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Episode 13,860
1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Gabi thinks Stefan is at her desk …At DiMera mansion Chad gets a phone update about breaking news. He tells Abigail all about what Xander and Victor did to Kristen and Brady … Shirtless Xander dreams of sweet moments when dream girl Sarah was his, the first time they celebrated their love because she loved him. Romantic music plays. He was her rock and she said yes when he proposed, on his knee like her knight in shining armor. Then came her rage at the reveal he switched lifeless Mickey with Kristen and Brady’s baby. The bride betrayed refused to run away with him … Xander wakes up with a start. Sarcastic Uncle Victa is waiting in his room … Kristen is pacing at the police station, complaining to Eric and Nicole about Brady’s call with the ISA taking too long! Nicole and Eric try to calm her. Brady comes back with a long face … Sonny brings in a breakfast tray chef put together with all Will’s faves but Will is distracted. He wishes they had stopped Sarah when they saw her … Buff Xander is hung over. The Greek tycoon was contacted by the hotel cos he was heard trashing his room. He blasts him for revealing their big baby switch secret … Brady explains the ISA reached the Titan pilot, who landed in Salem with no passengers. He is on his way to talk to them. Kristen panics. Brady promises they will get their baby back … Li Shin turns around in the chair and introduces himself to Gabi …Abigail and Chad sit on the sofa together as he tells her the whole story that ended with Sarah leaving Salem with Kristen and Brady’s baby. He is appalled. Abigail feels for heartbroken Sarah … Sonny notes they did not know what was going on but Will saw the clues. Sonny blames only Xander … Xander points out it was Victor’s plan. Victor vows to protect Maggie in spite of the latest happenings. She must never know she offed her own granddaughter …

The pilot appears and informs Brady and Kristen that Sarah ordered him to leave her at an airstrip in London. He was hoodwinked she was honeymoon bound. Brady stops Kristen from attacking the airman as she screams to tell her where her baby is …. Gabi makes light of mistaking Shin’s head in Stefan’s old office for her late hubby. When she hears he came to choose the next CEO, she coos there is no contest …Chad and Abigail digest and discuss the Sarah story. Abigail talks bond. Chad talks stealing his sister’s child. Abigail argues Kristen stole Theresa’s baby. He believes Kristen is a better person now. Abigail brings up Haley … Will and Sonny sadly and suddenly realize that Maggie’s drunk driving caused the death of her own grandchild … Victor is going to get the warden to keep the truth from Maggie. Xander suspects Sarah will confront her soon … until Victor drops the bombshell that Sarah left the country last night taking Kristen and Brady’s baby with her. The jilted groom gasps WOT?!

Kristen screams the pilot aided and abetted. He apologizes as Nicole and Brady calm her down. He goes and she growls. Brady notes he is not to blame. Kristen now decides to blame his brother! Eric soap stares … Shin smiles Mrs. DiMera is sure of herself. She boasts she successfully ran the company for the last year. He adds the board had to remove her after what she did to Julie Williams. She warns him it would be a mistake to hire Chad DiMera … Abigail and Chad eventually agree that all the bad things started with Xander. He is sorry he was hard on Sarah in his mind and she is sorry she was insensitive toward his sister. They tease they are on the same team and want Gabi gone. Chad now gets a summons … Anxious Xander wants to know where Sarah went. Victor notes there was no flight plan but the Titan jet flew her away. Brady is meeting with the pilot. Xander fears for her and vows to find her before Brady or Kristen. Victor feels if Kristen finds her first there will be hell to pay … Kristen now explodes at Eric for making her leave Sarah alone with the baby. Brady insists no one knew Sarah would snatch her. Kristen emotionally apologizes to Eric and credits him and Nicole for telling them the truth. Eric is understanding. She just wants to hold her baby and Brady continues to console her on this endless emotional roller coaster ride …

Will feels for Maggie as Sonny deduces Xander was protecting her. Sonny thinks she deserves the truth from him but Will begs to differ … Victor warns his nefarious nephew that Sarah is a fugitive and might not want his brand of help. Xander would help her even if it meant she would not take him back. Victor deduces he really does love her. Truly madly deeply and he gets ready to go to battle, a knight with a new quest to save his maiden fair … Brady promises Kristen they will find their baby and kisses her … Back at DiMera, Shin argues Chad was able to get all of Kate’s shares. Gabi warns he became a psycho zombie and locked them in the DiMera dungeon. Shin laughs at the exaggerated tale. She hisses he is also unstable. Chad arrives with Abigail and has overheard. He greets Li. Gabi alludes to the harassment charge against him in Paris so Abigail politely points out he was reinstated after it was proven that Juliet framed him. Li is not here about Paris and warns Chad of Gabi’s words against him. He waits for him to respond … Nicole tries to comfort Eric, who can relate to what Sarah must be feeling. Brady returns without Kristen, whom he left at home to sleep. Eric updates his brother on Rafe and the ISA contacting London. So far there is nothing to report. Brady blames himself for not sensing what Kristen could – that Mickey was theirs …

Kristen is in her big bed, the sun on her face, and dreams of Brady bringing back their lifeless baby and putting her in her arms. She then flashes back to the time she wanted to hold Rachel. She wakes up and decides to find her herself … Will does not want to hurt Maggie by telling her but Sonny worries she will find out maybe from the wrong person. Will suggests then he head to Statesville to speak to her. He knows how she feels, having felt the same kind of blame before. Victor overhears his plan and refuses to allow it … Nicole wants Brady to give himself a break. She brings up Xander again. Brady now realizes Victor had to have known all along that Mickey was his. After all he insisted Tate be tested. Brady is beyond enraged … Abigail lets Shin know that Gabi is just another liar. Chad wants to step away and speak with him but the heavy has already made up his mind … Eric regrets not stopping Brady but Victor stooped so low! Nicole is not surprised … Back at the mansion Victor has ordered Will and Sonny to keep their silence with Maggie. However, the rest of the clan needs to know. Sonny goes to call Justin and Will states they are both sorry … Once alone, Victor tells Maggie’s picture he wanted to protect her. Here comes cowboy Brady who accuses him of letting him believe his daughter was dead. His baby blues are cold as ice … Xander steps out into the hall while leaving Sarah an urgent message. He wants to help her! Kristen overhears and confronts him. Meanwhile Sarah the tired traveler takes Mickey into a stylish Parisian apartment. Home sweet home …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, April 22, 2020