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Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Episode 13,063
Length:1395 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the Brady pub Kayla tells a concerned Steve she will try to get through to Tripp about evil Ava. With time he will see them for the clan they really are, not including the truth about Joe though. Steve hopes his son will not feel the need to confess to his other son ... Meanwhile Joe is on the verge of confessing to Tripp that he killed Ava when Jade suddenly walks in ... Eric is at his desk doing his good work from the phone. He notices a memo from Jen and starts to sense something is happening far away ... Cooking partners Brady and Nicole are messy from the kitchen and he cleans her up with a kiss. She flashes back to Scooter making moves and pulls away ... Steve lets Kayla know he will see her soon. First he has someone to summon - Ava's cousin Angelo. Kayla watches after him with worry ... Jade almost fake faints to stop Joey from spilling the truth to Tripp. She now asks Tripp to fetch her medication from upstairs as she forgot to take it . Once alone with Joe, she warns him not to make things even worse. Jade the smart cookie explains Joe would only expose his father for lying so Tripp would be mad at them both. She offers to tell Tripp how good his folks are. Joe thanks her. She gushes she is glad to do something since they have helped her so much ... Brady asks Nicole if his nearness makes her uneasy. She sighs and he realizes it is Scooter that has her so stressed ...

At the pub Marlena looks as fresh as a spring day in her jacket. She smiles sweetly at Eric as he sips his coffee. She can see he is fatigued and he admits he spent the night at the side of someone in need at the hospital whose folks live out of town. Marlena is proud of her saintly son and suggests he also have a social life. She asks about his date with the fair Jennifer. He felt the need to cancel and calls himself a wounded bird. But the blonde begs to differ ... Nicole gasps she feels violated again. Brady wants to beat up Scooter. Nicole thinks that would not be the way and he promises not to. However, in two weeks as soon as their new fake IDs are ready they are blowing this pop stand. Not much can happen in such a sleepy town in two weeks. So says Brady. Nicole tries to put on a brave face and he heads to the store for eggs and other ingredients. Little man Tate likes his cupcakes and Brady is a master baker, among other things. As soon as he leaves an erratic knocking sounds at the door. Nicole is dismayed to have smug Scooter back on her doorstep. He calls her Misty and attempts to blackmail her into being with him - or her happy little family life will blow up. She keeps him at bay and repeats her no ... Tripp comes downstairs with Jade's pills. She asked Joey to give them a moment alone. She tells him about her hard life, how the wonderful Johnsons helped her. Tripp, however, cannot forget that Steve killed Ava, claims he does not give a damn about any of them, and slams the door after himself. Jade goes after him ... to the club ... Steve meets with slick Angelo outside at the Salem square. There is no love lost between the two men. Steve accuses him of meddling. Angelo innocently states Tripp is the son of his late cousin so he is family. As it turns out Angelo inherited the entire Vitali family fortune and felt the need to set up a trust for Tripp, whom he has made his own man. Steve snaps he told him lies about crazy Ava. Angelo reminds Steve he killed her when she was already unconscious and got the ISA to cover up for him. There was no hit at all ... Nicole hears Brady's car door close and convinces Scooter to scoot through the back door, She warns him Brady is a fierce protector. Scooter threatens to have Hilary arrest him if Brady bothers him ...

When Brady enters with his grocery bags, Scooter is nowhere in sight. Nicole makes no mention of him ... Back in Salem, Angelo taunts Steve that he made Tripp see the light about his lying father forever ... Kayla and Joe wonder where oh where Tripp and Jade went ... At the club, Tripp drowns his sorrows in a glass of beer and remembers what a rich young man he now is. Jade joins him. He wants to be alone. She calls him a jerk. He counters she should mind her own business. She wants a drink as well. Tripp says no to the underage teen - until she threatens to go to a party ... Marlena insists it took tremendous strength for Eric to get his life back together in Salem. He sighs some disagree. Marlena does the math and deduces Victor must have given him a hard time. After a hug and a smile for her son, she storms off to do battle ... Brady heads back to the kitchen to work on the all important cupcakes. Cupcake Nicole has another visitor. This time tis crying Hillary who had a fight with Scooter. Ominous music plays.

Marlena marches into the Kiriakis mansion to confront Victor. She calls him a raging bull in a china shop who attacked a man who was down. Victor wickedly replies Eric must have been whining to his mother. She holds her head high and reminds him of his checkered history causing numerous people pain. The Greek growls Eric had better respect Dan's memory. Marlena brings up Deimos and has the last word. Victor sarcastically says to stay for a glass of wine but alas she is gone ... Back in his small office, Eric gets a strange feeling. He sits at his computer and searches online for any information on Nicole. According to the reports she remains a woman on the run ... Nicole is sorry that Hilary and Scooter have a bad marriage. She wishes she could help her. Hilary quips to kill him and hastily adds she was just joking. She praises her pal for her strength and whips out her gun to practice at the firing range. She suggests Nicole, come, then runs out of the room crying at the thought of Scooter cheating ... Nicole reaches into her handbag and pulls out the gun with ease ...

Steve orders Angelo the full fledged mobster to stay away from his family. Angelo scoffs Tripp is family and taunts he is too late. The young man does not need his father ... Tripp lets Jade drink some beer from his glass. Kayla and Joe have arrived and Kayla exclaims to put the glass down. Jade grimaces ... Tired Eric dreams at his desk. He dreams of stopping running Nicole to warn her against the big mistake she is about to make. Then he sits down and starts to write her a letter ... Meanwhile miles away Nicole puts the gun back in the handbag. Hilary comes back and tries to keep it together She leaves with her bag and the gun ... Nicole goes online to search where she can get a gun. She seems to be leaving a trail that starts with her fingerprints on Hilary's gun ... Tripp gets mad at Kayla trying to tell him what to do and storms off. Joe suggests she let him go this time ... Angelo boasts Tripp is a rich young man now and alludes to wanting him to move somewhere better than Salem. Steve rages to stay away from him ... Brady is back from the kitchen. Nicole lets him know she is looking forward to their future. He is happy to hear it and gets back to the cupcakes in the kitchen. Nicole now morphs into fighting mode, feeling Scooter left her no choice. And so begins the plan to KILL SCOOTER!




All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, April 11