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Monday, April 3, 2017
Episode 13,057
Length:1400 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Woman in red Lani is dressed up at the station. JJ likes what he sees and will be ready after his last report of the day. He steps away and Eli appears. Lani is not thrilled to see him and even less thrilled when he announces he has transferred to the FBI so they will be working together ... Paul and Sonny are dressed to the nines for drinks and dinner tonight with JJ and Lani. Paul has stars in his eyes. Sonny informs him he is working with the cops to lock up Deimos. Paul worries about the danger ... At the pub Dario sips his drink and deduces Gabi will be moving on now that Chad made his choice. She claims his choice of Abigail was not so crystal clear ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Abigail gushes to Chad about renewing their vows at the beautiful lake. They share a kiss and Kate walks in, not hiding her irritation. Abigail steps out to take a call. Kate questions Chad on his choice and chides him for pretending he can actually let the other girl go. He talks family devotion and she keeps needling ... JJ overhears that Eli has pulled FBI rank and wonders what assignment he has landed. The war between the powerful Salem families. He is now in charge! JJ raises his head in Deveraux defiance ... Gabi notes there are feelings but she has not acted. Dario admits he told Abigail he loved her and lost ... Kate promotes Gabi again to Chad, who wonders what she has against his beloved Abigail. She considers her too Horton in her ways, whereas in business one needs to bend the rules. Chad counters Lucas is a Horton and she smirks she raised him. Chad believes Abigail makes him a better man but Kate keeps going. Abigail arrives outside the door and hears her remind Chad he was the happiest with Gabi. Abigail's fair face falls ...

Lani accuses Eli of being arrogant as they were already investigating the war. He wants to know what they have. JJ can only say they have Deimos' henchman, who did not divulge much. Lani gives the new boss a piece of her mind. JJ stops them both. Together they will work except for tonight for they are off with plans ... Paul fears for Sonny's safety. Sonny states going undercover was the only way to save his family's legacy. He sincerely hopes Paul is with him on this. Always ... At the pub, Eli comes up to Gabi and Dario's table and flirts - with Gabi that is. She giggles and he gets his takeout food. Dario is amused until she whispers he is FBI ... Kate pushes Chad's buttons until he blurts out he does have feelings for Gabi but he will not give up his wife and son, whom he loves. Kate counters even Deimos could see he was unable to choose. Chad stands firm about being committed. He will overcome by avoiding Gabi. Kate keeps spinning it is not so simple. The heart wants what the heart wants ...

Abigail returns to Chad after Kate is gone. She decides to have an intimate vows renewals at home with loved ones only. Never mind the lovely lake. Chad senses she is down. She admits she is aware that Kate wants him with Gabi. Chad acts like it matters not for he wants and loves her. Abigail gushes he did save her first, not Gabi ... He gushes he cannot wait to marry her again and they hug ... At the club double daters Paul, Sonny and Lani,JJ talk over dinner and drinks. Lani complains about FBI Eli interfering. Deimos' name comes up in the discussion. Naturally Paul and Sonny take in everything. JJ makes his girl feel better about the stress of Eli with a sweet kiss ... Dario would rather Gabi avoid new guy Eli cos he is FBI. She quips he wants her to be a nun. All of a sudden Abigail and Chad walk into the pub for dinner. Gabi turns around. Abigail spies the pair and stops smiling. Chad escorts her to a table on the other side of the room ... Dario chomps his fries. Gabi sighs it is hard having to ignore them. Dario sneaks a peek as Abigail peers at her menu ... JJ and glam Lani call it a night as they have an early shift at the station. Sonny is grateful to be alone with Paul at long last. They sit close together like a couple in love ... Meanwhile Marlena drags Kate to the club to forget her woes. As soon as they enter Kate marches up to Paul and Sonny's table and demands Sonny explain himself ...

Sonny senses Kate does not like him seeing Paul. Marlena tries to play the peacemaker in her pink jacket. Sonny stands up for a word alone with Kate. She is upset about Will still. Sonny tenderly tells her he loved Will dearly and credits him for a lot in his life. He misses him every time Arianna calls him daddy but alas Will is gone forever. Kate cries cos she misses him too. Sonny adds Paul is a great guy in his life and hopes she can accept that. She asks if he loves him. Sonny nods and notes he returns the sentiment. Kate emotionally apologizes. They both believe Will would want Sonny to be happy and share a sweet embrace ... Lani and JJ are alone at the park. JJ wants a kiss and another and another ... She invites him home and he stuns her by stating he cannot. ... Gabi and Dario are watching Chad and Abigail as they eat. Abigail must step out for a call with Jen. Once outside she updates her on their exciting marriage vows renewal. Glum Gabi comes out in time to hear ... Back at the club stylish Paul and Sonny are re-dancing to the song that was playing the first night they met in San Francisco. Paul gushes being with Sonny right here right now is everything he could ask for. Sonny feels the same way. Paul whisks him away ... Lani wants to know why JJ will not go home with her. He sighs he feels bad about Miami and wants to be a better man. JJ knows why Abe does not trust him and thinks he should earn HER trust by waiting a while. Pretty Lani is impressed with new improved gentleman JJ and he gallantly walks her home ... Abigail finds herself face to face with Gabi after she ends her call. Gabi wants to talk ... Being bffs is too hard right now but maybe someday. The girls who love the same man share a tearful embrace ...

Paul and Sonny kiss at Paul's place. He stops and asks Sonny whether he is ready. Sonny smiles he has never been more ready for anything in his life so they kiss again and fall onto the bed together ... Back at the club Kate decides to flirt with a man to make Ed jealous when he hears about it. Marlena has just given her an explanation of why she is worried about John though the risks are well worth their timeless romance. Marlena daydreams of slow dancing with her suave spy in a blue dress. She sighs she missed him. Dream John drawls he missed her every moment of every day and loves coming home to her, holding her. They slow dance as closely as a couple can and she tells him to never let her go. YOU GOT IT DOC and he nuzzles her face like a man in love ... Abigail and Chad head home and decide to skip dessert. They kiss and go up the same stairs EJ and Sami used to climb when they were man and wife. They get up to their big bed and shirtless Chad shows his wife how much she means to him ... Dario goes back to the club. Gabi claims she wants to go home but calls Eli from the square instead. He was right and she now agrees they should get together ...


Just wait until Julie gets wind of Eli's new love interest ... What a bonus that John is back in the building and the days of our lives. Blessed be.


All the drama in Salem on Monday, April 3