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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Ciara and Ben exit the pub as the sun shines. He teases she ate most of the delicious fries. She worked up her appetite with that great ride. Speaking of work and new boss Stefan … Ben quips he is Jake but he was fond of the real Stefan. This feels like a second chance. They shares a sweet kiss. Ciara promises to pick him up after his shift and take him on an amaaaazing ride … At the hospital, Justin explains he has something pressing at lunch but agrees to dinner. Kayla looks forward to it. He walks away a happy man. Here comes Marlena, surprised Steve left so early. Kayla felt he could recuperate at home – with Hope. Marlena’s eyes widen … Steve wakes up on the sofa and stares at his old portrait - when he was Stefano … At DiMera mansion, Gabi tenderly touches her necklace from Stefan and remembers Jake denying he was her long lost love back from the other side. She now frowns she does not buy it. If Stefano could come back as Steve, Stefan could be Jake … Jake has been reading Salem history online and remembers his run-in with Gabi. It seems she is getting to him … Gabi talks to Stefano’s portrait and announces his son is alive. Enter Chad, who agrees he is. He confronts her for having access to the drug that harmed his fair Abigail. She quips he also had access. He thinks she sounds like Rafe. She repeats what she informed Lani … hundreds of DiMera employees had access. They insult one another and she boasts Stefan is alive. Chad laughs. She plans to prove it … Kayla claims she cares not Steve moved in with Hope but Marlena believes otherwise … Hope comes in and Steve demands to know what that portrait is doing here. Hope was the artist – that is, Princess Gina was. She bows before him …

Ciara finds Justin alone in Victor’s room and assumes the worst … Kayla is in denial. Marlena argues both Steve and Hope are in a hard place, having experienced the same mind control. That could make them closer. Kayla confirms she is cross … Hope assures suspicious Steve she is herself and looks at the mementos in a box. The cops dropped them off as the case has been closed. They also dropped off the portrait. They remember when she finished. She was proud of her painting and Stefano put down his cigar. Steve asks how Stefano felt about it. The arrogant sob said Steve was not man enough to be him. Steve gets an idea … Gabi insists Stefan is pretending to be Jake the mechanic now. Chad calls it impossible. She reasons Rolf brought others back. Chad shouts she gave away his heart, then gets back to her trying to make Abigail appear mad when she is the real nut. She warns to stick to his wife and she will stick to hubby Stefan … Jake grins and admits to curious Ben he was just reading an interesting article about life. His eyes twinkle …

Marlena wants Kayla to open up. She admits she did not think Steve would accept Hope’s offer and is angry about it. Marlena notes he had no alternatives. Kayla quips he could leave Salem. Out of sight out of mind muses Marlena. Kayla has a new hairstyle and a new attitude since the old days and argues she loves Justin as he puts her first. Marlena questions her on how she feels about Steve … Hope and Steve have taken their mementos out to the bin. Steve punches the Stefano portrait in the face. Felt good … Justin assures Ciara that Vic is just having tests in radiology. They discuss the Kristen and Brady drama. Justin just wants Kristen caught so Brady is freed. She wonders how the clan got so complicated. Justin mentions hearing from Sonny she moved out of the mansion. She loves being with Ben and the swanky room service but they cannot afford it much longer. Meanwhile Ben has gotten a job as a mechanic but his boss is the spitting image of the late Stefan DiMera … Jake makes a snide remark about his supposed wife Gabi and updates Ben on her slap. Ben is not surprised. Jake just decided to read about the dead dude and declares he is more handsome. But he was bad news and his old lady is a pain. Speak of the Salem devil, he laughs but stylish Gabi is not smiling …

Ciara recounts the uncanny resemblance Jake has to Stefan. Justin hopes no more are coming back from the other side and asks about Hope. He is shocked to hear she is living with Steve … Steve encourages Hope to take out her frustration so she lets out a war cry and breaks the expensive tiara. They tear apart the portrait together, then laugh and hug … Kayla still feels many things for Steve. Anger, anguish and feeeeeeeelings. Marlena suggests she not suppress. Only honesty will help them all through. Chad interrupts asking about Abigail. Kayla replies she is resting, defers all questions to involved Marlena and returns to her rounds. Marlena admits there is little information on the drug that is still developmental. The effects remain a mystery. Chad sighs Abigail believed he was Stefan yesterday and attacked him. The blonde is sorry. Chad notes Gabi just saw a Stefan lookalike. Maybe Rolf did it again. Marlena wonders who else was in the room when Abigail imagined Stefan. Just the two of them …Jake has no time to talk to his nutty stalker. Gabi gets Ben to admit he looks like Stefan. Ben adds but he is nothing like him and does not sound like him. Stefan starts to escort her out … until she slips on her high heels with a SPLAT.

Marlena knows not how Abigail’s neuro-chemistry will be affected. Chad worries about permanent damage. Marlena agrees he should be there when she wakes up. He vows to keep her away from Gabi … Gabi’s elbow is bleeding. Stefan offers to patch her up upstairs at his place. She accepts … Ciara hugs Justin and heads off to pick up Ben. Kayla joins him and sneaks a kiss. He sighs Ciara told him that Steve headed home with Hope and wonders why she did not tell him … Hope sips red wine as Steve gulps his beer. He appreciates her letting him stay and teases sweet thing he is always trouble. Kayla did not look thrilled about him staying with her but he believes he did the right thing by encouraging her to be with Justin. She does not seem to care anymore. Hope points out he pushed Kayla away but she does still care. He sighs she is better off, safer with Justin … Kayla makes light of Steve moving in with Hope but Justin senses deep denial … Gabi argues Stefan is in denial. Jake admits he looked him up and he was a jerk. He takes her arm to clean the wound and she replies with an OW. He apologizes. She notes no pain no gain. Jake looks impressed by her toughness … Downstairs two goons confront Ben, believing he is Jake and demand he hand it over. He wonders what? One ugly goon picks up a crowbar. The boss gave them orders. Ben is sunk …Justin would understand if Kayla was bothered by Hope and Steve being together. She gasps are they having an affair? Jealous Justin has heard enough and leaves … Hope and Steve toast to better days. He recalls how he was bad for Kayla from the beginning. Hope calls him a good guy and good friend. She takes his hand and is here for him the way he always is for her. They toast to friendship … Chad comes running to Marlena. Abigail is missing … Stefan has helped Gabi and hopes she will not sue him. She will not but is after answers. The only way to get one is … She grabs him in a passionate kiss … Downstairs Ciara is horrified to find her beloved Ben beaten and out cold on the garage floor …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, May 7, 2020