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Thursday, April 6, 2017
Episode 13,060
Length:1385 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


It is a sunny day as Abigail wakes up to Chad bringing Thomas to their bed. She slept a long time and he tells her she tossed and turned. He wonders why and she remembers seeing Gabi's picture on his ipad. Back to the present. Chad the romantic suggests they watch Sleepless in Seattle, a classic Meg Ryan movie, again. He holds little Thomas by the hand and gives his mama a kiss. Abigail feels the future is bright ... Ed approaches Dario at the business but Dario bears bad news. Myron the tech expert has doubled his fees. The operation he is working on would require more funds to get off the ground but could be big. Alas they are short of cash. Elusive Ed gets an idea and steps away to call a contact about another way to make cash. He departs without revealing any details to worried Dario ... At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos is losing his mind. He leaves Brady a mad message of threats for stealing the object of his obsession - aka Nicole. Sonny walks in and then gasps at his face. He sarcastically asks for the guy's name so he can buy him a drink. Deimos is not amused. He blasts his nephew for his lack of loyalty toward him ... In an alley nearby Rafe and Hope attempt to listen in, courtesy of her illegally planted bug, but are not having much luck. There is static. Rafe suddenly decides to stop. Hope refuses. Rafe warns her of the illegality involved ... Back inside Sonny snaps Deimos' messed up face pic to post online, Deimos rages he would have gotten rid of him if not for Victor! He hisses he hates his enemies especially the family ones like Brady and Sonny. Sonny dares to stare him down. Deimos declares he is getting rid of his enemies starting with Sonny ...

Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Kate shows Chad the lucrative antiquities profits. Abigail wants to see as well. She does not approve of the shady business but Chad reminds her they will make the buyers return the treasures to the countries from whence they were stolen. Kate begs to differ. She also updates Chad on a fight on the loading dock that they took care of. Abigail haughtily reminds her they are supposed to be better than Deimos and his henchman ... Now at the park, Rafe tries to reason with Hope. He cannot risk losing her again! He explains they do have Sonny already spying for them at the mansion ... Sonny talks back to Deimos, demanding to know what he is going to do. Deimos retaliates by deciding to reassign him to Basic Black, which is all about glam. Sonny snaps he is not qualified in fashion. Demos states he is stylish. Sonny accuses him of gay stereotyping among other things. He now reads a text from Rafe, whom he will see soon ...

Kate is on a call as Chad and Abigail disagree about the antiquities approach. He assures her he wants to go legit and do the right thing but not until Deimos is gone. She explains she has errand. Kate returns in her perfect pantsuit. She muses to Chad that Gabi would get the business part better. Abigail turns back and confronts her for the comment ... Sonny slips into the station to meet Hope and Rafe in a room. Thanks to Paul's advice, he knows he was not followed. He updates them on Deimos being paranoid over the two big deals he lost, not to mention losing Nicole. He will see if he can find more. Rafe urges him not to take any risks. Sonny wants the cops to get him once and for all. He leaves and Hope insists they need more on Deimos, they simply have to use the bug ... Abigail flies at Kate for telling her husband that Gabi is better. She threatens to kick her out of the family mansion. Kate smiles like a beautiful snake preparing to strike. Abigail storms out. Kate appeals to Chad but he stands by his woman ...

At the square, Kate runs into Ed and gets catty about Chloe. Ed claims the girl has a good heart and more. Kate gets mad and Ed admits he wanted to win only her. He even heard she flirted with a patron to make him jealous. He likes she still cares. She thinks this is crazy. Ed thinks only the game is crazy and wants to dance and romance her starting tonight. She starts to walk away, then stops and woefully watches after him ... Abigail is pushing Thomas in a stroller on her way to the zoo when she runs into Gabi. The girls agree it is silly to pretend they are strangers. Abigail asks about Eli. Gabi is cautiously optimistic and teases she did not tell him to meet her at the top of the empire state building like Sleepless in Seattle, a movie she loooves. This is more than Abigail wanted to hear ... Hope and Rafe listen as phone Deimos discusses a meeting to make a deal with someone. He states Sonny is out of the way so there will be no problem. Rafe realizes Hope was right, there is something dodgy with Deimos again ...

Abigail anxiously mutters to herself at the park about the movie Chad must have seen with Gabi. Dario overhears and she pretends she was peeved about the yogurt mess on the baby. She comes clean and he apologizes for making her uneasy with his declaration of love. He respects her marriage and hopes for a friends reset. She hesitates. He suggests starting slow and adds they need to discuss how to allocate the funds for the fundraiser. They walk and talk business together. Dario is happy as a clam ... Sonny comes to see surprised Chad. He shows him the snapshot of Deimos' face and asks if he did it ... Gabi sits with Kate at the square to discuss marketing for her new company. Then she spies Dario with Abigail and soap stares ... Abigail is amazed that Dario has decided to donate all proceeds, never mind the expenses incurred by the club. Kate is intrigued and watches with Gabi ... Dario and Abigail end up at the town gate together and she teases him as a hero on horseback. He enjoyed their chat and she giggles. They are on their way back to being good friends. He wishes her a good time at the zoo and takes off in another direction. Back at their table Kate probes Gabi, who lets her know her brother is in love with Abigail. It is not a perfect world. Kate senses she wants her own perfect world with charming Chad. She offers to make it happen ...

Chad chuckles Deimos should have expected it. Sonny agrees and states he has high hopes to bring him down. Chad wants to know what he can do to help such a noble cause ... Gabi suspects Kate is trying to forget her own turmoil with Ed. However, she thanks her for the advice. Kate says not to give up on Chad and she leaves. Kate stands. Ed appears and she whispers she wants to talk. He must babysit Arianna but they agree to meet at the club later. Kate likes the sound of that. He wonders what they will discuss. Perhaps daring to dance. Until then ... Abigail has Thomas ready for the family outing with Chad. She vows not to let anyone break up their happy home ... As he holds his glass of orange juice Sonny informs Chad that Deimos is desperate and dangerous. Once they have removed him from the equation, together they will make a peace plan. They toast to that with their juice ... Rafe has snacks for Hope but the phone rings and he listens from the alley. Deimos speaks to his mystery contact about the robbery that took place. He arranges to meet at the 6th street alley in 60 minutes. Hope gushes they will get their man. Rafe seems to sense something is amiss ...


The end of Eduardo - but this could and should be corrected by the soap gods ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, April 6