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Monday, April 10, 2017
Episode 13,062
Length:1440 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the alley Ed has the briefcase and he is not the Deimos that Rafe and Hope were waiting for. He calls asking where the hell his contact is. Rafe looks ready to cry ... Steve worriedly returns to Joe and Kayla, wondering where Tripp was all night. He suspects he took off and blames himself. Joey wants brother to know that He killed Ava ... Tripp is in a room smiling through his tears at his late mother's words. She warns him not to believe false friends and gushes about giving him this recording when he turns 21 ... Smug Deimos ends a call about something that went his way. Victor wonders. Deimos drinks up and declares Titan will win big against a rival soon. Victor the Greek grins ... Gabi enters the club as Kate complains she seems to have been stood up by Ed ... The contact man arrives with the hot untraceable bonds. Ed has counterfeits in return. Hope records as Rafe swears. The contact leaves after the transaction. Rafe and Hope emerge after Ed shuts the attache case. He only sees his son, who gives him a dark stare. Ed immediately realizes he is sunk. He starts to say he wanted some sensitive documents back and Rafe reveals he was recorded. Ed is aghast. Rafe admits they got a tip via Deimos and Ed accuses the Kiriakis of setting him up. He assures his son it is only business but Rafe is law enforcement. Ed adds Dario does not know and asks him to walk away, forget about the deal he witnessed. He offers to donate the stolen bonds to charity but Rafe cannot agree. He righteously fumes he cannot forget his integrity, his oath. He had advised him not to do anything dumb! Ed realizes his luck has really run out. He sets down the case with a sigh and tells his sad son to do what he has to. Rafe snaps the cuffs on his father's hands and reads him his rights. Tragic music plays in the embittered background ...

At the loft Steve tells son Joey not to ruin his life so never tell Tripp his truth. Kayla agrees. Knock knock! Tis Tripp. He hears they were searching for him. Steve reminds his son he does care. He will give him all the time he needs and wants things to be made right. Tripp rages he knows who they are despite the facade. Joey gulps ... Victor is surprised to hear Hope planted a bug in the family house. Deimos boasts how he set up Eduardo and Victor cackles. Back at the club, Dario gets a call that makes him run out like a bat outta hell, dragging sister Gabi along ... Steve, Kayla and Joey stand in silence. Tripp calls them liars cos he knows what his mother was like now and holds up the dvds she made for her unborn son. Thanks to cousin Angelo, he now believes the real Ava Vitali was a loving woman whose heart was broken by Steve, whom she loved. He will never love him! Steve, Kayla and Joey try to tell him what kind of manipulator Ava was. Steve knows she would have loved Tripp, however. Tripp blames his father for ruining everything... Rafe sits at the station as Raines praises him for bringing in his father with proof. Rafe mutters he was just doing his job and exits, hanging his head in shame. He sits at his desk. Dario storms in demanding to know what he did to their devoted dad ...

Joey starts to say ... Steve snaps to step back and Kayla agrees. Steve declares those dvds do not tell the true story. Tripp tells him to watch them himself cos he took his sweet mother from him. Steve wishes things had not ended badly but believes he is better off never knowing his mother. He notes now she has ruined their relationship as well! He walks out and Kayla explains to Tripp he is wrong cos Steve is a good man who cares for him. She now goes after him. Tripp's blue eyes blink away the tears ... Dario has been updated by Rafe at his desk. Dario states family is supposed to protect family. Gabi appears and gets it, given Rafe's past history with helping her and how badly it ended. Rafe gets emotional about not being able to turn away. He wishes he had been the one arrested instead of Ed, who will certainly be sent to the slammer for his white collar crime. Gabi weeps. A frown creases Dario's brow. Gabi wants to help big brother Rafe but he feels terrible. The feds will come tomorrow to take Ed to a federal facility for being caught with their treasury bonds. Gabi begins to cry and he holds her, sighing he is sorry ... Dario goes in to see Ed, who sighs it was almost a great deal. Dario blames himself for putting business pressure on papa and succumbing to greed. Ed gives him a pep talk about being talented and tells him how proud he is of his son. He asks him to take care of sister Gabi, who now enters. Ed sheds a tear. Dario numbly departs. Gabi remains ...

Steve is at the pub with Kayla. They check out the Ava footage on a laptop. Ava tells her sweet son her story of Steve Johnson. The whole truth about the man she loved who left her after lying he would love her forever. Kayla gives Steve a sympathetic look as he lets out a long sigh ... Ed starts to speak Spanish but Gabi wants no sorry in Spanish. She feels betrayed. A soulful guitar plays in the background. She weeps he is wonderful with Arianna so why this! She lost him when she was a child and believed he would make up for those years. She loved watching him with Arianna. She cannot forgive him again, for her daughter's sake. Ed breaks down ... The sugary voice of Ava tells her unborn son how much he means to her and how much she loves him. Steve slams down the laptop, wondering how to expose a woman who is no longer alive and was such a great actress. Tripp will never believe his side of the story! Kayla tenderly reaches out to touch him in support ... Tripp has his bag packed and tells Joey no he cannot stay. He knows he was not responsible, then wonders what he meant when he said his mother had lied to him. Tripp suspects there might be something he wants to say about Ava. Joey freezes ...

Glam Kate sadly pays prisoner Ed a visit. He shows his handcuffs and she gasps how sorry she is. He is as well and they hold hands. She weeps they are out of time to say how they felt and share a sad long sweet kiss goodbye. They profess their love for one another. He will miss her. A cop arrives and escorts him out. Ed stands among his kids and lets them know a man stays for his family and how he wishes he had been able to be that man. He praises them as great people. He loves them and they love him. He regrets letting them down. Gabi breaks down as he is led away. Dario soap stares and declares THIS was the doing of Deimos so he must pay! Rafe glances at him with worry ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor and Deimos drink and cackle to Eduardo getting arrested by Rafe and sent away. But Victor warns him Gabi is the mother of Will's little girl and she and Hope are off limits. Deimos agrees. Victor warns him the sons will come after him. Deimos is looking forward to dealing with the both of them. Victor gives him a sneaky look ... Steve speaks with Kayla and comes to the conclusion that he cannot let Ava manipulate Tripp from the other side ... Joey exclaims to Tripp how his mom almost killed Kayla. Tripp states he has to say away from Steve since he was the one who ended his mother's life. Joey tells him not to go and offers to tell him the TRUTH. If he stays he will tell him what really happened that fateful day. Tripp is ready to hear it.


Marlena scolds Victor for his latest soap sin ... On a spiritual level Nicole and Eric are not over ... Jade has something to tell Tripp ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, April 10