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Tuesday, April 4, 2017
Episode 13,058
Length:1640 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Hope is seated at a table with Rafe, Steve and Kayla. Hope is shocked by the news that she devil Ava actually gave birth to Steve's son. He laments he hated lying to the lad about how his mother died. Rafe assumes he did not like hearing it. Kayla hopes he will look into Ava and learn himself how bad she was ... Meanwhile woeful Tripp is hanging at the loft with friendly Claire, Ciara, Theo and Joey. He wishes he had met his mom. Joey glances to the side feeling the stress ... Brady returns to the Canadian cabin with delights from the farmer's market, including a brochure of the local chamber of commerce. He sounds like he is planning their whole future in the fabulous place. Nicole sighs to stop and tells him to go back to Salem with Tate ... Tripp cannot comprehend why his father went and killed a woman he once loved. Joey suggests she was a threat to his family. Ciara lists all the people loonie Ava abducted. Joey insists their father was protecting his family and suggests he take one of Steve's calls. Tripp blinks ... Nicole feels she is wrong to keep Tate here. Brady refuses to leave. She suggests he tell Salemites he was on holiday with his son and distance himself from her drama. Brady takes her by the shoulders and tenderly tells her to trust in him. He looks deeply into her eyes and smiles they will make it work. She smiles a bit and starts to feel more secure. For now ...

Tripp will only speak to Steve after he has researched his mother more. The teens decide to go get pizza. Joey needs to get Jade some soup and Tripp asks if they are back together. Negative. Tripp gets a text and suddenly takes off, telling his new friends to save him a slice of that pizza. Joey implores the gals to do him a favor. Ciara already knows ... Pragmatic Rafe suggests Steve be realistic in his expectations. He steps away to take a call and Hope explains he did not want him to get his hopes too high. Steve is only annoyed with himself and what would happened if the truth about Joey came out. Kayla assures him that will never happen but ominous music plays - the kind that warns of things to come ... Back in Canada Brady feeds Nicole healthy treats from the farmer's market. He wants her to embrace their new wonderful life. He gives her a kiss and vows to win her over. Then he hands her an appetizer and she laughs a little, feeling more lighthearted. For now ...

Joey just wants his friends to say nothing about the usual suspicion that he was involved in Ava's tragic end. Agreed. Theo comes and gets his wallet out of his backpack. Ciara soap stares, waiting for him to find her letter. The guys head out for the food and Claire has something to say ... At the dark park Tripp meets Angelo, one of his mother's closest cousins. He grins he has got her eyes and really resembles his mom at a young age. A tragedy he cannot meet her. Tripp is after more information about his mother - the whole inconvenient truth from family ... Brady and Nicole prepare for the coming of Hilary the hiking lover and hubby Scooter. Brady sets the table and tells her he has been reading up on chemical engineering to keep his cover. They can all be boring together. Knock knock! Nicole shoves her hands in her pockets and lets Brady open the door ... Claire apologizes for her earlier insults. Ciara accepts it. Claire asks for forgiveness. Done. Claire grins she is glad she caught her and Theo together cos things got out of control. She lies Theo was the one pushing for their first time for ages. Now they will make it a night to remember somewhere else. She apologizes for talking about this as Theo is still in Ciara's heart. Ciara excuses herself in a hurry. Claire looks at the letter she intercepted. She will never let Ciara steal her boyfriend ... Theo is at the square with with Joey and updates him on Ciara walking in on him and Claire. Joey gives him a talk about only taking the step when he is ready ... Rafe returns to the pub table, where only Hope remains. Her phone beeps and he takes a look at her spy software, demanding to know what the detective is up to now. Hope gulps ... Back in Canada Hilary talks hiking. Brady and Hilary go to the kitchen to check on the roast. Nicole stands up and offers to refresh Scooter's sangria. He tauntingly tells her he has seen her somewhere before. Nicole freezes ...

Theo comes home and Claire kisses him. He wonders where Ciara went. Joey helps himself to the pizza. Steve and Kayla arrive at the loft and Steve asks to wait for Tripp. Kayla gets a strange feeling about Tripp when Joey tells them he said he had an errand ... Angelo accuses the father of drugging Ava and Steve of destroying her with his mind games. Then he left her when she needed him. That set her off the deep end. She lost her baby and the man she loved and it sent her over the edge. Tripp had heard the ISA ordered her hit. Angelo warns him not to trust Steve and accuses him of wanting her dead. The ISA had nothing to do with it. He now hands the young man something from his mother. A black folder ...

Nicole gasps she never met Scooter before. Brady and Hilary come back excitedly discussing a hike. Nicole excuses herself for more sangria. Hilary asks Brady for more details on their love story. Brady feels they fell into place starting as friends and ending as lovers. Nicole watches and listens. Hilary marvels how much he loves her and he smiles it is obvious ... Back in Salem, Hope admits she did plant a bug but it was purely police business. Rafe doubts it. Ciara enters and the conversation is cut short. Raines calls and Rafe announces he will ask him about Hope's case. Hope promises to tell him later. Rafe steps away to take the call and Hope asks what happened to upset Ciara. She tells her of the letter she left Theo, confessing her feelings to her best friend. Hope wonders how he responded. He did not and she fears she lost her friend. Hope tells her to give him time and praises her for it. Then a hug and her daughter heads back out into the world. Rafe comes back. Hope raises an eyebrow and tells him boys like him are trouble. Rafe stares her down and demands to know who she was spying on and why ... The documents Angelo handed Tripp are his legacy - the entire family fortune as he was mob heiress Ava's only descendant. Tis a trust payable in payments. Tripp is astounded by the amount. Angelo advises him not to spend it on alcohol and women. Tripp wishes he could have his mom instead of the money. Angelo also hands him some recordings Ava made while she was expecting. As he will hear she was no monster. He stands and tells his new relation he is here if he needs him. Then he walks away with his black briefcase the way mobsters do ...

Joey updates his parents that Claire and Ciara also figured out he was the one who killed Ava but they are on his side as is Jade. Steve and Kayla worry. Steve hopes he will be able to get through to the boy. Theo returns to the kitchen and they exit. Joey returns to his room. Claire races to Theo jumping for joy that a record label responded to her music and they are interested. They kiss ... Now alone, Nicole burps her baby girl and puts her down. Time to clean herself up so she removes her sweater and puts on a sweatshirt. She is shocked to see Scooter standing there. He now knows exactly who she is. Misty Circle ... Theo suggests they celebrate at a restaurant. Claire wants the lodge for a night to remember. Theo repeats the restaurant as he does not want to rush. He now must return a call from his lab partner. Needles to say princess Claire is not pleased ... Ciara walks alone and receives a notification on her phone that someone called Wyatt is reading her profile ... Back at the pub Hope hushes Rafe for being too loud about her bugging Deimos at the Kiriakis mansion. She asks him to help with the unclear reception and assures him she will not be found out. Rafe drinks his water and stews. However he agrees it might be the only way to bring down Deimos. Hope rewards him with a kiss and a hug ...

At the square, red cardigan Kayla has coffees for herself and Steve. She tells him to hang in, his son will come around ... Meanwhile Tripp listens to Ava's voice on his computer for the first time in his young life. She sweetly says HELLO to her unborn son ... Nicole assures Scooter she is no actress. He lets her know how many times she entertained him as Locker Room Lolita. Nicole denies the charge and he calls the film a classic. Nicole gasps she is not that girl. Brady and Hilary come back with their drinks and Hilary wonders who hubby believes her to be. Nicole forces an innocent smile ...


Romance A could be Julie's worst nightmare.
Romance B could be Ciara's dream come true. She hopes so ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, April 4