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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the courthouse Sonny explains to nosy Zoe he is here to testify against Christian aka Evan. Zoe smirks and suggests he not … Eli is upset about seeing Lani’s footage with Kristen, whom she clearly helped. Commissioner Rafe wonders what is wrong … Kristen is convinced Rachel and Sarah are in Paris. Finding Rex would mean finding Sarah …Back in Paris, Sarah sadly states she gave birth in the car but they were run off the road by the accident Maggie caused. Rex gasps oh God as he digests that Maggie was responsible for real Mickey losing her life … Sorry Xander whispers to Maggie that the little girl Eric and Sarah have been raising is in reality Kristen’s daughta Rachel. The redhead digests … Zoe smirks she will destroy Sonny if he goes against her brother. She will expose his sordid affair with Christian and hubby will hear every detail. Sonny retorts he and Will were separated at the time. She taunts it was actually Sonny’s uncle’s wife that offed his mother … Maggie thinks it is impossible. Xander is heartbroken having to break the news. Maggie reminds him Kristen’s baby did not make it. Xander argues that was Sarah’s baby and he has a DNA test to prove it. Maggie does not believe the hospital would have made such a mistake. Sarah would be ruined if she lost Mickey! The redhead wants lawyer Justin. Xander notes he knows. He blurts out the hospital is not to blame for he switched those babies intentionally. She hyperventilates … Lani suggests Kristen calm down and go easy on the theorizing. Kristen suspects Rex is Sarah’s accomplice. Lani reasons Rex would not have called her if that were true … Rex is already aware of the accident. Sarah leans over Rachel. He was relieved to hear Sarah and her baby were alright. Sarah sobs about Xander switching the babies and blames Maggie for the mess. She could sense all along something was off after the accident. Rex reminds her Maggie is still her mother. She numbly notes her real daughter would be alive if not for her actions …

Sonny has heard enough. Zoe claims she is trying to help and whispers she will have her brother exonerated. Sonny warns her he did imply he offed Jordan. She tries to psych him out with her winning record. Sonny goes inside. Orpheus comes and wants Christian to take the stand. Zoe disagrees … Eli claims he is having a hard time tracking Kristen and teases Rafe for the suit. He has a court date. Eli will hold down the fort. Rafe believes Lani will help. He asks about Brady possibly protecting the escaped woman he loves. Alas there are no new leads … Kristen now thinks maybe Rex did the math and tried to warn her where Sarah was. Time to head to Paris and find the girl before she goes deeper underground … Sarah weeps she wanted to believe her baby really made it. But the trauma her mother’s recklessness caused could not be undone. Rex wonders how and why she fell off the wagon. It was Summer …Maggie screams what was Xander thinking! He loves Sarah and wanted to spare her from suffering but now she knows the truth. The redhead realizes that was why she cancelled the wedding. When Xander says WE she suddenly realizes slick Vic had a hand in the deception …

Orpheus believes not being on the stand will make Christian look guilty. Zoe can explain everything away including his DNA being found on Jordan. She lets Orpheus know she knows the whole truth and that means her bother does have something to hide … Suited Rafe hopes the D.A. will convict Evan of Jordan’s murder. However now his sister is after custody of David. Eli wishes him luck and gets his phone after he leaves … Kristen senses Sarah is about to flee again and now they cannot reach Rex! Lani explains they have ways to track people and ignores her call from Eli… Xander cannot fool Maggie anymore and confirms both he and Victa did wot they did to protect Sarah as well as her. Maggie is relieved Sarah did not make the mistake of marrying him. She knew all along they were hiding something and wishes she could help Sarah through. It must be such a trying time … Sarah continues to confide in Rex. On mother’s day Summer drove Maggie to drink by blaming her for her own alcoholic condition that was now a death sentence. Alas she now has no sympathy for Maggie for she chose to drink and drive. The real Mickey would be alive if not for her recklessness … Maggie wants to get out for a few days to help Sarah and Victor. Xander reveals Sarah has run off with the baby. Maggie’s face falls … Lani worries about Eli finding out but is more focused on finding Rex. She thinks Theo can help … Zoe assures Orpheus she was referring to the fact that Christian did off Jordan. He suspiciously asks if that is all she had in her head. Rafe appears and suggests he will get David after Evan is found guilty of murder. Zoe suddenly accuses Rafe of being to blame. He laughs. Zoe insists he did it and lists why he loathed Jordan. In his rage he strangled her and set up Ben but it did not work and now he is wrongly accusing her brother. Odious Orpheus agrees … Lani is on the phone with Theo and gives him the number she needs traced to help track down Kristen’s missing baby … Sarah rages at Rex for defending Maggie. He shouts she made a mistake but alcoholism is a disease. He urges her to return to Salem with Mackenzie and be there for her ... Xander updates Maggie on tracing Sarah and baby to London but then they lost the trail. She turned down his offer of help when he called. She scoffs why would she want his help! He believed wot he did was best for her. Maggie wants to know how Sarah’s baby lost her life. She remembers she made it to the hospital. Xander pauses …

Drums play. Rafe doubts anyone will believe Zoe’s outlandish tale. She can create reasonable doubt so Christian can walk free. He drawls she is supposed to be a lawyer and opens the door to enter the court. Orpheus senses Zoe knows more than she is saying, hence her refusal to let Christian take the stand … Theo is in and Lani must return to Eli. Kristen thanks her for everything. Lani believes Theo will be able to track Rachel. Kristen thanks her for sneaking her out of the station too … Back in Paris, Sarah cries she will lose her daughter to Kristen if she flies back to Salem. Rex thinks mama Maggie needs her now. After she hears what she did she might die from a broken heart … Xander stammers about complications. Maggie knew the baby seemed alright. Xander wishes she would let it go. She does the math and breaks down as violins play. She realizes she killed Adrienne as well as her own granddaughter. Xander soap stares. The violins grow louder … Odious Orpheus demands to know what else Christian told Zoe. She sidesteps and suggests they go into the courtroom … Lani lies to Eli she was at the coffee shop and brought him back a treat. He explodes at her for helping Kristen escape … Kristen gets a call from Theo and hopes for something … Rex understands as a father how Sarah must feel but running will not end well. She cries it is unfair. He states she is strong and Maggie needs her. She snaps and refuses to lose Mickey, then puts back his gag. She will be long gone with Mickey before anyone can find her … Maggie sobs about what she did and leans on Xander’s strong shoulder. We all need somebody to lean on …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, May 6, 2020