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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Man in black Xander sighs at Sarah’s framed picture, remembering her hurt but he did it all for her. Time to call … Sarah packs. Paris Prisoner Rex raises his eyebrows when her phone rings … Lani approaches Eli about Kristen. He knows she helped her escape and lied! Lani had her reasons. He growls lucky it did not get back to Rafe … Gabi grabs Jake in a hungry kiss. He gets mad. She insists he is her husband alive again … Ciara rushes to Ben and begs him to wake up on the cold hard garage floor. The bad guys are long gone. Ben groans and she helps him up. He clutches his head and complains about the crowbar attack. She wants to take him to the hospital. He refuses so she calls the cops … Upstairs Jake rages at Gabi. She smiles the truth was in his kiss. He gets more livid and she loves it. Feels like the old days. She knows he liiiiked it … Sarah does not take Xander’s call despite Rex moaning she should. Xander leaves a pleading message … Lani tries to explain. Eli accuses her being duped by Kristen and helping the dangerous DiMera escape. Lani states if their son was alive and some monster had withheld him she might have done as Kristen did. She dares Eli to cuff her … Ciara tells Ben the cops are coming. Ben wants a kiss so she obliges and he feels better. The bad guys mistook him for boss Jake … Jake shouts he has no feelings for Gabi. She suspects his memory was erased cos he is certainly her Stefan! He shouts to get the hell out. She primly sits down instead and refuses to leave … Eli gets a call about an assault. They need a detective but he does not let Lani come with … Xander bears a potted plant for Victor, who hopes he has good news. Alas Maggie is aware of what she did to Sarah and baby. Victor soap stares …

Sarah gives Rex her goodbye hug and removes his gag. He asks where she is headed. She knows not and will not trust him with her travel plans. He tries to talk her out of it so she tightly ties the gag back and apologizes. But when she opens the door, there is the nosy French neighbor. Sarah steps into the hall and half closes the door so the baby stroller is no seen, nor is her prisoner … At the pub Jack has coffees for himself and ponytail Jen. He notes they need a food break from the hospital. Chad is with Abigail. She sighs Abigail used to be hardworking and kind. Jack smiles just like her mom. Jen gets emotional about her state. Jack reminds her she was drugged this time so she will get better. Jen reminds him Marlena alluded to problems. Jack would rather be upbeat. Jen blames Gabi. Jack points out when it is proven, that girl will get what she deserves … Gabi will not go until 'Stefan' admits who he is. He refuses and she senses his pause when she suggests he call the police … Eli joins Ciara and Ben at the garage. Ben describes the big bad guys and Eli takes notes. He believes they assumed he was the boss. When Eli hears the real boss is upstairs with Gabi, he wonders about her involvement. All of a sudden Jake drags Gabi downstairs as she protests. He repeats he is not Stefan DiMera …. Lani leaves Theo an anxious message. Blue jacket Brady appears and announces he is free. He wants to find Kristen and help her track their daughter. Alas he has no leads. Lani wants him to know …

Victor gets agitated with Xander, who argues he had no choice. The redhead would have heard the truth from a random inmate instead of him. The Greek worries how she reacted. She broke down and he hugged her. The Greek tycoon wants to go to his beloved but Xander stops him … As Rex is heard groaning, Sarah assures the neighbor she and baby are alright and on their way out. The near sighted neighbor peeks in and asks who is on the chair … Eli is stunned to see Stefan. Jake shakes his head and states looking like her dead hubby is no crime. Salem PD Eli counters someone was assaulted and indicates Ben, who lets him know the attackers were not after any money. They just mistook him for his boss. Eli asks Jake why they would want to beat him up as Ciara stands by her man … Xander assures Victa he is taking care of things. He summoned Will to be with Maggie and has been trying to reach Sarah … Back at the station Lani states she knows where Kristen is. Brady realizes she helped her and Eli knows. He muses she risked much. As a mom who lost her child she wanted to help a mother who could get hers back and shares the lead she has … The neighbor believes that is Chad in the chair and asks him how he is in French. He replies in gibberish and she steps in to take a closer look. Sarah stands between them …

Back at the pub Jen ends a call with Julie as Jack sips his coffee and reads the menu. Jen gets a call from Chad that Abigail is not in her room. Jack and Jen are on their way … Jake denies have any problems with people and points out the goons could be after the Stefan guy he resembles. Gabi pouts. He read all about his lack of ethics. Eli wonders … Lani updates Brady on Rex’s message that sounded cut off. He did not come back from a conference in Paris. The son of John Black agrees he is likely with Sarah. Lani asked Theo to trace the location the call came from but now cannot reach Kristen. Theo now calls. Brady waits with bated breath … Victor hears Kristen got away. Xander shares his worry for Sarah’s safety. Victor wants crazy Kristen locked up before she goes after another … The neighbor does not see the gag so Sarah lies Chad was affected by jet lag. She wants to go get him some cough syrup. Madame wants to get closer to tell him how important it is he fix his problems for the bebe but Sarah stops her …

Eli is summoned to the station. Ciara is surprised but he cannot do much since there was no security footage. If the bad guys come back … Jake assures him he will be first to know and asks him to escort Gabi away. She grudgingly goes but vows to be back with answers …Ciara places the compress back on Ben’s handsome head … Victor tells Xander to use all Titan resources to track Sarah and baby. Grateful Xander is glad he does not despise him. Slick Vic reminds him he gave him the family coin on his wedding day and praises him for his part in trying to carry the clan. Xander vows to make things better and departs to do his bidding … Lani updates Brady with the Paris address. He assumes Kristen is already en route and takes off to try and talk her down before it is too late … Sarah claims hubby could be contagious. Madame reminds monsieur to be good to his wife and baby as she departs. Sarah shuts the door with a gasp. Close call ... Jake has beer for Ben and Ciara. He is sorry for what went down. Ben is alright but Ciara is bothered he was mistaken for him. Street smart Ben admits he did not share everything with Eli. The bad guys were searching for something they wanted badly. He suspiciously asks Jake just what it was … Back at the station Eli gives Lani the brush off. She wonders whether he will report her to Rafe. Stylish determined Gabi storms in and demands to see Dr. Rolf … Xander greets Brady on the Kiriakis jet … Kristen is already in Paris. She slowly opens the blue door. Mommy’s heeeeere …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 8, 2020