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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Phone Xander frantically begs furious Sarah to reveal her and the baby’s whereabouts … At the pub as Ben watches phone Ciara gives Rafe a pep talk and confirms they plan to see David soon. She updates Ben on David hugging Rafe and wanting him as his daddy. They expect good news soon. Ben also wants good news on the job front. Julie is hiring but it would not be the best fit … At the bistro Chad and Abigail enjoy his win. She calls Gabi a has been … Stylish Gabi is stunned to see Stefan’s reflection in her storefront window. She blinks … Kristen has stuck the fruit tray knife into Victor! He passes out and she removes the now bloody knife … Ben sips coffee. Ciara wishes someone would hire them. Ben suggests they take a spring ride on her bike and enjoy the romantic view … Sarah rages at Xander for his deception. He warns she is unsafe now for they are all searching! She weeps the baby needs her. Xander has an idea … Chad loves being head of DiMera. However, he is sad for Kristen. They both feel for all involved in the baby drama. Abigail goes to order the best champagne to toast to Gabi being gone. Chad will check in with the kids … Brady strolls through the square. Gabi gasps she saw Stefan! He babbles about his own baby and takes off to track Kristen … In the Kiriakis foyer, Sonny is on his phone with Will, stunned by his update. If Maggie had learned the truth it would have killed her as well as Victor. Meanwhile in the living room Kristen drops the knife, leers the son of a beech deserved it and stands up …

Ciara and Ben hop on her bike, ready for the open road. Alas it does not start … As crickets chirp Gabi has a rose for Stefan’s grave. It is misty. She misses him so much and vows to fight Chad and Abigail. She promises the late love of her life she will make him proud …Chad and Abigail are ready to toast …. Ring ring! Abigail gets an unexpected call from Paris and wonders what baby … Meltdown Sarah insists she is Mickey’s mother and refuses to give her to Brady and Kristen. Xander claims he can help her keep her forever … Brady enters the station and spies Kristen sitting in an interrogation room all alone … Sonny starts to tell Vic about Will thwarting Julie and then realizes he is not responding. He rushes to him to help. He then calls 911. The knife is still on the floor … Brady closes the door and Kristen states she could not sleep. They should fly to Europe to search. Brady believes the authorities will bring their daughter home …. Xander warns Sarah they are already on her trail but he has the perfect plan. They can vanish foreva with Mickey … Ben discovers the carburetor is at fault but he believes he can get the baby purring with a few new parts. His baby Ciara purrs she knows he can and praises him for bringing Bo’s bike back to life after her crash. He saved her life too. He flirts he is glad they met despite the crash and they kiss. Now she searches online for open garages. There is a nearby open auto shop that is also looking for a new mechanic! She teases he would be her very own grease money and they kiss in bliss …

Sarah is paranoid that Xander made a deal for his own immunity. He breathes he only wants to help her have a life with her daughta for he loves her … Brady believes the police in London will locate their baby. He will never give up. Kristen wonders when he states he has news about Victor. He growls the Greek tycoon was involved in the baby switch. She numbly notes she knew … Kayla works to help Victor in emergency and asks Sonny to leave the room … Abigail ends her call with Jeanne Marie the French neighbor from the floor below. It sounded like she went to their old apartment, assumed they argued and offered to baby sit their baby girl. Tis strange. Abigail starts to call the landlord. Enter Gabi with a complaint about her locked store. Chad states it was standard HR procedure. Abigail adds she could have destroyed the inventory. Gabi taunts her about her alters so Chad threatens her … Ben goes to see about that job. Ciara now gets a call from Sonny. He updates her on Victor’s attack. She makes for the hospital and Sonny wonders who the main suspect is …

Kristen calmly claims she ran into Xander at the inn, overheard him and did the math. Brady praises her for her restraint regarding Victor. She acts fatigued and just wants Rachel found. Brady promises their happily ever after will happen and goes to get an update on the search… Xander swears wot he did for Sarah was out of love. They can still be a family. She gasps they cannot now. He argues they already are a family! Sarah quivers. He swears he can come to her and they can all disappear together, living happily ever after. He hopes she will say yes to his offer … Gabi insults Abigail again. Chad will let her into the store to collect her thing if she gets a new place to live. She smiles she is suing DiMera and wants some champagne. Chad kicks her out. So much for the mood … Ciara races to the hospital, hears which room Victor is in and runs to see him. Sonny cannot stop her … Brady updates Kristen on footage of the Titan plane landing in London. She believes they should go to Europe now! Ring ring. Tis Sonny, who bears news on Victor …

Xander knows just wot to do. He tells Sarah he has the perfect plan. They will get new identities and go away together. He knows she knows he can do it. Alas she still feels she cannot trust him and hangs up. Big mistake. He curses and calls again but gets her voice mail … Sarah cries to the baby they have to go it alone. She will never let anyone take her away from her … Ciara enters Victor’s room. He is on a ventilator, still unconscious. She tearfully tells him he is tough and has to be alright! Kayla comes in but cannot make any promises … Brady stares at crying Kristen and suspiciously states Victor was stabbed … Gabi goes back to Stefan’s grave and vows to get her revenge on Chad and Abigail … Back at DiMera mansion Chad updates Shin on Gabi suing for wrongful termination and gets hung up on. Abigail has a drink but when she turns around she sees Ben the necktie killer. She drops her glass and whispers Ben. Chad asks if she is alright … Ben is here about a job. The boss slides out from under the car he was fixing and informs buddy he is busy. Ben soap stares at the spitting image of STEFAN DIMERA.


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, April 24, 2020