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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the station Kristen anxiously asks if awake Victor remembers. Lani replies he was too weak but Eli is waiting … Meanwhile Eli knows he heard Victor reveal Kristen was his attacker. Could he be covering for Brady? Victor whispers again … In Paris Rex advises Sarah against giving the baby a life on the run. Sarah weeps she loves her and cannot give her to crazy Kristen. Rex starts to call the cops long distance. Rafe answers. Rex identifies himself but Sarah grabs the phone … Kayla wants Eli to leave but Victor wants him to wait … Sweet Lani suggests stressed Kristen get a drink. She is sorry for her loss. Sarah was not herself. However, at least she loves her daughter. Kristen worries about Brady being in prison. Lani doubts Victor will want him charged. Kristen flashes back to doing the deed. Lani senses she is hiding something … Chad kisses sweet Abigail in her hospital bed and hopes there are no flashbacks. Kayla assured her the drugs were gone from her system. He vows to make Gabi pay … After Gabi leaves Rafe a desperate message Jake comes around the corner at the park. She gushes Stefan has come back to her but Jake bites his lip …

Gabi gasps he cannot go. Jake drawls he is Jake and deduces she is Gabi when he hears her denial. She argues how does he know who she is if he is not Stefan? … Chad complains to Abigail about Rafe ignoring his calls. He has no guts to face him given what sister Gabi did. Rafe appears, arguing he has been busy with Victor’s case. Chad counters Brady confessed … Lani recalls how she and Kristen prayed in Italy. Lani weeps if someone had hidden that David was alive from her she would want them to suffer. Kristen cries and confesses she did it to Victor. Lani has tears in her eyes … Victor declares Kristen wanted him dead due to what he did to her baby. Then he got a knife in his chest … Rex reasons Sarah cannot keep someone else’s baby. She tells him the sad story of how real Mickey was lost and she was misled. Rex is sorry. She reminds him how he loved her once and pouts for a pass … Eli asks whether Victor is sure it was Kristen. The Greek speaks the truth. Brady took the fall for that woman … Kristen cries she wanted to confess but Brady was against it cos she would do more time than him … Rex calmly explains he still cares for Sarah. Alas he cannot keep her secret. He knows what it is to have your child kept from you and argues there is Brady to consider. He blames Victor and Xander. Sarah is better than them. He holds her and asks if she wants Mickey to live a lie instead of doing the right thing. Sarah sniffles she will be a little girl soon and agrees to bring the baby back to Salem … Chad talks power play at DiMera. Dangerous Gabi would do anything to eliminate the competition. Rafe clears his throat and argues Gabi denied it. Others had access to that drug at DiMera. Abigail and Chad wish he would do the right thing … Jake argues Ben already told him he was a dead ringer for Stefan, whose heart Gabi donated to save someone. He is sorry for the loss of her loved one. Gabi explodes and smacks him hard. Jake almost falls!

Jake is furious the fashionable female hit him. She babbles about Rolf and he asks if that is a muppet. She calls his accent fake and demands to know why he must lie low … Abigail sighs Gabi believes she deserves DiMera as she is Stefan’s widow. Rafe would need more probable cause and has assigned Lani to take over the investigation. If Gabi is guilty Lani will prove it. Exit Rafe. Chad sits and soap stares at stressed Abigail … Rex is at the Paris apartment with packed Sarah, having booked tickets back to Salem. He wants to accompany her. She thanks him and asks him to be the one to call Brady. He suggests they wait until they are in Salem and admits Brady has no phone access now. Sarah is stunned to hear he is in the Salem slammer … Eli catches up with Rafe at the elevator and explains Victor claimed Kristen did it and Brady is covering. Rafe reveals he just saw Kristen speaking to Lani … Meanwhile Lani cannot believe that highly emotional Kristen actually wants her to let her go!

Lani has legal and ethical responsibilities. Kristen stops her and argues Victor and Xander stole her baby. She wants to hold her child again. Lani reminds her she just confessed to a detective at the station. Kristen believed she was bearing her soul to a friend. Lani talks lawyer. Kristen plays the you lost David and should understand card. She would give her another chance to see her child if she could! Kristen begs her to let her go get little Rachel … Sarah realizes the only parent Rachel will have in the world is Kristen! Rex argues as per reliable Roman she changed. Sarah doubts it and rages he wanted her to give an innocent child to wicked wanton Kristen. That woman will never change … Gabi deduces Stefan has a plan for DiMera and wants in. He wishes she would stop touching him and tells her he has never seen her before. She laments why the lies … Abigail believes Lani will be able to get Gabi. Chad doubts it and storms off to do something. Abigail is stressed to the max and suddenly thinks she sees Stefan trying to strangle her beloved Chad. She screams to stop. Chad goes down. Stefan is about to attack her and kicks Chad as she struggles with real Chad. Abigail screams and still sees Stefan not Chad before her. He holds her and yells for heeeeeeelp …

Gabi recounts how she saw Stefan before when she fainted. He assures her he is not her husband, pretends he sees someone so she turns, and takes off … Abigail imagines Kayla is working with Chad and howls for Chad as she imagines Stefan holding her for the needle, not her hubby. Kayla injects and Chad weeps while holding his now sleeping wife … Back at the station Eli approaches Lani and asks where Kristen went cos Victor just pointed the finger at her … Rex used to be Kristen’s doctor and starts to call her. Sarah suspects a conspiracy. He leaves Kristen a message to call him but Sarah hits him from behind with an objet d’art. Rex goes down … Chad wonders what is happening to his sleeping beauty. Kayla insists no drug stayed in her system. Tis a mystery … Gabi goes home and tells herself he is Stefan down to the hands, the same hands that put this necklace on her … Jake/Stefan tries to keep busy at the garage but cannot get Gabi out of his mind … Lani informed Eli that Kristen was back at her Salem Inn room but she is not there so he calls Rafe … Lani sees off Kristen at the park, having given her a head start … Back in Paris the baby cries. Sarah tries to get her back to sleep and stammers she had to save her from the wicked woman. Rex remains unconscious on the black and white marble floor ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, May 4, 2020