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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Sonny leaves Will a message about being in hospital with Vic. Eli and Lani arrive with questions … Kristen whispers Victor got what he had coming. Brady deduces she did it to grandad … At DiMera mansion Abigail imagines Chad is the necktie killer and calls him Ben. Chad is flabbergasted since she has been fine for a long time … Gabi sweetly tells Stefan's grave she shall make Chad and Abigail pay, then weeps she lot him forever but will make him proud … Mechanic meets Ben but mechanic looks like Stefan. He calls himself Jake and Ben blurts out he look like his old boss … Abigail babbles at Ben to stay away. Chad cannot convince her he is not him … Sonny updates the cops how he found Victor. The bloodied knife is still on the living room floor. They wonder who did it. Sonny is suspicious of … Brady quietly begs Kristen for the truth. She cries she was mad and confesses after he promises to protect her. He wants details. She stammers she confronted Xander who had protected Sarah as well as Maggie. Kristen knew that Victor had to be the mastermind so she headed to the mansion. She lost it and used the breakfast tray knife to stick it to him right in the heart. The knife fell and she fled. She panics about prison but Brady promises to fix it … Sonny is suspicious of Orpheus as there was bad blood. Eli and Lani leave for the crime scene and will be in touch. Ciara emerges in tears … Jake acts mildly curious about Ben’s dead pal and quips everybody has a double … After Gabi imagines Stefan in the store window, Will approaches. She complains about Chad and Abigail destroying her career and warns they will not get away with it. Will gets a bad feeling … Abigail suddenly sees Chad, who explains Ben was not here and she snapped after he removed his tie. He suggests a visit to the hospital. Supportive Chad wants to leave the kids with Julie and go asap. She agrees with anxiety on her beautiful face and he tells her they are in it together. Tragic music plays …

Will warns stylish Gabi about her revenge always backfiring. She claims she is going to court for wrongful termination. Will believes in signs and starting over but Gabi argues this is Stefan’s legacy. She thought she saw his reflection. Will patiently points out tis impossible … Back at the garage, Jake wonders why Ben came. He is after a few parts and to apply as the mechanic. Jake smiles someone else got the job. Him … Sonny promises upset Ciara they will find whoever did this to Vic and make them pay … As anxious Kristen waits elsewhere, Brady uses a cloth Kiriakis napkin to wipe her prints from the bloodied knife. Eli and Lani catch him in the act … Jake just got hired. So he says. Ben hands over his list and he realizes the bike in question is a classic. Ben grins tis a labor of love. Jake will be in touch when he has the parts. Ben calls the resemblance a crazy coincidence. Jake stops him from leaving with a smile … Gabi argues to Will that Rolf brought back many with his magic formula. Will reminds her Rolf said it would not work with Stefan. Gabi suggests any scenario is possible since Stefano was his father! She believes Rolf could have had a plan B …

Jake decides if he is willing to work hard, Ben can work for him. He will talk to the big boss. Ben is grateful and wonders why he would want to help him. Jake wonders why he shouldn’t … Sonny updates Ciara on Lani and Eli heading to the mansion to look for clues, prints, etc. She weeps she wants Vic to be okay and he hugs her. Chad arrives with Abigail and steps away to check in with the nurse. She imagines Sonny is Ben and screams at him to let Ciara go … Brady can explain. He came over after Sonny told him what happened but saw no uniforms. Lani and Eli explain the cops in the car were guarding the scene and start to ask suspicious questions. He denies doing it but Eli decides to take him to the station … At the square, Gabi senses Stefan is in the land of the living. Sympathetic Will reminds her he was brain dead. She feels it is unfair since so many others have come back. Where is her happy ending … Ben notes Jake knows nothing about him. He knows he is good with engines and that is enough. Is he interested … Sonny and Ciara are stunned when Abigail explains to returned Chad that she was trying to save Ciara from Ben. Chad soothingly states that is not Ben. Sonny hopes everything is alright.

At the station as Brady argues he is innocent. Kristen arrives for news on her baby. Brady announces the police have him here as Victor was stabbed and they have jumped to the wrong conclusion. Kristen insists it was not him. Eli suspiciously probes … Grateful Ben is in. Jake teases what the hell kind of name is Stefan anyway and slides back under the vehicle he was working on. He will be in touch … Will tenderly tells Gabi perhaps she wanted to see Stefan in order to cope or perhaps he was her guardian angel. She fears being a freak. He believes what she is feeling is beautiful. However, he is here on her side and he is no phantom. She thanks him and emotionally hugs him … Chad apologizes to Sonny and Ciara while Abigail meets with the nurse. She has been imagining Ben when he was the necktie killer. Ciara argues he has since changed. Chad admits he has no idea of the cause. Sonny is here if he needs anything. Chad thanks him and hears that Victor has been stabbed …

Kristen indignantly defends Brady, who blurts out he did do it. Kristen tries to stop as Eli and Lani listen. He insists he stabbed his grandad … Ben joins Ciara while she waits at the hospital. He came as soon as he could and holds her close … Abigail is in a hospital bed waiting with faithful Chad at her side. She does not know what is happening to her. He assures her they will find out. She could not handle another meltdown … Ciara discusses the Abigail incident with Ben, who has his own bombshell to drop … After Gabi walks away from Gabi Chic without her guardian angel, Jake happens along sipping his coffee … Eli asks Brady for the details. Brady is vague and keeps going. Kristen is unable to stop him. He asks her to focus on Rachel and be there when she is found. She promises and holds his face. Eli hauls him off. Kristen lets out a little cry. Lani gives her a look and goes after Eli …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, April 27, 2020