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Friday, April 7, 2017
Episode 13,061
Length:1540 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sonny is checking his phone at the park as Paul appears with lunch on his mind. Sonny rages he has been receiving infuriating texts from Deimos. He curses and refuses to take his demotion sitting down. Paul gently suggests Basic Black is a great trend setting company but Sonny insists on being on the inside of the Kiriakis empire ... Meanwhile at the Kiriakis mansion Deimos arranges to see someone in an hour. Maggie overhears his next call about his strange sinister plan ... The redhead asks for details. Deimos claims it is about Sonny and the younger generation's sense of entitlement. He blasts Brady for taking off leaving him to deal with the business side of things as well. Tis a time of tension between the families. Maggie suggests then Deimos stop the war. Alas he has no intention of doing so. She warns him he is on the wrong path and already lost Nicole, with whom he clearly remains obsessed. Deimos knows he cannot make Nicole love him and claims to be out for r-e-s-p-e-c-t. He has gone back to his mobster ways ... Brady and Nicole are with the teething baby in their new Canadian home. She admits she could not sleep cos of Scooter. She is happy to have Brady and his unconditional love on her side. He suggests she pamper herself to a shower. He will watch Holly and Tate. If need be, he can even take them out somewhere after so she can sleep ... At the station Rafe and Hope discuss the bug she planted at the Kiriakis mansion in some flowers. It is no longer clear but at least they learned Deimos will be making a deal in a certain alley today. Rafe suspects the robbery mentioned was for Titan, as the company currently has a low cash flow. Hope is determined to be there to take down Deimos. Rafe goes macho protective and she fumes. Here comes cool Raines, who reminds Hope she does desk work. He hands her some files to put away and walks out. Rafe mocks their intense new boss and then gets a text from Ed. Hope announces she will meet him in the alley. Rafe grins, impressed with her gumption ... Deimos speaks in circles so as not to reveal anything to Maggie. She senses he is starting to snap and suggests he step away for perspective. Deimos tells her he only wants the Kiriakis clan to stay on top. She warns him not to make war with the younger Kiriakis men for Victor would choose his descendants over him in a heartbeat ...

When Nicole comes out of the shower freshly scrubbed and serene, she is clad in a towel. Brady has taken the kids out, as he said he would. Nightmare Scooter is waiting for her! He threatens to blow her cover if she tells his wife what they are going to do. He knows she is Nicole Walker the fugitive and dangerous drums play ... Paul wants to bring down Deimos by the book, by doing surveillance. Impatient Sonny insists he will do this his way ... At the club Ed is being adorable with mesmerized Arianna. He gives her a bracelet and Rafe joins them at the table. Hr gushes Ed is great with his granddaughter. Ed wishes he had been available for his own kids in the past and promises not to miss any more family moments. He shows Rafe the beautiful charm bracelet he had made for Kate. Life is beautiful and things are looking up. Rafe senses he has something up his sleeve and sighs not to break the law ... Kate spies Deimos alone at the square paying his cafe bill. She wonders about his marred face. He blames Chad. She muses he must have deserved it. Deimos speaks words of revenge against all his foes. Kate talks back, believing he will not succeed. Now Deimos now has another person to be mad at ... Paul notes Sonny always used to do the right thing. Never mind about winning. The Sonny he knew was above that. Sonny becomes more agitated about Deimos. Paul suggests he let the pros deal with the mobster. Sonny gets his back up and takes off, assuming Paul meant he was not man enough. Paul sighs ... Maggie pays Hope a visit at the station seeking an update any update on the whereabouts of baby Holly. Hope explains the FBI feel she crossed into Canada with Nicole. Maggie wishes Chloe would have been more reasonable. Hope knows she is no angel either and wishes the two women would work things out. Maggie blames Deimos for coming between them when he tried to bribe a judge behind their back. All roads of all bad things in Salem now seem lead to Deimos. The redhead is worried what he will do next since he is starting to snap. Hope suspects he will only do his own self in and smiles knowingly as she raises an eyebrow ...

Deimos warns Kate to watch it cos she pushed him in the river. He could have her arrested. She hisses she has more on him. Besides she has family connections who would come after him. Andre is her close associate and she has Hernandez contacts. He taunts she and Ed will not end well. She lets him know she wishes he had drowned in the raging river. Deimos smugly leaves, as he has big plans ... Brady is at the local diner feeding little man Tate fries as he tells him how much he loves Nicole and how wonderful their lives will be no matter where in the world they are ... Nicole feels extremely exposed and clutches her towel, asking Scooter what he wants. He thinks she knows. He warns her Hilary will never leave him regardless of what she says and would arrest a fugitive. Nicole claims she is no fugitive but smart Scooter discovered she is Nicole Walker wanted woman on the run, not Bridget. Brady Black is not even her husband! He reaches for her towel ...

Kate comes across Rafe at the club, where she was supposed to meet Ed. He assures her Ed will be back after dropping off Ari. He left her a glass of champagne to enjoy. Rafe agrees they are good for one another. He wishes them both happiness and departs. Kate is clearly ready to take a chance again, as the old Barry Manilow song goes. But life is not as simple as a love song or a glass of bubbly ... Nicole offers Scooter Brady's big money but he has no interest in retiring from his professor position. She gasps Brady would kill him. He threatens to expose her to cop wife Hilary, then gets closer for his big move. The sound of a car door slamming permeates the silence. Nicole gasps Brady is back! ... At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny comes looking for Deimos. Maggie notes he is not pleased. Sonny complains about his corporate maneuver and announces he has proof in the numbers that the part of Titan Victor owns is doing well, whereas Deimos' side is sinking. Maggie suggests he prove himself to Victor. Sonny intends to do just that. He is better in business than Deimos ... Scooter has vanished. Billionaire heir Brady hears what he did and decides to teach him a lesson. Nicole stops him in a panic. Brady agrees they should leave this place for another. He promises to fix everything and holds nervous Nicole close ... Back in Salem detectives Rafe and Hope are waiting and watching from behind some crates in an alley. Rafe has an earmike and Hope is recording with an iphone ... Back at the park, Paul calls JJ about keeping up his Deimos surveillance. Sonny arrives with something to say ...

Brady need only transfer funds from his Cayman account to arrange new IDs for himself and Nicole. They will be able to leave this town in two weeks. Nicole laments that is a long time. Brady teases next time they will try a less friendly town and goes to check on sleeping Tate. He does not know all the details of today's drama. Nicole decides right then and there what she has to do next ... Sonny sweetly apologizes for being overly sensitive with Paul after their magical night together. Paul smiles and agrees it was wonderful ... Hopeful heart Kate waits for Ed at the club and woefully wonders whether he stood her up ... Ed enters the alley with a briefcase and looks around. He then calls his contact and demands to know where the hell he is. Rafe stares in horror at the sight of his own father carrying something that was stolen, if Deimos' call was correct ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos destroys the bug Hope was kind enough to hide in his flowers and sarcastically thanks her to himself. This marks the start of his mission to destroy his enemies in Salem one setup at a time. So he thinks ...!


Deimos' mission to bring his enemies down is a mission impossible.


All the drama in Salem on Friday, April 7