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1200 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Ben and Jake are working on the bike in harmony. However, his almost boss warns him to butt out when he asks about the lady in his life. He then apologizes and laughs he knows lots about Ben’s girl … Ciara is over the moon Victor woke up and goes to get Kayla … At the station Eli hands Lani the forensics report. The blade was wiped clean. They discuss suspects. Lani could see the shock on Kristen’s face about Brady's confession … In another room Brady wants to cover for the woman he loves and blames himself for everything. His grandfather is a career criminal and he should have protected her … At the stylish Paris apartment Sarah panics to the baby that Rex might say something to someone in Salem … At the pub perfectly groomed Kate is on a long distance call with Rex, who wants all the latest … Kayla calls Victor lucky and suggests he stop trying to talk. He should save his strength. She then warns hopeful Ciara that his heart was wounded. Ciara insists on staying at his side since Maggie cannot be here. Kayla will call her after the exam …Jake feels distracted for his ex is on her mind. He tells Ben she is the kind of woman you cannot get out of your system. He wanted to kiss and strangle her at the same time. She was a beauty. Ben asks why they broke up … As Stefano’s portrait watches, Gabi pours herself a drink and remembers seeing her Stefan. She pouts it is impossible … Lani has Abigail’s tox report details. She ingested a hallucinogenic. Chad believes Gabi slipped something into her champagne. She would love to get that girl! Eli gets a call and updates her on Victor being conscious. He is on his way …

Brady reminds Kristen his grandfather led them to think their little girl was gone. He should have kept her far from him. Kristen updates him on Nicole suspecting her. He assures her he told Eric it was not her and hopes she kept her silence. She decides to do the right thing and go tell Rafe the truth. Brady warns she would never see her daughter again … Sarah talks to herself about the trouble Rex could cause. The baby cries and she realizes she left her pink blanket at the café … Kate has updated Rex on Hattie leaving and Roman wanting her to waitress but never again. In addition she has applied for a job with the mayor. Rex presses for more drama. She declares Brady stabbed Victor in the heart but he survived. Then she tells him about the baby switch, how the baby that Sarah got really belonged to Brady and Kristen. She elegantly sips her coffee as Rex digests long distance, his baby blues widening with disbelief … Jake is verrry vague about his romantic breakup. Ben has questions cos he looks like his old boss and asks where he grew up. Long story. Here comes Ciara, who gasps when she sees the Stefan lookalike …

Lani comes to see Gabi at DiMera mansion with questions. Abigail’s tox report pointed to a drug that is still in the testing stage at DiMera Enterprises! Gabi’s face falls … Brady knows Rachel needs her mother. The D.A. would lock her mother up forever! He will never tell a soul what she did. Kristen argues Victor might make it … Kayla asks Victor to relax. Enter Eli. Kayla will only allow him to have five minutes with the Salem patient … Rex hears the rest of the baby switch story and feels for brother Eric. Kate now informs him of Sarah going on the run with the little girl she could not bear to give back. No one knows where they went. Sarah now comes back to the café and Rex gives her a dark look … Ben picks up Ciara’s fallen purse and makes the introductions. She admits she is staring because … Jake grins cos he looks like his dead boss. Everybody has a double. She wonders how Gabi would react … Gabi denies it is a big deal. Lani talks access and adds the drug was slipped into Abigail’s champagne. She tries to convince her to confess … Eli asks sir what happened. Victor has trouble talking. Kayla feels he is too week but Eli has just one more question. Did Brady stick the knife in him? … Back at the station Kristen updates Brady on his grandfather being critical. He will blackmail him into being silent if he survives. Kristen warns he will talk as soon as he wakes up. But there is something they could do – she should finish him off …

Rex ends the call with Kate and suspiciously wonders why Sarah is back at the café. She forgot her daughter’s pink blanket. He picks up the blanket and points out that is not really her daughter. Things get intense. Sarah refuses to return Rachel to her rightful parents. Ever … Lani coldly declares Gabi has done this before. Gabi suggests she check Chad’s sanity and warns they have nothing. The fuming fashionista wants her to leave… Jake knows no Gabi so Ciara and Ben tell him some Stefan DiMera history. Jake acts amused and laughs one could not come back from losing one’s heart … Brady makes Kristen promise to steer clear of Victor. She hates taking the blame for him but Brady believes their baby girl needs her. She gets upset they have lost their happiness as a couple. Brady blames himself for not suspecting Victor would make mischief. She stops him from saying he ruined her life and they embrace … Eli repeats. Did Brady stab him? Victor tries but cannot talk. Kayla ushers Eli out. He will be back. Victor now speaks Kristen’s name … Ben asks his leather pants girlfriend about her grandpa and hugs her when he hears he woke up. He hopes he can see her tonight to celebrate that and his new job. Stefan agrees he is great enough to stay and he thanks him …

Lani pays Kristen a visit. Kristen calls it a miracle she has not lost her mind. Lani points out Brady will probably be off the hook as Victor is awake and unlikely to point the finger … Eli informs Victor that Brady confessed. Victor gasps No, it was not him. Then who? KRISTEN, says he, as clear as day … Ciara admires the nice bike Ben fixed. He suggests she also apply to the garage. She gushes they would get distracted and they romantically kiss. Then then marvel about Jake resembling Stefan. Someone should forewarn Gabi … Gabi is leaving an angry message at the park, pouting Abigail is to blame for the fact that she will never have her Stefan ever again. Jake comes around the corner and she gasps …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 1, 2020