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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Shin already has his CEO in mind. Gabi and Chad await as Abigail sweetly holds hubby’s hand … Ponytail Maggie has a visitor – colorful Julie. She is sorry about Sarah. Maggie is bewildered … Kristen confronts Xander and shoves him back in his room … Leather jacket Brady confronts Grandfather Kiriakis, who is sorry he has not found Sarah and the baby yet. Brady blames him for everything … Sarah likes Abigail and Chad’s old Paris apartment … Chad wins! Gabi protests. Shin grins the board is behind him. She vows to make them regret it … Someone rings the doorbell in France. The ringing does not stop so Sarah slowly opens the creaky door to … Xander gets Kristen is mad but has finding Sarah on his mind. Kristen rages the baby was really hers all along and she was robbed! It is his fault… Brady knows Victor must have known Tate and the baby called Mickey were siblings and growls he let him and Kristen grieve. Can he not at least be honest?! Victor sighs he did orchestrate the switch and has no regrets for he was protecting his Maggie … Julie realizes no one has told Maggie. The red head begs her to explain what happened to Sarah. In fact, she insists …

Gabi continues to state her case against Chad. Chad suggests she go. She gasps what about her Gabi Chic and threatens to cut ties with DiMera. Shin calmly counters they already removed her from Gabi Chic effective this morning … Will arrives in time to interrupt Julie and hauls her out, fibbing the restaurant needs her. Julie informs Will she said she was sorry about Sarah. Will notes no one told Maggie yet and asks her to let him handle it. She goes and Will comes back to Maggie, pretending there was a crisis at the club. Maggie demands he finish what Julie started and tell him the truth … The Greek tycoon sighs Sarah and Maggie would have both been destroyed. Brady hisses he destroyed him, Kristen and his own grandson instead. So much for family loyalty … Kristen feels betrayed by her once partner in crime. Xander only did it for Sarah, the women he loves, and reminds her she has gone to extremes for Brady. He is sorry about switching the babies. She vows to make Sarah pay so Xander quips she tried to take her baby first … Sarah assures her Frenchwoman neighbor that the crying baby is fine and starts to shut the door but the busybody believes she looks familiar … Gabi screams she is Gabi Chic and gets politely kicked out of Stefan’s old office … The French neighbor assumes Sarah is Abigail DiMera, whom she did not see much when she lived there before. Sarah plays along. The Frenchwoman asks about her husband. She stammers Chad is back in the U.S. Nosy neighbor wonders whether they had a spat …

Xander rages Kristen ordered Rolf to steal Sarah’s baby which she only stopped after she found out she too was pregnant. Poor Brady the dolt was done for. Kristen slaps him to stop. Twice … Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady bitterly notes Victor did not mind making him suffer. Victor claims his own stroke was caused by the stress of the situation. Brady exclaims he fired him and replaced him with wicked Xander! Victor reveals Xander blackmailed him and he did as asked for Maggie’s sake … Maggie makes Will see she is worried about her little girl. Will admits there was something with Xander … Gabi stands outside the square, dismayed the door is locked to her stylish store. Julie comes along and quips she is trying to break and enter like her criminal self … Weeping Maggie wants to know what happened at the wedding. Alas it did not take place. The redhead probes … Sarah states she and hubby had a huge fight. Madame is sympathetic, walks in, and wants to hear all about it … Kristen hisses Xander loves only himself. He argues Sarah changed him as did raising … She screams to stop. He adds he also wanted to spare Maggie from the horror of causing the death of her own grandchild. Kristen suddenly realizes Victor must have been the mastermind. Ooooooo …

Brady has been betrayed by the patriarch again and again but this time he went too far. Eric is helping him search for his and Kristen’s baby cos he cares. That is family. Victor fumes Maggie is family and implores him not to tell her. Brady will not, denounces him forever, and storms out … Shin believes Gabi built an amazing brand whereas Chad was handed DiMera on a silver platter. Chad promises to make a profit and do great things. Shin grins they will be watching and waiting … Gabi complains she was locked out of her company and vows to get in! Julie laughs. Gabi reminds her she let her have Stefan’s heart. Julie reminds her of her past transgressions and taunts she does not have happiness in her life like her. Her luck has run out … Will declares Sarah decided not to marry Xander. His checkered past probably gave her cold feet. Maggie senses he is hiding something … Sarah sighs her guy lied. Madame neighbor is sympathetic and suddenly sees that the baby looks young. Abigail had two older children. Sarah fibs they are with the father and this is their new child. Madame Neighbor seems to buy it … Xander frantically phones Victor, who is busy eating and drinking. Enter Kristen, who stares at him like a lioness …

Will stammers he cannot say more. Maggie just wants Sarah happy. Will agrees she deserves it after what she went through with Rex and Eric. Maggie adds and the baby and hopes she will hear from her soon … Back in Paris, Sarah hears the message from Xander and shakes her head … Victor acts aristocratically sarcastic but Kristen threatens him to shut up! She knows what he did. Xander spilled. It was his idea to steal her baby and let her and Brady believe she died. He claims he did it for Maggie. She hisses he acted out of hate for Brady was with her! He hopes she is done. She leers she is done discussing it, picks up the little black knife from the fruit and cheese plate. Then she decides he should die and glares daggers … Chad and Abigail are ready to celebrate at the bistro. Julie congratulates retuned CEO Chad. He grins Gabi is out for good. Julie already saw her falling apart at the square … Gabi stands at her closed designer store and speaks to Stefan about sadly losing him and now the business she built. She should never have let Julie have his heart cos no one cared! How she wishes he was here. They deserved better! All of a sudden, she sees his elegantly smiling reflection in the store window and gasps … Maggie calls Sarah and leaves a message to please call … Sarah takes a call from Xander and snaps what does he want … Brady cannot find Kristen and leaves her a concerned message … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor tells Kristen not to be overdramatic and orders her to put the knife down. She sticks it in him instead and he drops his drink …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, April 23, 2020