs online. Theo takes it all in stride since she is not a professional. She complains most record execs are only interested in successful singers. She is doomed if she does not succeed soon. Theo sweetly tells her she sure is off the charts in his world. He gushes he loves her and she wonders. He is ready to be together in every sense of the word. A piano tinkles as he refers to their romance as forever. Pause.

Chad stammers he feels very sorry for Gabi losing her dad again. Abigail will text her so she knows they care. But she hesitates about texting Dario. Chad probes. JJ just wanted to tell them in private. Chad reasons Rafe will look after his siblings and gets back to his blonde wife with a kiss. He cannot wait to renew their vows tomorrow. She smiles up at him with stars in her eyes ... Lani almost has to work with Eli at the station so he promises to be pleasant on a professional level ... Sonny is having a great hair day but his red shirt reflects his rage about Deimos. Paul, the guy in the white shirt, is worried Deimos will take down Sonny next. Sonny intends to investigate until he finds something. Paul emotionally blurts out he cannot lose him for he loves him. Sonny seems surprised. Paul speaks the words again. Matter of fact he has always loved him. Sonny grins he loves him right back ... At the mansion, Abigail marvels to Chad that their vows will be about who they are now. They kiss and JJ says he will see them at the pub. Chad asks him to chauffeur her to the party whilst he goes on an errand. Of course ... JJ believes Chad and his sister are in a good place. Abigail hopes so ...

Eli lets Lani know he will be attending the Chad and Abigail party at the pub. Lani makes light of them ever being friendly and sarcastically reminds him he accused her of meddling. Eli laughs and suggests a start over. Done and they shake on the deal ... Claire sits in stunned silence. Theo does not understand. Claire notes forever sounds like a loooong time. Theo thinks making love is a forever kind of thing. If she wants to he is IN. Claire agrees and they kiss. She suggests somewhere special. Theo is ready and blindfolds her for a surprise ... At the park Chad examines a ring he just bought. Dario comes by and Chad is sorry about his father. Dario accuses him of being smug he lost a competitor. He lets Chad know he will do whatever it takes to make his family's company number one in Salem! Chad hopes he will not do anything rash. Gabi does not need to lose another loved one. Dario fumes he should focus on his own wife instead of his sister. He stares him down. Chad scoffs to mind his own business. Dario accuses him of betraying beautiful Abigail whereas he loves and appreciates her. Chad is stunned he loves his wife. Dario blasts Chad as he knows he will only break her heart and walks away ...

Wyatt wants to take Ciara fishing. They have that in common in addition to favorite music. It is too convenient. He suggests fishing on Smith Island. Ciara smiles her family owns property up there. It gets even more coincidental when he steps away to get them a couple of lattes just the way she likes them ... Colorful Julie approaches and Ciara introduces her perfect date when he returns. Wyatt compliments Julie on the family good looks. Julie bids them a fun time and takes her leave, suggesting Wyatt come for dinner one day. They sit back down and Wyatt squeezes Ciara's hand, feeling mighty lucky ... Theo has taken Claire to a fancy room. Cider, candles, and rose petals on the bed await. She gushes how perfect and gives him a kiss ... JJ and Lani have a good time at the pub party with Abigail, Eli, Paul and Sonny. Laughter abounds. Abigail gets up to greet Chad. JJ hands him a glass and Abigail makes her speech, thanking them all for their support. Tomorrow is an intimate family affair and tonight is for friends. They toast to Eli. Chad says what it means to be with Hortons and how one works through the hard times, coming out stronger. Their vows renewal tomorrow will mark a new beginning, confirming their commitment. He loves his wife more than ever and she loves him right back. All drink to the couple ... Gabi walks into the pub and stops in her tracks. She was not expecting to encounter such a celebration ...

Abigail notices Gabi, who runs away in tears. Chad looks tormented. Eli explains her upset must be about Eduardo and goes after her. JJ feels sad for her being alone. Chad blames himself for what happened to Eduardo ... Eli joins tragic Gabi on a park bench. They discuss Eduardo and she cries she cannot have him in her life anymore. She sobs against him and he holds her close. Julie appears and stares in fright at the sight ... Back at the pub Abigail assures Chad that Eli might be able to make Gabi feel better ... Julie leaves the park area with its pretty flowers. Gabi notes at least he will not need to investigate her father. Sonny approaches with a hug and Eli leaves the girl in his good hands. Sonny reminds her they both love Ari and that is a lot. But how is she doing now that Chad and Abigail are back on track? Ciara's Mr. Perfect finishes his latte. She gushes he gets her and makes her feel good. He calls her amazing ... Theo and Claire are getting physical for the first time ... Gabi admits to Sonny her feelings for Chad haunt her. He suggests they discuss but she does not want to keep feeling down. In her mind Chad and Abigail belong together. She will not try and break up their happy family ... Chad and Abigail arrive home to their magnificent mansion. Now that they are alone, he solemnly lets her know what Dario let slip. He can see from the look on her face that she already knows Dario loves her. She claims they are friends only with no feelings. Chad noticed she did not want to text him. She explains just as he decided with Gabi, she decided no Dario in her life was best for all of them. The baby cries and she heads upstairs. Chad is torn as he takes out his phone ... Theo and Claire are out of breath and surrounded by flowers. She sighs there are no words. He agrees cos it was with the one they love and they kiss again ... Ciara invites Wyatt in despite all her roommates. He suggests they wait until they know one another better and gives her a mini kiss on the cheek. Once she shuts the door, he texts his contact thanking them for all the advice on her likes. Everything is going as planned ... Back at the pub Eli, JJ and Paul discuss who Deimos will go after next. Jump Street JJ suggests a pact that the three of them consolidate their power in the future. They drink to it with their beer ... Sonny states it would not be possible for Gabi to avoid Chad in small Salem. She gasps she must! He is sorry about the situation and so is she. They embrace ... Abigail joins Chad at their big bed and updates him on getting Thomas back to sleep. He promises that after tomorrow the future is theirs. Nothing else matters. He suggests she slip out of her dress and then falls asleep. Abigail finds the ring box and opens it, her eyes shining with hope ...


Wyatt is not the only thing that is too good to be true ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, April 12