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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Jen and Jack rush to Abigail’s room, where Chad explains she has been seeing things. Sleeping beauty wakes up and imagines Orpheus the grim reaper ready to blow up mama Jen … Kayla confirms to Justin that Victor’s surgery is done but it does not seem promising. They hug and Steve sees … Hope joins John and Marlena at their elegant home, concerned about Mickey. She offers to help. Marlena snaps no. Hope officially apologizes to Marlena. John assures her they forgave her and Steve. Those two should now forgive themselves … Steve greets Kayla at the hospital in his wheelchair. She is miffed he told her she took his advice and blasts his big ego … Busy Rafe meets with Justin in his office. Rafe is sorry about Victor and Brady. Justin is here to update him on trying to have Zoe’s motion thrown out. Rafe frets she is family to David … At the park, Orpheus tries to lord over anxious Evan and capable Zoe as they discuss David’s case. He sternly suggests she watch her tone with him. She plays along and updates Evan, who is counting on her to get custody. Alas Rafe’s team is trying to have her petition thrown out … Chad is at Abigail’s side, Jack and Jen before her but she believes Orpheus is about to kill Jen. She screams at him to stop. Chad holds her. She imagines an explosive strapped to Jen and wants to save her. Chad brings her back and swears she is safe. She now realizes she imagined it. Jen assures her it is alright. She cries nothing is as Chad holds her close. Jack and Jen are at a loss. Enter Marlena, here to help …

Evan rages Rafe will be sorry. Orpheus brings up Jordan’s fate. Zoe tries to reason with them but Orpheus rages the system is against them … Rafe argues Zoe has a bad dad and brother. Justin plays devil’s advocate and reminds him of his own illustrious blood relations … Steve lets Sweetness know he is sorry for overstepping. She does not want him to call her that. Sorry again. He acts supportive of her choice. As soon as he hears an update on his eye from that specialist he will be out of her story. Kayla steps away to call and speed things up. After she walks away, the smile fades from his face … Rafe fears Justin feels he will lose. Justin thinks it depends on the judge since Jordan did choose him to raise David. He promises to fight with all his might and heads to the courthouse … Back at the park Zoe fumes when father questions her. Evan trusts her but Orpheus is suspicious of the system. He states it makes more sense to snatch David and let Evan go on the run with him. Zoe warns they would be caught. Evan insists they do things the Zoe way and go by the book. Orpheus agrees but only for now. The decision comes in so Zoe departs for the courthouse … Steve remembers woman in red Kayla bringing Brady pub chowder into his room. Good times as the love of his life helped him get his sight back. Adrienne was writing about it in her romantic book. Steve now whispers he had to let Sweetness go cos he loves her so. Hope comes in with a long face … Outside Abigail’s room, Kayla confers with concerned Chad, Jack and Jen. Chad is scared as hell for her as they await the test results … Elegant Marlena talks stress triggers with Abigail. Her marriage is solid. Marlena suggests they consider her history of insisting all was well in her world when it really was not. Fair maiden Abigail knows she is normal. She is not losing herself like before and weeps she has worked at staying well. She will not lose her family …

Steve sighs he hopes Hope has Brady pub chowder. She brought him a pub bacon and egg cheese sandwich. Hungry Steve thanks her and asks how she fares. She sighs she was forgiven by John and Marlena. Steve sighs him too so why are they so down? They cannot forgive themselves. Steve believes Kayla is better off with a good man like Justin. Sympathetic Hope takes his hand … Kayla assures Abigail’s clan that she is in the best hands with Marlena, then steps away when Steve’s specialist calls … Chad decides he will wait for the test results cos he is convinced Abigail is herself. Marlena emerges with her view that Abigail is not relapsing. It sounds encouraging. She will try and find out more about the test results … John enters Rafe’s office to complain he cannot see Brady. Rafe reminds him he stabbed Victor. That’s what he said. John sighs and questions the evidence. Rafe cannot discuss the details but he feels for the concerned father. John warns him as one dad to another to keep Orpheus far from David …

Back at the park, Orpheus frets about Zoe and reminds Evan his sister can never know … Evan swears he will say nothing to her about what they did. Zoe appears … Abigail imagines grim reaper Orpheus and tells herself it is not real. He disappears and she breathes a sigh of relief, feeling better by the Salem second. When Jack and Jen return with a treat, she smiles. They are here for her. Abigail knows Jack has a newspaper to run and Jen should relieve Julie of her babysitting duties. Jen agrees to go and asks Jack to watch over her. He refuses to leave for he was not around before. They embrace and Chad bursts in with big news … Hope woefully states the words please forgive me do not seem to be enough. Steve can relate. He agrees to share the delicious sandwich with her … Justin the suit is sorry to tell Rafe that the judge allowed Zoe’s custody petition to proceed. The adoption is officially on hold … Evan is elated and hugs his winning sister. Orpheus has stuff to do and puts on his sunglasses. When he goes, Zoe presses Evan to spill the secret they were discussing …

John and fashionable Marlena meet up at the square. He complains he could not get in to see Brady. Here comes smug Orpheus, who asks to join them. He claims he has been looking for them. Spooky music plays …. Rafe is upset and asks what comes next. Justin talks standard custody battle. They should show Zoe is unfit. Rafe vows to dig up the creepy clan’s secrets … Evan evades Zoe’s question. She warns he risks losing if he does not forewarn her of his and father’s secrets … Orpheus taunts John about Brady’s confession and suggests they help each other. John eyes him like a hawk … Chad dramatically declares Abigail was drugged … Kayla is sorry to say to Steve the eye is beyond repair as per the specialist. Patchman puts on a brave face, Hope at his side. Kayla has his historic patch ready …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, April 28, 2020