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1500 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Sympathetic Kayla has Steve’s patch and he thanks her though he clearly feels crummy … At the pretty park pretty Zoe insists Evan reveal his and Orpheus’ deep dark secret. They sit on a bench and she promises to help. He whispers he and his dad did a dastardly thing …At the square Marlena wants John to walk away. Orpheus insists he can help. John stares him down and drawls he doubts he can help him with his son … Chad declares Abigail was deliberately drugged. Meanwhile stylish Gabi bursts into Rafe’s office to make an impulsive confession … Jack wants a name but Abigail and Chad think they already know the identity of her drugger … Gabi complains to Rafe that the board took Chad back as CEO. He suggests she focus on Gabi Chic. She exclaims they locked her out of the store and her company as they celebrated. She had to take action! Rafe gets a bad feeling … Kayla offers to change the bandage and suggests Hope get a coffee. Steve and Kayla are alone now. He notes she is the only one who has seen everything under his patch and it ain’t easy to look act. She gasps it is never hard to look at him. Oooooo

Zoe has heard the secret and sighs it is worse than she thought. How could he agree? He was in a bad place and took his fiend father up on his offer to help with David. He will regret what he did forever … John wants to know why Orpheus wants to help. Orpheus argues both their boys confessed. He knows Evan did not do it. As for Brady, he did the world a favor by stabbing Victor. John and Marlena have heard enough and start to leave. Orpheus adds if anything happened to Brady, John might regret not accepting his offer of assistance. John turns and stares him down, demanding to know if that was a threat … Jack digests and asks Chad and Abigail how Gabi could have drugged her. They were at Doug and Julie’s celebrating with champagne. Gabi was a loose cannon and grabbed their champagne bottle at one point. Jack wants the police but Chad has a better idea … Gabi informs Rafe she broke the lock on Gabi Chic the other night for her personal things. She ominously adds she did what she had to. Rafe senses there is more … Kayla gets her gloves on. Steve is ready. The patch is soon back on. She adjusts it and wonders how he feels. Like an old pair of … shoes, says she! She smiles he is his old self again and he looks at the man in the mirror. He still has his doubts …

Orpheus denies making a threat and offers to make a well placed call to help Brady. John drawls he did not do that for his own son. Orpheus explains that is a harder case. Hawkish John wonders what he wants in return … Abigail is relieved she is not losing her mind again. Suited Jack would like to discuss those days. He wishes he had been there. She tells him times were tough and she lost it but got treatment and got better. Jack is confused cos she and Gabi were good friends once upon a time. What happened … Rafe gets mad at Gabi for doing a bad thing. She always promises to be better but the impulsive behavior never stops! Now she wants him to bail her out and he is furiously fed up. Here comes Chad … Steve believes he is back in charge. However, he is haunted by the past few months. Kayla notes that was then, this is now. He hates the havoc he wreaked for loved ones. Kayla urges him to let it go. He confesses he has been having flashbacks of memories that are not his. She tells him to put them in the past and finally forgive himself. Hope returns and wonders whether tis too soon … Jack hears that Abigail and Gabi never overcame what happened after her friend fell for Chad. Abigail was presumed dead but she came back. She admits Gabi went to slammer because of her alter and … Jack has heard the story and adds now Gabi cannot have kids cos of a bad beating she took in the slammer. Abigail blames herself for that but then Gabi made her and everyone else believe she had lost it again. She lost her kids, was locked in Bayview and even Jen did not believe her. Jack wishes he had been here for her. She feels stronger now. He assures her she has always been strong. She insists Gabi is not going to get to her this time. Everyone in Salem has her number now … Chad wants Gabi arrested. Rafe sighs it is about the break-in, much to her horror. Big brother reasons she lost everything, her hubby, her job, her business. She will pay for the damages of the broken lock. Chad bellows he wants her arrested not for the lock but for drugging his wife!

Zoe holds Evan’s hand and does not disagree about his huge error. She wants to help. He argues as his attorney she has to keep his secret. She is on his side. The secret stays a secret. If it spilled he would lose so much more than David … Orpheus offers to tell John his terms if he is interested. John has his doubts. Orpheus offers him more time and warns if he waits too long Brady could be railroaded the way Evan was. Marlena reminds him his son was guilty whereas Brady was not. John wants to go. Confident Orpheus looks forward to hearing from him … Zoe is summoned to the courthouse for the ruling on Rafe’s restraining order. Even implores her not to tell dad he told her for he would turn on him. Orpheus appears and sarcastically clears his throat … Kayla becomes distant again and will have Steve’s paperwork soon. She slams the door behind herself. Patch is back! Hope wonders where he will stay. He feels like he belongs nowhere. Hope can relate … Gabi denies everything. Rafe wonders. Chad explains Abigail has been hallucinating and was drugged. He shows Rafe the list of what was found in his wife’s system … Orpheus asks his kids about their convo. Zoe gets going after Evan thanks her. Orpheus warns him not to let her use him for info against the family. He boasts he has been laying the groundwork to make old enemies useful allies …

Stylish Marlena returns home with John, appalled by the audacity of Orpheus. John suggests he play along just to find up what the fiend is really up to … Jack wonders where heroic Chad is. Abigail gushes he will be back soon. He would move mountains for her and certainly remove an obstacle like Gabi … Rafe calls it unfortunate Abigail was drugged but the list does not prove Gabi did it. Chad talks champagne bottle and distraction. She has done this in the past! Gabi snaps so what. Rafe will check into it but cannot charge her for anything now. Chad hisses to do his job or he will have to take action. He walks out and Gabi calls him and his wife wackos. Rafe wants her to drop the act. Did she really do it? She replies of course not so he demands she swear on Arianna’s life. The princess pouts. How could he ask such a thing? He notes if she is not guilty she will not mind. Zoe interrupts so Gabi sarcastically thanks him for his support and storms out. Zoe smugly states his attempt at a restraining order was tossed out by the judge. That means David’s clan gets visitation. Rafe talks danger. He refuses to stop protecting the little lad. She warns she will get custody and will see him in court. He quips good luck … Kayla coldly hands Steve his release papers to sign. Hope is with him. Guarded Kayla wants to know for the kids where he will be staying. Chez Hope, who invited him! He will contact the kids directly and cordially thanks Kayla for everything. A frown creases her brow. He will see her around. She will see him around. Tragic music plays as he vanishes from view. Kayla looks lost … Chad updates Jack and Abigail on Rafe siding with Gabi. He alludes to going DiMera if nothing gets done. Abigail smiles … Gabi storms through the square. Casual cool guy “Jake” is standing at the Gabi Chic window and turns around. Gabi soap stares and starts to hyperventilate …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, April 29, 2020