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Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Episode 13,059
Length:1580 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the cabin in Canada, Nicole pauses. Brady covers people often mistake his Bridget for others. There is something about her face. Nicole agrees and Scooter soap stares ... Bartending Roman is pleased to see Ciara, who admits she is about to meet a date from an app. The former commissioner calls that way awkward. Ciara expects nothing ... Abigail falls asleep while working on her bed. She notices Chad is nowhere and finds lavender on his pillow, aka the favorite flower of Gabi. She calls out his name and goes to find him. The staircase is strewn with more lavender with its sweet distinctive smell. Ethereal Abigail glides downstairs and opens the living room doors, where she catches Chad making love to Gabi on the sofa. She wakes up with a scream from the dream and slowly stands up ... Flirty Eli meets Gabi at the square and she warns him she will not talk about any family dealings. He insists he likes her for real and compliments her. He cares not what her family does if they make a personal connection. Gabi likes his decisive nature and teases him. His phone rings and she grabs it, laughing at the game he plays catching imaginary bad guys. Now he realizes she plays the same game. They compete to catch an imaginary bad guy at the square ... Abigail heads downstairs, determined to be real. She opens the living room doors, where Chad has been working. He greets his blushing bride and hopes their vow renewals will not be too much. She assures him she is fine and wants to check on Thomas, take a walk. He offers to come with and they kiss. He wonders. She whispers she will see him soon, she knows he has much to do. Once out in the hall, she calls a certain someone cos she needs to talk ...

Scooter starts to say who Nicole looks like, then changes his tune. He suggests a game of cards. Hilary asks for coffee. Nicole claims they are out. Hilary would settle for sangria and heads back into the kitchen with bewildered Brady. Nicole hopes Scooter wants no trouble but he tells her his wife will not sleep with him. He threatens to expose her and makes her fess up. She urges him to let it go for the past is the past. He cackles like the creep he is ... Ciara starts to get cold feet and stops when her date arrives with a pink rose just for her. Tis cute goofy guy Wyatt. She likes the rose and they sit. Roman eyes him and returns to the bar ... Gabi and Eli are playing their app at the square still, having a lot of fun. JJ appears and wonders. Gabi explains what they were doing and Eli offers hot chocolate. JJ passes and Eli goes to get it. JJ warns Gabi that guy is FBI and adds he wants her to be happy. She bitterly wonders why the Salem PD allows officers to date when he mentions Lani. JJ quips then Hope and her brother would not be together. He brings up the great love his sister has with Chad and wishes her the same but with someone else. Perhaps it will be Eli. Then he gets going and she grimaces ... Theo meets Chad at DiMera mansion, wanting to discuss the delicate subject of getting physical ... Nicole urges Scooter to stop talking about her past for she now has kids. And how would Hilary react knowing the kinds of movies he watched! He gets offended and suggests she be nicer to someone whom she wants to keep her secret. Nicole looks away, realizing the implications. She could be completely exposed as the one who took baby Holly if he began to blab ...

Chad and Theo sit at Stefano's chess set. Chad admits he is no expert but will do his best. Theo wants to talk timing as the loft has no privacy and Ciara already walked in on him and Claire, thereby interrupting the moment. He wonders about getting signs he should wait. Chad wonders whether he gets messages from the other side often. Sometimes and right now he remains uncertain ... Gabi cries she cannot drink the cocoa without marshmallows. Eli smells a story. She would rather not discuss. Eli suggests a distraction. He can help. And so the app game continues. They walk after the game target with their respective cocoas ... JJ meets his sad sister at the park. She admits it is about Chad and Gabi. She senses her husband has doubts. JJ gives her a pep talk and tells her to stop questioning. Abigail fears Chad feels strongly about Gabi and will have to face it ... Nicole now apologizes to sneaky Scooter. He agrees to let it go for the time being. She tells him she is now a boring housewife. He offers to show her her movie in case she forgot her moves. He is determined to have his way with the object of his obsession ...

Back at the pub, Ciara and Wyatt find out they both like country music. She excuses herself to the ladies room. Roman brings his food on the house and introduces himself. He warns him to treat his niece with respect or else! Wyatt gets it ... As they play chess, Theo tells Chad he is not sure how a guy can make it special with a girl. Chad talks commitment. The rest is natural. However, he has to give of himself 100% or it will not work ... JJ believes Abigail should believe in the fact that Chad believes in their love. She sighs and they discuss the past with their family, how they felt left by their father. Abigail agrees being insecure would only make it happen ... Nicole touches a pink baby blanket and rages at Scooter she will not risk her life. She will keep her silence about him if he keeps his about hers. Hilary and Brady emerge and the couple bid them goodnight. Brady notices Nicole is tired. She sighs Scooter recognized her as Misty Circle. Brady soap stares, as his wonderful Canadian life starts to slip away ...

At the Brady pub, Wyatt promises Roman he is no player and praises the family. He thinks Ciara is a special girl. Suspicious Roman alludes to a charming serial killer from the past and steps away. Ciara comes back and they discover they are both conveniently Cubs fans. Roman watches from the bar ... Smart Theo is winning the chess game with the queen. Chad emotionally explains how things fall into place when love is right ... Brady is bothered that Nicole actually admitted to Scooter she was Misty Circle in a past life. She assures him she urged him to let it go. Brady wonders how he reacted ... JJ promises anxious Abigail that with time Chad will let go of Gabi. They hug and he goes on his way. Gabi comes by with her app, still playing the game. She stops and smiles sweetly at her friend ...

Roman announces it is closing time. Time passed fast for the kids and Wyatt walks Ciara to the door. Roman gives him the evil eye and grins ... Chad has turned the chess game around, then realizes his brother let him win. Theo wanted to thank him for the advice. He suggests he come up with a signal for Ciara so next time he and Claire are not interrupted. Theo concludes he wants Claire to be the only female he focuses on. He leaves after a brotherly hug ... Eli joins Gabi at the park, still playing catch a criminal. He and Gabi are having a great time. Abigail wishes them both the best and excuses herself. She waits behind the trees and listens as they continue to have fun. Her eyes reflect her relief ... Brady refuses to let this Scooter character pressure Nicole. She thinks she can hold his secret addiction over his head. Brady wonders what if he does not care about being exposed. Nicole sadly states then they might have to move. However the same thing could happen again. Bearded Brady looks livid ... Ciara gets back to the loft and tells Theo she had a great date with Wyatt. They will get together again and Theo is happy for her. They bid each other goodnight. She gets a cute text from Wyatt, the perfect date, who cannot wait to meet her again ... Gabi and Eli are back at the square and happily hug when they win together. He wants to drive her home. She tells him she will be fine but hopes to see him soon. She means it too ... Abigail murmurs to sleeping shirtless Chad in bed that JJ is right, she should believe he loves her. But then she sees the picture on his ipad, of him reading to Arianna with Gabi nearby. Her eyes mirror her worry ... Brady wants to be Nicole's hero. She appreciates it but it will be alright. He places an arm around her and she tells him not to comfort her. She longs for him to hold her but cannot cos she might not feel the same way. Brady believes his love is enough for the both of them and says so. Nicole throws her arms around him and he consoles her with a cuddle ...


CATHY'S COMMENTS ON DAYS AHEAD: Abigail vs Kate. Meow! Meanwhile Deimos is out to get his opponents, including Sonny and Ed, while Rafe and Hope are privy to Deimos' plans ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, April 5