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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Xander visits unconscious Uncle Victa and vows revenge on Brady … Eric visits Brady at the station. His brother insists he did it to Victor in the living room with the breakfast tray knife. Eric warns he might not make it which would mean murder one … Nervous wreck Kristen is busy with a map trying to search for Sarah when Nicole drops by. Nicole wonders about Brady … In Paris, Sarah checks and the nosy neighbor is nowhere so she takes Mickey out to eat … As she waits at the hospital for word on Victor, Ciara suggests Ben tend to his own matters. Like Jake, whom he cannot believe looks just like Stefan … At the square stylish Gabi gasps STEFAN when she sees Jake … Eric does not believe Brady is a natural born killer. He seeks the real story … Xander cannot believe Brady would do this to the old grandad who loved him. He thought Kristen was more of a threat … Nicole lets Kristen know she and Eric are here to help. She has been there. Kristen cries she deserves nothing after what she did. Nicole asks exactly what she did this time … Gabi falls down with a groan …

Sarah takes la petite out to see Paris … Kristen gasps what has she done and remembers sticking it to Victor for stealing her child. Now she tells Nicole she meant stealing Holly was wrong. This could be her payback. Nicole notes Brady did not deserve this … Eric wants to know where Brady found the knife. It was … lying around. Eric senses a lie and notes he did not attack Xander. He doubts Brady threw it all away in a fit of rage. He cares about his kids … Ben exclaims the guy looks and walks and talks like Stefan. It is as if it is really him … Beautiful Gabi looks up at the beautiful guy hovering over her and sees her Stefan. But then she opens her eyes to Kate, who suggests she was dreaming. The stylish diva doubts it when she swears she saw Stefan. Kate reminds her she gave away his heart. She insists it was her husband … Jake is alone at the garage feeling emotional. He remembers Gabi on the ground and then looks up to see Ben. What is he staring at? Someone who looks like his old boss. He wonders whether he spoke to his own boss and he has a job? … Xander tells sleeping Victor his tale of woe. Sarah did not trust him enough. Ciara appears and quips no wonder … Sarah has her baby in a stroller at a typical French café. She wants to see the view of the Seine. Romeo Rex greets her instead. He is surprised she is here and admires sweet Mademoiselle Mickey. She asks why he is here. Medical convention. She claims she is on a little vacation. He sits and she asks about Emily. She is well and Mimi is a wonderful mother. He was just offered a job in Paris but said no thanks. He wants to watch his girl grow up in Chicago, where she is with her mom. Sarah can relate … Kristen wants to work on her search. Nicole wants to help. Kristen already has the DiMera team on the case. When Nicole mentions Mickey, Kristen corrects her name is Rachel! Nicole is sorry. Kristen blames herself for what she did to Haley and JJ. Her temper has happened again! Nicole suspects she was the one who stuck it to Victor and says so …

Brady repeats he did it to Victor but Eric knows a true sinner when he see one and Brady ain’t it! He protects people he loves and turns his rage on only himself. Brady talks curse of the Kiriakis clan like a Greek tragedy. BULL says Eric! Victor was attacked by someone in a fit of rage. That is not Brady but it IS Kristen … At the pub Kate gets tea for Gabi, who complains they think she drugged hallucinating Abigail again. Kate asks if she did, given her history … Jake assures Ben he will hire him if he gets this engine running. He is ready. Jake feels they will be a dream team … Ciara lectures Xander for his transgressions. He feels badly but Ciara does not buy it. He insists he loves Maggie as well as Sarah … As they sip coffee, Rex pleasantly asks Sarah when she and Xander wed. The brunette is elusive … Brady claims he attacked Victor not Kristen cos he knew of his involvement first … Nicole accuses Kristen of attacking Victor after she discovered he had stolen her baby. Kristen confesses she planned to but Brady beat her to it …

Ben helps Jake fix the bike and Jake is impressed. Ben chuckles his girl is even better … Ciara warns Xander that after a year with a baby she believed was hers, Sarah might never overcome … Romeo Rex senses a long engagement. Sarah sighs no wedding. He remembers their own non wedding and asks whether Xander was her rebound from Eric. She would rather not discuss. He wonders where she is staying and she gets tightlipped. He grins he is the ghost of weddings past. She has to go home for Mickey needs her nap. He hugs her and asks her to give Eric his best. He will see her in Salem soon. She sighs he will not and he watches her walk away with the stroller … Eric is sorry. So is Brady. Eric just wanted to help. Brady asks him to help him by being there for Rachel after she comes home. He promises and departs …Nicole exclaims Kristen has killed someone related to everyone in town. Kristen screams to get out. Nicole warns her one cannot be a loose cannon as a mother. She strongly suggests she do some soul searching. Can she stop being this version of herself? Nicole leaves, clearly upset. Kristen too is tormented …

Eric stares into space at the square. He stands up when he sees Nicole. She is so fearful that Brady did not attack Victor but … He finishes he knows it was Kristen too! He senses Brady is doing what he believes is best for Rachel. Nicole hopes Kristen will give herself up for the baby’s sake … Kristen comes to Brady, who instructs her on what to say. She announces she is going to confess … Ciara orders Xander out. She wants to be alone with Victor. When he vows to find Sarah, she feels sorry for her. Now alone with the patriarch she teases tis déjà vu. Last time she regretted not revealing how much she loves him. She loves him soooooo much! The Greek speaks her name and opens his eyes … Ben wonders about the woman in Jake’s life. Jake looks secretive ... Kate gets a call and indignant Gabi goes … Sarah is a nervous wreck when she returns to the apartment with Mickey. She assures herself Rex is not in touch with anyone in Salem … Rex has just called stylish mama Kate and asks about the latest in Salem. He suspects he has missed much …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, April 30, 2020