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1330 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Eric dreams of Nicole reminding him his baby girl did not make it and wakes up with a start. Nicole stands there with morning coffee and asks about her beloved’s bad dream. They were shopping for the baby’s first birthday but then … Nicole consoles him… Eli demands Brady reveal Kristen’s whereabouts. Brady claims he has no idea and denies covering … Lani comes to see Kristen with coffees. Alas no news on Rachel’s whereabouts so far. Kristen does not want to ruin her friend’s life … Prisoner Maggie wonders why Xander took so long after getting her message. He nervously sits … In Paris, Sarah apologizes to Rex, who is bound and gagged. She cannot give her child to crazy Kristen … Eli informs Brady that Victor woke up and pointed the finger at Kristen, who is now a wanted woman… Lani insists she is in this with Kristen and brought her her phone. She offers to charge it and suggests she drink the hot coffee. She is on her side … Sarah stammers about the sinister sides of Kristen, which make her unfit mom material. She sees Rex as Kristen’s accomplice which makes him as suspicious as Xander … Maggie has summoned leather jacket Xander. Tis about his non wedding to Sarah. He blames himself. She stares him directly in the eye and asks what he has been hiding. Xander confesses he had cold feet. A fellow inmate happens by and tells Maggie how sorry she is old man Victor was stabbed. No one told her!

Eric holds Nicole, who promises they will ride the emotional waves together. He is grateful for her and Holly, kisses her, and wonders what she was about to say. That Victor woke up and pointed the finger at Kristen. She thinks there is something they can do today … Brady scoffs and gets sarcastic about Victor. Eli notes now Kristen took off … Stylish Kristen cannot drag down stylish Lani, who believes they are bffs forever … Rex eyes the delicious French pastries so Sarah agrees to let him eat so long as he does not call for help … Brady believes Kristen is trying to find the baby and insists she is innocent. Eli is onto him protecting the baby mama. He wants to know where she is. The longer she is on the loose the harder it will be for her … Kristen listens to her message from Rex with Lani … Back in Paris, Sarah feeds Rex but refuses to free his hands. He argues she cannot lie to the little girl forever. Sarah disagrees since she does not deserve to know Kristen’s evil history. She even committed murder! Rex states a large social network will keep Rachel safe. He warns Sarah she is playing God the way people like Kristen and Victor do. She warns she will not leave the baby to Kristen and has heard enough …

Maggie gasps how is Victor? Xander assures her he lost a little blood but will be alright. Maggie demands a name. The inmate names Brady. Maggie bellows at Xander for hiding this from her and demands details… Nicole and Eric have a sweet picnic at the park with Holly, who heads to the swings. Tis a sunny day. Nicole hopes it is not too soon for her to try and cheer him up. He smiles about all the wonderful things in his life like her, potato salad, and pushing Holly on a swing. She loves him. He is crazy about her, kisses her, and heads to Holly … Kristen is surprised since she has not spoken to Rex in years. What if he knows where Rachel is … Rex urges Sarah not to put the gag back. Strange music plays. He is concerned. She gets sarcastic. Rex reminds her they are friends and he loves her as such. He wants the best for her. She sits across from him again and scowls he never knew what was best for her. This man who said he loved her before made Mimi preggers. Rex warns her she is making bad decisions about the present. She weeps he does not get it but he believes he does. Losing a child is the worst pain. She breaks down about the nightmare that began the night of the accident. She will never get over it. Rex tenderly suggests honey face some facts. He was supposed to be at the hospital for work today and the staff know he was in Paris. They will try to find him here. His phone rings and he implores her to let him answer …

Xander gets a moment of privacy with Maggie, who orders him to tell all. Why would Brady attack Victor? Was he drinking again? Xander whispers it was not Brady, it was Kristen DiMera who did it … Rex claims it could be a patient calling. Sarah disconnects cos no one can take her child … Brady urges Eli to release him so he can find Kristen. Eli refuses. He currently considers him a coconspirator … Maggie does not understand. Xander claims Kristen is crazy. Maggie knows there had to have been a trigger. What did Victor do to her? Xander replies all he knows is Brady confessed to protect Kristen. Maggie senses Xander is hiding a huge secret from her the way Will did when Julie almost spilled. She is no fool and warns she will find out anyway. It would be best to hear it from him. The big guy whispers he cannot … Eric comes back with Holly and praises her for climbing the monkey bars with a flawless descent. She said they were too easy and he teases she is a big girl. Nicole loves that he recorded the milestone and loves her daughter. She tells daddy she loves him. Eric is much moved … Eli argues Kristen pushed Haley downstairs to her death. What will she do to Sarah or Rachel when she finds them?!! Brady knows not where Kristen went and knows not who she could turn to as a friend. She seems to be without DiMera support these days. Eli deduces it was Lani … Lani ends a call with a doctor who confirmed Rex did not return from a medical conference. Kristen wants the location. Paris …

Sarah rants to Rex she has been lied to since her baby was born. She trusts no one. Rex mentions mama Maggie … Maggie kicks Xander out unless he starts talking. She plans to call Sarah! Xander agrees to tell all. Kristen attacked Victa because he let her believe her baby was dead. Maggie assumes she went mad. He explains she was spot on since Brady and Kristen’s baby really is alive … Eric wonders whether Nicole told Holly to call him daddy. Nicole did not and explains daddy is in heaven. Holly smiles she knows but would still like to call Eric daddy. Nicole and Eric both like that and they share a family hug that ends with their kiss … Back at the station Eli is stunned to see footage of Lani with Kristen … Kristen now knows Sarah is in Paris with Rex … Sarah bitterly reminds Rex her mother is a drunk and they are no longer close. Her baby died! Rex wonders what Maggie had to do with it. She numbly notes mama Maggie offed her daughter … Maggie demands to know where Brady and Kristen’s baby is now. With Sarah. Xander is sorry to say the baby that died that fateful night was really Sarah’s. The redhead looks ready to faint …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, May 5, 2020